Sunday, January 31, 2010

Bible Reading!!

Well, It's January 31st. I can't believe how fast this year is already going by! It's just crazy. But anyway. I have been meaning to tell you how my Bible reading is going. It was one of my New Year's Resolutions to do a read-the-Bible-in-a-year plan. Now, please understand, I have never been a huge fan of those. I just thought that if you read the Bible in a year, it's really nothing to brag about. I'd be just as impressed (or more!) with someone who had STUDIED one book of the Bible throughout an entire year. And i still feel that way. But i felt this was really necessary for me, at this time of my life. You see, i had kinda gotten away from reading ANY scripture in 2008 & 2009. And i really needed to focus on that more than reading a new novel every couple weeks or so (which is basically what those two years with no Bible reading consisted of!). And now i've realized that committing to one of these yearly reading plans is really good just to get you back in the discipline of doing it.

My friend Laura showed me an excellent Bible in a Year plan. You go to Bible Gateway & click on Reading Plans on the left hand side. And then you can pick which version of the Bible you want to use & which kind of plan you want to do. I picked the chronological plan & the New Living Translation. The reason i picked the NLT is because i didn't want to read off the computer, i wanted to read out of my own Bible. I have an NIV & others that i know i've read all or most of the Bible in years ago. This NLT is one i haven't touched as much. So I thought reading the whole Bible in a newer version would be a fun take. I've read lots of the new testament in this one, but not the old testament. It'd be interesting to see how some of our favorite bible stories read in the New Living. So that is what i decided to do.

And i am loving it! I thought it'd be a chore, honestly. Isn't that sad? I mean, i know how awesome & powerful the word of God is. It has definitely spoken to me when i needed it most & it definitely has been a source of CHANGE in my heart & spirit. But i'd gotten out of reading it & got to where i found novels more interesting. (SO sad. But i'm just being real here!)

To make it easier & keep up with it better, I wrote down in my planner the assignment for that day. And then i have another page in my calendar that has the whole year on it - but it looks kinda like a scan-tron test! You know what i mean? So i fill in the bubble when i've finished the reading for that day. This is really handy in helping me keep up with where i am. See?

(sorry so blurry. i tried to edit it but i am not too good at that yet!)

As you can see, i am behind. I started on January 9th, so it seems i am constantly about a week behind! I have tried to catch up by reading 2-3 assignments a day, but then i'll miss a day & get behind again. Anyway, it's okay, because the point is not to stay up-to-date. The point is to read the Bible! And that is what i'm doing!! I still would like to catch up & will work on that soon! =)

But it is really awesome because i am really enjoying some of these stories that i haven't read in so long! Isaac & Rebekah, Jacob & Esau, Adam & Eve! And Job. WOW! Job. That was great reading. I really am loving & enjoying it. Now, my husband loves the Bible. He reads it in the original language (Hebrew, I mean. He's just now learning Greek). And he reads tons of books on the cultures of that day, too. He's just very interested & intrigued by all of it. And so it's cool because sometimes i'm like "WHAT?!" reading one of these stories (you know...like telling your husband it's okay for him to sleep with the servant, so you can have a child through her!). Yeah. Some stuff is so far from our culture today it is just not even something you can comprehend! So i'll mention it to Brad & then he'll tell me some stuff about that culture then & it's all very VERY interesting! I am learning a lot & remembering some things I'd forgotten & i am absolutely thrilled to be doing this!

As for my other new year's resolutions... One was to learn HTML & I haven't even started! But i will. =) And the other was to be healthy. And i'm definitely doing that, too! One slow step at a time!! You can follow that journey here if you want!

But i am mostly thrilled about the Bible reading plan. I am getting into it & enjoying it. And i'm really glad i'm doing it!

More Theatre!

Yesterday was a busy day at the theatre! Yesterday was a two-show day & both went very well. Two-show days are not always my favorite just because i'm tired after ONE show & am ready to go home & relax! Plus it means a whole lotta hours away from my hubby in one day! But anyway - We had our first show at 2:00 & then our second at 7:30. In between shows several of us went to dinner. We went to Zea's Rotisserie. I have to tell ya - it was SO delicious! I went there once when it first opened & i didn't like it that much. But my family LOVED it, so i figured it must have been something i ordered because everyone seems to rave about this place. Anyway, we ended up going there & i got the grilled chicken, which came with 2 side items so i picked the steamed broccoli & the sweet potatoes. I was not even thinking "i need to be healthy" - it's actually what sounded good to me on the menu! (Plus we were FREEZING - & the theatre was not warming up very nicely - so we wanted hot food!) Anyway, it was DELICIOUS! And we had a great time.

my wonderful (& very goofy) ASM, Valerie

Ben & his wife, Mary

Me, Valerie, Sharon & Laura.
(And no, Laura doesn't really wear that much eye makeup! it was for the show!)

