Sunday, December 13, 2009

Sunday Stealing!

Well, here it is Sunday! And you know what that means! Time for a little Sunday Stealing! Feel free to do this one, too - then go on over there & add your link!

The 6 W's Meme

1. Is easy to love?
my husband.

2. Do you just wanna smack?
a certain coworker. =)

3. Do you trust?
my husband & my family.

4. Do you talk to when you're alone? 
literally alone? God & myself. =)
alone at heart? God.

1. Dangerous thing do you do while driving?
I don't do dangerous things while driving. All texting, dialing & makeup applying, occurs at red lights. =P

2. Are you allergic to?
Whatever anesthetic they used when i had my wisdom teeth out!

3. Is Satan's last name?

4. Is the freakiest thing in your house?
Hmm... Give me time; surely i could think of something! 

1. Is it time to turn over a new leaf?
When you are tired of how you are & you know you need a change.

2. Will you be all that you can be?
Life is a process. I haven't reached my potential yet, absolutely not. But I continue to pursue my goals. =)

3. Is enough ENOUGH?
I think of my job when you say this - i obviously haven't reached that point yet. But i've come awfully close!! (I can write this on here - because my boss knows i am miserable!) I have reached "enough" with how i am & pursuing a healthier lifestyle. Relationships become enough when you are the only GIVER & when the other person does nothing but TAKE.

4. Do you go to the dark side?
When i get really depressed. Haven't faced this in over two years now.

1. Are your pants?
i have yoga pants on now. Jeans in the washer. Slacks in the closet.

2. Is your last will & testament?
Um, yeah. Let me get right on that! (Yes, i know i need one of these! Haven't done it yet!)

3. Is your junk food stash?
i don't have one. You can't, when you're trying to lose tons of weight. It just won't happen that way.

4. Is Carmen Sandiego?
Who knows? (Who cares?)

1. Was the Lone Ranger alone?
Cause he wanted to be?

2. Was the scarlett letter scarlett?

3. Are musicians sexy & plumbers not?
Do i really need to explain this to you?

4. Are there no seatbelts on school buses?
I have no idea! I wondered this when i road one in 10th & 11th grades! (9th grade i rode with my sister, who was a senior & 12th grade i road with my best friend. Didn't get a car till graduation.) ANYWAY - for this reason alone, I'll be driving my kids to school!

1. Swim the English Channel for a donut & coffee? If not, than what?
Uh, no. Maybe if you buy me a house. =)

2. Forgive someone who deliberately hurt you?
Of course. All the time. Right away. Forgiveness is not for THEM. It's for YOU.

3. Rather believe a lie if it would hurt less than the truth?
No way. What good does that do?!

4. You still be alive if you were sucked out of an airplane window?
Seriously? I would think NOT!

YAY! Your turn! Head on over to Sunday Stealing!


  1. I didn't have a will until after Jason was born. We did it so that our kids would be taken care of and the state wouldn't have any say in anything. Also so that our families wouldn't argue over who should or shouldn't have the kids. :)

    But I THINK (could be completely wrong) in your case without kids all your stuff would go to your husband. Check on that though haha.

  2. seriously, what was up with the What is Satan's last name thing???


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