Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Well, Kelsey's car accident was last Monday. She has made a lot of progress & it's really awesome. I am thanking God everyday that He did not allow her life to be cut short. Anytime you lose a loved one, it's tough. But when it's a young person, it just tears you apart! You don't even have to know the person well for it to cut you to the core. And the worst thing in the world is to lose your own child. I am so very thankful that Mr. Charles & Mrs. Tammy still have 3 beautiful healthy girls & that Alicen & Sarah still have their big sister. I am thankful that the students of CHS still have their friend. What a tragedy it could have been. It almost was.

I have been watching her progress on caringbridge and they have a journal that is updated to let everyone know how she is doing. Here is today's entry...

How awesome it is that Kelsey has the Central Community, parishes, states and the world praying for her? God is good at all time and he knows her future plans. Keep praying for healing. You ALL have been such great support during this time. I just spoke with Charles [kelsey's daddy] and his spirits are lifted. Kelsey had a very good night last night. The Doctor compared last Friday's cat scan to the most recent one done this week and he did not see any problems, which is good news. She had a small procedure done this morning. They found a small amount of fluid on her lungs so they went in and suctioned the fluid out. I just received word that Central High School is hosting a blood drive to benefit Kelsey. This event will take place on Saturday, December 19, 2009 from 9:00AM-3:00PM. Our Lady of the Lake Blood Mobile will be on site at Central High so please take time during this day to donate blood for Kelsey. A $15 credit will be applied to her account for every blood donation. You can save a life by donating blood. In advance, myself and the entire Lieux family thank you for this gracious and kind deed.

Just a small note. At the time, the family has decided to only allow Kelsey's family members to actually go back and visit her during visitation hours. The doctors do not want her brain to stimulate very much and this will prevent that from happening. However, your presence and support for Tammy and Charles are most welcome and they look forward to seeing your smiling faces so please continue to visit them and show them your love. Thank you for understanding.

Woohoo! It just makes me want to SHOUT with joy! That she is alive & well & that she is continuing to heal. Everyone is praying for her like crazy. And now, this blood drive. I have to tell you - the one time in my life i donated blood - i fainted. It was the scariest moment. AWFUL. I don't know why i did. I had never fainted in my life. I swore I would never donate blood again unless it was a family member! But now i am considering it! (I just hope i don't pass out again. It totally will freak me out!) Anyway, I think it is crazy/awesome that they are crediting $15 to Kelsey's account at the hospital for every blood donation given!! That is a HUGE blessing during a difficult time. If you are in the area, please consider going to CHS this Saturday! What a great gift for someone in need this Christmas!! =)


  1. I will be praying for this sweet girl and her family. I am so glad she is making progress. What a blessing!

  2. Great progress! Having watched Brian Hess go through this it can be so hard I pray she recoverys quickly


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