We're having a great time & i can't believe it's already almost over. One more weekend & that's it. Today is a matinee & then a post-show discussion with the audience. They have 1 or 2 of these during shows & they're actually really fun & interesting. I enjoy them. =)

Friday, January 29, 2010

Happy Friday!

Well, it's FRIDAY! TGIF! You know what that means! Mama M's Five Question Friday!

So, just check out my answers below & then copy & paste with your own answers in your blog! And then head on over to Mama M's & add your link to the blog hop.

It's really fun, i promise. You get to meet all kinds of cool bloggers this way. =)

Here we go...

1. Would you ever vacation alone?
Well, i'd rather go with my hubby or a girl friend. But if i got to a point where i DESPERATELY needed some peace & quiet, i would be okay going on a trip on my own.

2. Do you go the speed limit?
Er...um... well. MOSTLY. Truly - most of the time. Some who know me might shake their heads & say, REALLY? But you see, i used to be a speed demon! But i have majorly changed my ways! So many speeding tickets will do that to ya!

3. Why did you start blogging/following blogs? 
I started blogging because i have always loved to journal. But the more time went on, the more i was on the computer & the more feasible it was for me to write in a blog rather than a handwritten journal. Though i did love those journals. This way is more fun! So i started one but since have met so many great bloggers & i'm THRILLED to be blogging!

4. Where do you shop for yourself? 
Right now - Lane Bryant & Avenue. If you  mean clothes. =) 

5. What was the song that you danced to for your first dance with your husband - or what would you like that song to be? 
We danced to  "You & I" by  Michael Buble. Beautiful song.

Happy Friday!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

This & That

Just a little bit of randomness...since i have tons to mention but nothing that would take an entire post!

First, i got a promotion. But i think we've been over that. =)

Second, if you don't read my weight loss blog, you need to know that yesterday - same day as the promotion - i wore a size smaller top & a size smaller pair of pants. WOOT!

Third - i cooked a new meal last night. But i'm not blogging it.It was gross. Ok, it wasn't GROSS. But i didn't love it. I mean, hubby liked it & will probably finish it off. But i will not have any more of it. It was TACORITOS but they were really just Enchiladas. And i think if i took out the beans & added more meat - or did chicken instead of ground beef - i think it may have been good. But not GREAT. It was a Taste of Home recipe - a "grand prize winner" - ummm, REALLY?! I don't think so. I followed the recipe exactly. & it wasn't that great! It didn't deserve a blog post & it's not getting one! Blech!

FOURTH...We got a bad review for The Elephant Man. I am not upset (though at first i was). You know why? Because our stupid silly newspaper sends a sports writer to do reviews! WHAT?! I mean - maybe they think if a sports writer likes it then it's the ultimate compliment? That's what my husband suggested. But seriously. I mean, i have nothing against a sportsy person doing an artsy review - IF they actually LIKE the arts! But i have to wonder if he even LIKES theatre?! I don't know. The thing is, he never gives a good review. And really - i'm not a sore loser - but we do good theatre. Top notch! We don't suck, is all i'm saying! And seriously. I've seen some shows there that i didn't LOVE. I've worked a couple of shows that i didn't think were all that fantastic. But i've also worked a lot MORE shows that were REALLY REALLY GOOD. And George Morris NEVER gets it. Ever. We always get either a bad review or a summary of the show with maybe one comment of "so & so did well". A summary is really not necessary - i mean, a summary of the show comes in the article that comes out the week before we open! But if he hated it, he gives a bad review. UGH! I really thought he might like this one. Because it is GOOD but it is not something that is so artsy fartsy that a general audience wouldn't get it. I mean it's a true story. And it's a beautiful story. We did have a lot of slow moments on our preview night, but not any other night. And he was most likely there Saturday night which was a great show! So i don't know what his problem was. I mean, he titled the review "The Elephant Man Misses" & i seriously wanted to write a letter to the editor & title it "George Morris Misses" because he just did.not.get.it. I mean, he even fussed about us not using prosthetics or make up for the elephant man! Which is how even Broadway does it & is at the request of the playwright! But whatever. I'm just venting. =)

Seriously - i am in love with this show & the actors in it are doing a wonderful job!! I hate when there is a bad review, because the actors are really discouraged & the energy is lower when the next show comes. But i think this group of actors is a lot more professional than that, so it should be okay!

