Friday, December 4, 2009

Snow in Louisiana - again!!

Everyone is SO excited! You would laugh at how excited people here get over a tiny bit of snow! And i'm right there with them!! All day there has been talk of snow. I didn't really believe it. But when i left work, it was sleeting. When i got home it was sleeting harder. And then a few hours later, i took the dog out & it was SNOWING! But nothing was sticking. Little later on, i peeked out again & look!

That's the railing for the steps of our trailer. Snow, folks!

& just now, i checked again & it's now definitely covering the ground! YIPEE! I am really hoping it sticks for at least tomorrow morning! So i can walk around out there & take some pics! But i'm also really hoping for enough snow to build a snowman. I have never done that, except maybe in the 4th grade! I regretted not doing it last year, but we were just too cold & preferred to look at the snow from inside! HA! WIMPS! But i told Brad we are going to make a snowman tomorrow if there is enough snow! We both do not like to be in weather this cold, but we will have to bundle up because i want to make a snowman! HAHA! Yes, i know i'm silly, but TRUST ME. Even the guys get girl-squealing excited for a bit of snow!! (Well, maybe not that's a bit of an exaggeration. Brad is not squealing right now. But he IS excited!)

For a long time i hated snow. I thought i loved it my whole life until i went to a mission's conference in Urbana, IL. It was their record cold that year. I was not dressed completely right for it & it was COLD. I had never been so cold. My bones HURT i was so cold. I also slid on the ice on sidewalks & my tailbone hurt! I decided there was a reason i was born & raised in Louisiana. I was NOT meant for snow! So, last year when snow was predicted, i wasn't excited. But then it came. & i LOVED it.

Tomorrow you'll know if it stayed by my post of snowman pics (or lack thereof!). This year everyone is just as excited but i am pretty sure last year was better. I for some reason do not think this snow is going to last as long as last years. Also, last year it came during the week. So work was canceled. That was nice! =)

Anyway. While i was taking pics, i took pics of some Christmas decor. Not much. Just a few things here & there. And i already told you we got a mini-tree. Using the same one as last year. One of these days, we'll get less lazy & buy an actual tree. =) Anyway, here is our little tree. I love it.

My favorite thing this year is our stockings. Last year I had gift cards to Potterybarn because i had registered there for our wedding. Well, i had like 10 bucks left on my gift card & there's not much you can get there for 10 bucks, haha. But these stockings were on sale for, i think, $5 each. I got them & was super excited! But i didn't get them monogrammed because it was really close to time to hang them! I decided to get them monogrammed this year. They came out great! I love them!

Cute, huh!?

And we have a wreath & a candy jar & some candles...that's about all for the Christmas department! Except some cute reindeer dessert plates from Potterybarn! Someone got them for us for a wedding gift! Cute!

So we are having a fun weekend! Hopefully you will get more snow pics tomorrow since it will be daylight...& hopefully a snowman will be in one of those pics! HAHA!

Oh, here's my hubby. Letting the t-shirt go to his head. =)

HAHAHA. He's so cute! (& he truly IS Mr. Right!)

Happy Weekend, y'all!


  1. I love snow too but i like to stick for a while let me build a snowman and then....GO AWAY!! lol

    I sure hope to see some snow pics maybe it will snow a bit up here in arkansas and i can show you some pics too!!!

    Stockings are to cute!!!

  2. That t-shirt is awesome! Where did you get it?

    The tree is cute! That's about the size of mine... but I'm not putting it up for another week.

    It cracks me up how excited you get about a little bit of snow. We got a few flurries today and the kids were pretty pumped. Liza wanted to go out and play in it... there wasn't even any on the ground yet! I was too lazy to take them outside today. Maybe next time... when there is ACTUALLY snow to play in.

  3. The tree is cute! I am jealous of your snow...I would love to see some snow. I am hoping with our move we will see it a little more! The stockings are beautiful! Have a good weekend.

  4. I'm so jealous that LA got snow and Arkansas didn't! booo

    I love your husband's shirt..it looks like something my husband would wear!! oh and i LOOVE those reindeer plates..super super cute!!

  5. CUTE I think I bought u some of those dishes


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