Thursday, December 10, 2009

Thoughts for Thursday

My friend Tiffany blogged a regular ol' blog today & i loved it. No blog theme, no blog hop, just her own personal thoughts. And actually several blog friends o' mine did that today. I have lots of stuff on my mind so i thought i'd do the same!!

1. Kelsey, a sweet teenager who was in a bad car accident yesterday. See my last post for more details, but please keep her in your prayers!

2. Tomorrow I'm having the in-laws over for dinner & a movie. I usually do this when i've picked out a new recipe to try, but this time the inviting came first. Now, i have no idea what to cook!

3. So, we've quite possibly found THE argument in our household. You know the one. That one thing you & your husband will never agree on. And that would be the TEMPERATURE in this house! UGH. I am FREEEEEEEZING. FREEZING!! My nose is frozen right now. As i write this, hubby is in boxers & a t-shirt & he's got nothing on his feet. I have on yoga pants, a hooded sweater thingie & socks. AND am covered up with a sweatshirt blanket! FREEZING. He will turn on the heat to make me warm up & then it goes right back off again. Um- could you put it up a little more please??? Where it will STAY on?!?! He is now offering to make me hot chocolate to warm me up. But i don't want hot chocolate! We just had dinner & i'm full. But my hands & nose & legs...& arms..actually ALL of me, even my socked feet - are FREEZING! And, honestly, my husband & i haven't argued about this at all. (So far in our marriage, we've only argued about how to do the dishes, clutter & the dog. We're newlyweds. Give us time. (jk)) But seriously. I don't know what i will do if i have to FREEZE MY BUNS OFF EVERY SINGLE COLD SEASON OF MY LIFE (which, admittedly, isn't very long here in the south, but...you know). So anyway. As i was saying. My fingers are frozen as i type this. I am uncomfortably miserably cold. And when i married him, i always heard about how Brad is always the cold natured one. UMMM, nope! Not at all! He has definitely changed! And i'm not always the cold-natured one, either! Not till now! In fact, at work i'm not any colder than anyone else!!

Ok. Enough of that! I could go on & on... he is going to turn the heater on again for me. He said he's gonna go stand outside. HAHA. It's funny actually. I'm freezing. He's hot. What to do!?!?! (But, i mean... it IS December. Currently 46 degrees outside! Ok, i realize that's not cold to some of YOU. But it's pretty durn cold for us! HAHA.)


4. A house! Ohhhhhhhhhh. I want one so BAD!!! (We are in a trailer now.) I keep looking at the ones for sale online. I know this is a great time to buy & all, but we just aren't going to do it yet. We have two debts & Brad wants us to pay one or both of them off before we get a house. And he is right. This is a good idea. So that is what we will do. But he did already tell me that this year he is going to go ahead & talk to someone about house-buying. Because he doesn't really know the ins & outs of it & he wants to know what he's doing. I said, you mean, this year, as in 2010?!?! And he said, "what?" & i said, "You'll at least talk to someone in 2010? i mean, we don't have to buy the house in 2010, but you'll at least talk to someone?!" YEP, he said. And he will. I'm so glad. That's a huge step! HAHA.

5. My career. What to do, what to do? I don't talk much about my job on my blog, because honestly, i don't like it so much. I'm having a hard time there. But, because it is a new program, & because we are redoing a lot of things right now, it might get better. I really want to stay there if it's going to get better. But sometimes i think it will never get better. Anyway, i have been thinking a lot about being a teacher. But i'm not 100% sure that's what i want to do. More importantly, I'm not at all sure that i will be good at it. I know i'm good with kids, but i don't know if i can TEACH. So i want to get a job as a para, so i can at least see if it's what i want to do. But i found out how much para's get paid. And it's less than what i make as a secretery! It is surprising to me that they pay them that low...though they do get summer's off (paid) & great benefits. It'd be a huge pay cut, but  hubby is behind me if i want to do it. But do it while talking so much about wanting a house?! I don't know. I really don't want to go back to school. But it'd be worth it, if that's what i want to do! Hmmmm...

6. Can't believe i didn't mention CHRISTMAS?! The most wonderful time of year! I can't wait. My sister left for Germany & France Tuesday! I am jealous! SO happy for her though! She loves to travel & she always goes to England to visit her best friend, Tiffanie. But this time she went 2 weeks ahead to visit Germany & France as well! She doesn't come back til December 28th! Crazy but awesome!! =) I know she is having a wonderful time. We are going to do Christmas with her & my parents when she gets back. So we'll actually have Christmas with Brad's family. Love them! Next Wednesday, my work is going to Don's Seafood for Christmas luncheon! & then we get to go HOME instead of back to the office! YIPEE! Don's is where i had my rehearsal dinner & it's really yummy. And this Sunday night we're going to my sister-in-law's church to hear her sing as well as the church's choir. But they are having Mandisa there singing too! I am so excited; i LOVE mandisa! If you don't know her, she was on American Idol a few seasons ago & she's now a christian singer. LOVE her cd! Can't wait to go hear her!!

7. Rehearsals for The Elephant Man begin Wednesday. I am the Stage Manager. If you didn't know yet that i'm super involved in the local theatre, now ya do! HAHA. I love love LOVE it. We did auditions back early in November, but it's finally time for rehearsals to start! I can't wait!!

8. My weight. It's coming down! If you didn't know, i also have a weight loss blog. I'm working very hard & i am getting more & more serious about it. It's really tough. BUT. I keep making right choices & decisions & i know if i keep at this, i will be one of those success stories! =) I've found so many others with weight loss blogs & they've been a HUGE encouragement to me! Plus, some of my blog friends from here have hopped over there & offered me tons of support. I am so thankful for that!!

So much more on my mind, you wouldn't believe! But it's nice to get it all down!
Happy Friday Eve!!


  1. I loved Mandisa when she was on the show! Haven't heard her cd yet.

  2. Loved reading your thoughts today. Thanks for continuing the trend :)

    Oh and can I just say - you are ssssooo smart to take care of your debt before you buy a house. I know it's hard, but stick it out, it's worth it!

    And 46 - what I wouldn't give for it to be as warm as 46 right now!!!!!

  3. I hope you have fun hosting your inlaws this weekend! I love a good dinner party. I agree about the temperature disagreement! The only time my hubby and I agree on the temperature in the house is when I'm pregnant. lol Have a great weekend!!

  4. Ok, hi, I am Sara. I am hopping over from the Neffs. I, too, love Mandisa and American Idol! My husband and I bought a Honda Accord SOLELY for the fact that it had duel air. So, I hear you on the temperature difference. The only reason I get to run the heat now is because we have babies...before then, our heat stayed on 60 ALL winter long.

    Also, congratulations on your weight loss!! I am about to start blogging about my husband and I's weight loss. We started two weeks ago, but we don't have a scale yet so I can't really report on our progress yet. Hang in there and keep up the good work!!


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