Me & my ASM, Valerie. She is rockin her first time as an ASM!!

Me & Kelly, she helps with quick changes & such! I'm so glad to have her around!!

Anyway, things are going well & i really really have more to blog about - other good things going on! Will do that soon!!!

Hope your week is great! If not, hang in there! Tomorrow's Friday!


I am so excited, it's crazy! I feel like this year is off to a fantastic start. I remember last year i was constantly sick in January. I've been sick once this January, but was able to kick it with just a few days of rest & some over-the-counter meds. Last January i ended up having to go to the doctor every time. This change is ENTIRELY due to the vitamins i started taking in December & the healthy lifestyle i started (slowly!) in June. It just seems that this January is 10x better than last year. A lot of good things are happening - spiritually, physically, financially, relationally, just in every.single.way.

Right now i am very excited because yesterday i got a promotion at work! I am absolutely ecstatic. Some of you may not know how much i have gone through in this job. If you are a facebook friend, you've seen my facebook statuses of whining & crying & venting! But even then, you never knew the details of the absolute ridiculousness & craziness that was happening here. It is hard to start a new program, I'll just say that. I work for a non-profit. I started here in July of 2008 & loved it until we started this new program in April of 2009. After that it became HELL on my levels & for many reasons. I know people thought it was just me being my whiny self but really - i was going home with migraines & tears many days in a row. It just wasn't worth it. Several times i tried to look for other jobs. I even cried in my boss' office twice telling her i was miserable. She worked hard to get me a new position but it didn't work out because you had to have a degree for it, and i don't have one. I was very depressed about not finishing school about that time. I was very depressed that nothing was working out for me. Little did i know that if i just stuck it out a little bit longer then all would be well. =)

I have decided that the good thing about having a new program & working for a non-profit is that things that aren't working out can be changed. My boss & some others rethought some things & redid some things & procedures were  (& are being) changed. It has been a very slow process, but the changes helped a lot. Basically, for awhile there (& still now in some areas) EVERYONE here was angry & frustrated & stressed to the max and they were taking it out on others that were also frustrated & angry & stressed to the max (not realizing that they weren't the only ones angry & frustrated & stressed to the max!). It just wasn't good.

But revisions to the contract are being made & people are changing positions & things are getting better. MUCH better. I know there's still some stress going on - that's the nature of this business! But things are definitely improving.

First good thing to happen to me was that i got my own office. Back when i cried in my boss' office, she said, "How can i make this a better work environment for you?" & i said, "Three things. Get me my own office space, get a receptionist, & ..." (something else, i don't remember!). At the time, those things didn't seem possible. I am not a receptionist, yet i have to answer every incoming call. This is a problem because you cannot possibly get any work done while answering every call. I told her that back when my job was receptionist, that was my ONLY job: to answer those calls. It is not reasonable to expect someone to answer every call & do all their work (when the phone rings several times a minute!). But we couldn't do those things - there was no room here for me to have my own office & we couldn't afford to hire a receptionist. This was back in September/October. I was looking for a job like crazy but no one was calling. I was being told of all the changes that were coming, but they hadn't come yet. So i thought 'if i can just make it through the holidays & then we'll see if things really improve".

Well. Improve they did! First i got my own office. This wasn't because they love me so much but they hired someone else & in finding her a spot, they had to move others aroudn & eventually it got me the office i'm in now! That was a GREAT THING. Before i was out in the open where people are constantly passing through & it got very frustrating not being able to hear the people on the phone! So i have loved having my own office!

But i still have hated answering the phones. i get yelled at all day & it is not fun! I like the other job responsibilities i have but feel like i can never get to them because of the phone! It is just crazy! Well, 2 weeks ago or so my boss told me to think about taking a new position that we need. At first i was unsure because the new people i'd be dealing with are ones that yell at me now! But then i thought - i have to talk to them anyway. It'd be best to talk to them & actually be able to HELP them! So that is what i'm going to do.

