Thursday, December 31, 2009

Resolutions & some randomness.

My 2010 planner came in!! I have to say... I've never spent so much on a planner before. I usually get mine for less than ten dollars at Barnes & Noble. & they have some great ones! But i saw this one by Erin Condren online & thought it was too cute!! I love it & couldn't stop thinking about it (despite it's price!). So i used some of my Christmas money for it. Considering how much i use my planner each year, i think it will be used well worth it's price! Check out her website for more cute things! These pics aren't the best, but isn't it cute!? I was very pleased!!

see my name?! it's personalized!

love the bright colors; it has stickers too!

These are the pages i will use up - the weekly planner divided into morning day & night,
plus goals & to do lists on the side!


I can't believe in just a few hours it will be 2010! I am so excited about that! I just have a feeling 2010 is going to be a great year. It has a nice ring to it, doesn't it? I have gotten used to saying "Twenty Ten". Is that what you say? Or do you say "two thousand ten"? Just curious! I normally come up with & write down New Year's Resolutions every year. I usually have them down pat by now. I know goals are good to make & pursue at any time, but the first of the year has always been such a fresh start for me; a clean slate. Nothing like starting over at the beginning, ya know? Anyway, this year i'm a bit unsure of what my resolutions should be. There is definitely a lot of room for improvement in my life - but i don't want a long list of resolutions! Last year i resolved to stop drinking coke & i succeeded in that! I caved & had maybe 5 this year - considering i could drink that many a DAY before, i'd consider that a success!! Anyway, the only thing i can think of for sure is making my healthy lifestyle my priority, but it kind of IS. I've been working on it gradually since June. There are some things regarding my walk with God that need to be on this year's list. I can't believe it's 4.5 hours till January 1st & i haven't figured this out yet! A new blog post on New Year's Resolutions coming soon! =)


I got my own office at work! I am so happy i cannot even tell you! Let me explain something. They have wanted me out in the open because i answer the phones & should be the one people greet. Now. This makes ZERO since because #1 - for the most part (about 98% of the time) we deal with clients on the phone. Not in person. & #2 - Even if we did deal with client's in person, i would NOT be the first person they'd see!! There are ohhhh... 3 offices before mine, a conference room & kitchen, & then 2 offices right by my desk when they come & see me! But anyway. This is why i have not been offered a different area even though i have asked. Even though, when asked what would make my job better, i have told them "my own space". Even though i do answer the phones, i am not a receptionist. I am an administrative coordinator. I have a LOT of other work i am doing besides answering the phone. (A LOT!) And one of the main things i do over the phone is begin an application for them. I could really use my own space for all of this. Plus, being out in the open, my biggest complaint has been that i cannot HEAR the people on the phone because there are people sitting near me or passing by me or standing around me talking. They are talking about work stuff, yes. But they just do not realize how loud it is & how distracting & how frustrating it is for me, because they do not understand how loud they are. (They have been told but they just don't get it.) Even if they are talking quietly, i cannot hear the person over the phone when they are right over me. And i do not have a hearing problem but i am easily distracted. This is not including that i sit right between the 2 loudest ladies in the building!! So the not hearing thing has been a huge issue for me.

The plans were not to move me, but when they decided to hire someone (who starts Monday) without having ANY ROOM for them in our building....we had to do a little rearranging! The new girl would be sitting in the back with all the other girls who have the same job position. So after MUCH debate & discussion, they decided to move one lady who is in an office near my desk (but in a different department than i) up front to share an office with a lady that has a pretty big office. Then they needed to move ME in HER office! Granted. They weren't doing this for ME, but so that another lady could have the spot i'm currently in, so this guy could have HER office, so the new girl could have HIS desk. Got all that?! But the point is, that in the midst of all this madness, i got my own office!! It almost didn't happen. They kept changing their minds & deciding to do something different. But it ended up working out! i am psyched! For those of you who aren't able to see my statuses on facebook, you don't know that i have complained often there about my job. I am not able to get too specific, so it amazes me when people say they're tired of hearing how miserable i am at work or something. i think, WOW. You don't know the half of it. On FB, I say things like "man i wanna go home" or "OMG i wish these phones would stop ringing!" but really it has been about 100x more stressful & tear-filled & migraine-induced than that! I just can't get into all the [unbelievable, stupid, nonsensical, crazy] issues! But as hard as it is now, things are getting better - with 5 new hirees among other things that i think will help out the workplace! We shall see! [& i know i shouldn't blog about all this, but i am anyway. Just had to explain all that, i can delete it later! At least my boss knows how i feel anyway!]

Anyway i am SUPER excited about my own office! I really think it will help things tremendously! We shall see! It's tiny - but i don't care! I love it! =) I can't wait to make it a bit cuter! I will take pictures!


Still here? I forgot to mention that my friend Abby & her sisters did the coolest thing! Ok. One of my best friends, Aimie, has 2 younger sisters & 2 younger brothers. Abby is the 3rd sister & she has this great photography biz going on! She takes beautiful pics! Anyway, all 5 girls (the original Chapman sisters plus their new sister-in-laws) got in their wedding dresses & put on colorful jewelry & heels, grabbed some beautiful colorful bouquets & did a photo shoot! It was to do some pics for their mom for Christmas. I thought it was such a cool idea! My old roomie aimie (who got married a month before me!) did a trash the dress too! Anyway, you should really check out those photos! =)


I am so excited about tomorrow! We have not yet had our Christmas with my side of the family. My sister went to England for much of December, so we were waiting to do it with her when she got back. She lives about an hour & a half from here & we haven't seen her new place. So tomorrow, Brad & I will meet my parents at their house & ride with them to her house! And we will stay there all day opening gifts, playing games & eating. I can't wait! =) It'll be a fun way to bring in 2010! & i love to spend time with the fam!

I hope all of you have a very happy new year!



  1. Congrats on your own office!! It will be so much fun to decorate!!
    Happy New Year!!

  2. Happy New Year! Congrats on getting your own office. I am loving your personalized calendar! I love all things personalized...Enjoy celebrating Christmas with you family!


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