Thursday, December 10, 2009

Please Pray for Kelsey!

Yesterday morning, there was a very bad car accident in Central (a suburb of Baton Rouge where i grew up & where my parents still live). The accident involved Kelsey Lieux, a cheerleader at Central High School. She almost did not make it. According to doctors, there is still a chance that she will not make it. According to them, the next 48 hours are the most critical, so i am asking you to please remember this young lady in your prayers.

She was on her way to school. I am not sure what happened, but i do know that she was ejected from her car. She has a broken arm, broken vertebrae & head trauma. She currently has a halo (those circle rod things that go above & around the head). Yesterday she had about a 5 hour brain surgery (due to swelling in her brain) & it went well. She was breathing on her own after that. She is still breathing on her own, but they are keeping the machines on so her body doesn't have to work so hard during the healing process. She has made it so far, please pray for her complete & total healing!!

I know this family. I haven't seen them in several years, but I used to watch Kelsey & her sister Alicen at a nearby summer camp. Kelsey is a senior or junior now & Alicen is in the 8th grade. They have another little sister, Sarah Grace, who is in elementary school. I loved this family. And i still do. They are very sweet christian people. Her parent's names are Charles & Tammy. I know they are very worried, very upset & also very hopeful. I can't imagine losing my child & even more (since i don't have children yet) i can't imagine losing my SISTER. Please hold the family up in prayer as well!

I just wanted to post this blog to ask for your prayers for Kelsey & family. Last night i was remembering how God healed Baby Stellan & how it was SUCH a complete MIRACLE. And i know the God that did that can do it for Kelsey too. =)

Thank you for praying.


  1. Melissa... I have been watching your updates on facebook and I have been praying. My heart is so sad for this family right now. What a hard thing to go through! Keep us updated.

  2. How terrible! Thank you for sharing. I'll be thinking of her. Keep us posted!

  3. God is doing a great work in Kelsey's life, and the lives of her family and friends. I'm praying with you. My heart broke when I got the news at school on Thursday, and I am praying with the entire student body as we hopefully anticipate great things from the Lord!!


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