I don't know if i get my raise for the promotion NOW or not till they renew the contract in May. But i don't care. I feel like getting rid of this phone is enough of a bonus! Plus we just got a cost-of-living raise in January & i'm still happy about that one!! =)

Anyway, sorry this ended up being so long. I just am absolutely thrilled! A part-time worker we have is moving to full-time & will be taking over my job. And she is very excited too! So i will be training her Monday & Tuesday next week & then my boss will be training me for my new position on Wednesday, Thursday & Friday! And i honestly think, things can only get better now! =)

I have to say - i prayed a lot during all that time for some relief! I kept saying that i would RATHER stay here if things could work out & improve! Because i like my coworkers (most of them! HA!). i am very happy that God did not open doors for all those other jobs. And that He made a way for this job to work out for me. Woohoo!!

Monday, January 25, 2010

a little late!!

Sunday was Getting To Know You Sunday, hosted by Keely at MannLand5.
I just love Keely's Sunday Fundays. I know i'm late, but i still wanted to join.

1. Waffles, Pancakes, or French Toast?
I would consider those 3 to be at the same level of awesomeness & i would take any of the above. Waffles or Pancakes with maple syrup, French Toast with powdered sugar.

2. Dream Home: what would it look like?
It would look like Brad's Aunt KK's house. Or his Aunt Paula's. Either one is what i would love. It would be one story with a front porch. It would have windows everywhere, & cozy window seats & wood flooring. 4 bedrooms or 3 bedrooms with another room or a seperate facility for a studio for Brad. Something like this...

But i really want something like this...

3. Favorite Sport to watch during the winter olympics?
Ice Skating! I love ice skating!

4. The first word that comes to your mind when describing yourself?

5. Dresses, Pants (jeans, leggings, etc) or skirts?
I wear pants/jeans the most, but as i get skinnier i am certain i will feel more confident in dresses & skirts. =)

6. What is your favorite time of day?
Between 4 & 7 PM.
Unless i don't have to work & then it would be around 10 AM.

7. Beach or Mountains...which do you prefer?
Mountains or beautiful, but right now i'd LOVE to be at the beach.

8. Will you watch the SuperBowl?
Well. If i was into football, surely i'd be a Saints fan!! And you know,
i do hope they win. I'll cheer them on in spirit! But yeah - i don't really watch football...

oh my darlin, Clementine!

I don't know if i should post this here or in my weight loss blog.

But yesterday i discovered a new fruit.


Have you ever had a Clementine? I hadn't either. Until yesterday, my ASM brought a bunch of them to the theatre! They were SO sweet. Seedless. And yummy.

I think i may have eaten 5 of them.

Oh, don't judge!! At least it wasn't five OREOS! Or something!

But anyway, i just loved the things! And i think "Clementine" is such a sweet name!
SO fitting for such a sweet fruit!

The Clementines made me a very happy girl!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

my UNfavorites!

Well, it's that time again!

Today's meme is called The Negativity Meme & well, i didn't really want to call it that, because i'm not trying to be negative! But it is kind of a different take on a survey. We love learning about each other but we mostly know the things we LOVE!!!

But, you know - what about the stuff we don't love?! I thought it'd be fun to share.

So this meme is all about the things you HATE/LOATHE/DESPISE/DISLIKE!!

Here we go! After reading mine, you should do your own & add your link to Sunday Stealing's blog hop!

1. Foods that disgust me: SUSHI is so gross.

2. TV Show I Loathe: The Bachelor!

3. Movie I Loathe: any one that is not done well.

4. Music Genres I Loathe: Rap & Heavy Metal

5. Magazine which annoys me: National Enquirer & the other tabloids

6. I get cranky at restaurants when: the food is taking FOR-E-VER or service without a smile.

7. I get cranky in public when: Traffic comes to a standstill when i am late.

8. In general, this makes me cranky: when i haven't had enough sleep or if i haven't eaten!

9. This makes me angry at home: when it gets too cluttered!

10. This makes me angry at work: Coworkers thinking i am the office copy machine mechanic, callers yelling at me or demanding to talk to someone when i really do not have anyone available for them to talk to, the upstairs outside door being locked!

11. This Makes me angry in general: Is this a good place to vent about the people that just roam the streets late at night? Just walking around nothing better to do at 10:30 at night? Did i mention that i never can SEE them & i'm always afraid i'll hit them!? They just walk around slowly in dark clothing & i cannot see! It scares me to death when i finally see them. Tonight one waited til i was almost to her before she decided to cross the street. Isn't there a CURFEW in effect?!?!

12. Makes me impatient at home: the dog begging for bones NONstop!

13. Makes me impatient at work: Misfeeds

14. Makes me impatient in public: traffic or loud obnoxious teenagers.

15. Celebrity i don't like: Paris Hilton

16. Music Artist i don't like: Kanye West

17. I could care less about: recycling. being tan.

18. Annoys the crap out of me on weekdays: THE PHONE AT WORK!

19. Annoys the crap out of me on weekends: telemarketers & the days go by too fast!!

20. Blogger's habits that annoy me: i just wish they would put their email address in their blogger so that people can respond to their comments via email! I sometimes want to reply to you but i can't!!

21. Feature on your blog you hate? Ummmm...why would i put it there if i didn't like it?! Though it is about time for an update...

22. Movie star you despise? Not a huge fan of Charlie Sheen or Jude Law - men who abuse or cheat!

23. Politician you hate? Ohhhhh...hate is a STRONG word...& i hate talking politics!

So there ya go! My not-so-favorites! Your turn!

Opening Night!

Last night was opening night for The Elephant Man. It went soooo well! I was very happy. I did a lot better on the light cues & everything went smoothly. One actor missed a line but another actor skipped right over it & it was smooth sailing - the audience would have never known. All in all, it was a fantastic night & one the cast, crew & production team should be proud of! The audience seemed to love it - there were lots of familiar faces & they all raved about it - everyone i talked to at least!

ANYWAY. I was really excited because a writer for 225 magazine was there. 225 magazine is a great local magazine that is free - & honestly  i would pay money for it. It's thick & glossy & has TONS of GREAT articles & fantastic photos about local stuff. I read it cover to cover! Anyway, she came once during rehearsals & once during tech week & she hung out backstage last night. So they are going to do an article on what it's like backstage & i'm really excited about that!! I know they'll do a great job showing our city what goes into a production & how fun it can be!

After the show, we had a little opening night party like they do for every show. The cast, crew, & audience stay awhile longer & they have food catered - last night it was from The Jambalaya Shoppe - YUM! I was told i called a great show & that i should be very proud. It made me feel great - because this was the hardest straight play i've ever had to call cues for! It just went really well & i was pleased!! Here are some pics from last night...

This is me with Emily, our amazing lighting designer. Seriously, she should be very proud of this show... she made bold beautiful choices & the show is even better because of her work! She also has taught me TONS of stuff about the light board. I love this girl!!

This is Matt & Sharon. Matt plays John Merrick aka The Elephant Man. I am so proud of him it's ridiculous. I worked with him in Arcadia in 2007 & i cannot even tell you how much he's grown as an actor since then! He should also be extremely proud of this show. Sharon is so sweet! This is my first show with her & i love her! She's so funny & her facial expressions on the stage are hilarious! She is a brave & smart actress.

This is me & my crew! Robert, Mika (who both are doing backstage & the fly's), Chelsea (who is running sound) & Valerie (my ASM - Asst Stage Mgr). I do not think i could have asked for a better crew. They're doing it all perfectly! & Valerie, wow. This is her first time to ASM but you'd never know it. This would be a much more stressful process for me without her!

Valerie & Matt with Mike. I've done lots of shows with Mike & he's always a pleasure to work with. He does a fantastic job & is hilarious! He's playing Ross in the show.

More pics to come!!!

Friday, January 22, 2010


So, last night, our Preview performance of The Elephant Man went really really well. It started out a little shaky - the actors kept stumbling - i am sure they were nervous - but then it picked up & went really well! Also, i was a bit late on few light cues - but considering that was my first time running the light board for this show with no one there to reassure me - i think i did pretty good! And i made notes of my mistakes so i'll do great tonight! Surely!

Anyway, you are probably like, "ok, just get on with the survey!!"

So yeah. it's friday & you know what that means!!!!!

Five Question Friday!!!!

I really love these things. Just five little questions to get to know all the bloggers. Last week the blog hop broke a record & i've enjoyed reading everyone's answers - & finding fun new blogs to read! SO head on over to Mama M's & join in! =)

1. Which is better: growing old without money or dying young & wealthy?
Seriously????? How are you going to enjoy all that wealth if you are DEAD? I'll take poor & growing old!

2. Who takes out the garbage at your house?
My husband. And i never even really have to think about it. Sometimes, if he knows i'm going to be cooking that night, he'll take it out before i get home - AND unload/reload the dishwasher. So i can start with a clean kitchen. He's just cool like that. Or if he sees that i'm cooking or doing something that might require a bit of room in the garbage can, he'll jump up & take it out real quick. But if he does forget & i really need it to go out, if i ask him, he pretty much does it right away. Yes, he is awesome!

3. Have you ever had the same dream many times?
Not the same dream - but the same theme. Every dream that i remember from when i was a kid were about either being kidnapped or running away. Huh. Wonder what a psychiatrist might say about that! I don't know when they stopped, but they did at some point.

4. Can you play a musical instrument?
I sing. Isn't that enough!??!?! Seriously, haven't i gone over this with you before?

Tried flute in 4th grade - my band teacher suggested i switch to clarinet because it's easier!

So i switched to clarinet. And after awhile, my mom promised that if we could sell the clarinet, then she would buy a piano & i could take lessons.

So i sold the clarinet. But she never got a piano.

And then when i was 19, my boyfriend (who is now my husband) tried to teach me to play piano - & it just wasn't working. Couldn't quite get the hang of it.

So then when i was in my mid-twenties, i begged my parents for a guitar for Christmas...& they got me one! It was beautiful & i loved it. It was an acoustic - an Ibanez. And i began to take lessons from the children's pastor/worship leader at our church...& i couldn't do that either - you know how anybody can strum but others take forever to get the chords right?? Well, i easily caught on to the chords, but i couldn't strum right for the LIFE of me!!!!! I finally stopped taking lessons...and then my guitar sat in my closet...& then under my bed...& finally i sold it - because you know - i was single & on my own & trying to pay the bills! So some guy bought it & he was very happy...

And so then i met my husband (for the second time) & since we've been married he's taught me some on the piano again. Not much. A little. I did okay. But really... i probably won't keep trying... I love to sing. And to act. But yeah - brad can be the musician in the family. =)

5. If you owned your own store, what would you sell?
Probably stationary. Prints. Picture frames. Fun notecards. Planners. Calendars. Cute pens. Different mousepads. That kind of fun stuff. I like it!!

Woohoo! Now, it's your turn! Yay! =)

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Stage Management.

Okay, anytime i blog about theatre - i mean SOLELY about theatre - i get ZERO comments. But i get comments on all my other blog posts. So i think this means that none of you are interested in theatre. But it's my DUTY to get you all some culture!!! So, i'm writing about it again!

I'm just kidding. But really - i have to blog about this show. Because... i am SO excited about it. It is really good. I had no idea when i signed up for this, that i would love this play so much. i mean, sure. I fall in love with all of them to a degree. Even if i hate the script. Because you are watching it progress, & you "get" the story more & more... so even the plays that are my least favorite - i still haven't hated them.

This one is...THE ELEPHANT MAN. And it is REALLY good. Way better than i expected. I agreed to it because (1) i LOVE to stage manage shows & (2) i like stage managing PLAYS better than musicals. I love musicals, don't get me wrong. But i do better ASMing (Asst Stage Manager) the musicals - or performing in them! - & SMing the plays. Got all that?

So - The Elephant Man. i read the script ahead of time. And liked it and all. But as i went through it more & more each night, i would start to love certain scenes - seeing them come together. I loved it more & more each night. all the time!

And then! They added lighting. Oh my gosh. My sweet friend, Emily, who is the ATD (asst technical director) there did the lighting design. It is a BEAUTIFUL show! I had no idea they were going to do it so DARK - but with lighting - but mainly it's dark - it's beautiful. When we do production photos, i will show you. The director was taking pics last night & i noticed he had a Canon Rebel - woohoo - i know from some of my blog friends that those cameras take great pics! So those are to come...

ANYWAY. Tonight is preview night!!!! Preview night is "technically" dress rehearsal. The last one. They warn the audience that if the show needs stopping, it will be stopped. I have done a bunch of shows & of all of them only one was stopped: CATS. And that was due to technical difficulties not the actors or anything! But we do have an audience for preview. Basically, the cast & crew get tickets to give out to family/friends for a free night. But opening night is not till the NEXT night.

So anyway. Tonight is Preview. Now. I don't know if you know what all a Stage Manager does. And i won't get into ALL of it right now! There's a ton of stuff they do during the rehearsal process. But as for the actual performances they do what is called "calling cues". This just means they have a bazillion markups & stickers in their script, neatly telling them when each light cue goes, when each sound cue goes, when each fly comes in or goes out. Got all that?! So, basically, during a show, i'm on headset & i say "standby light 14.....light 14, GO!" The GO is when the button should be HIT. Or i'll say "standby sound for Train Sound" & Chelsea in the soundbooth will say "standing by" & then at the precise time i will say "GO!" & she does & yay - train sound on stage - this is how it all works. Backstage work is not easy!! But it's not HARD once you get the hang of it. Some plays are easier than others.

The most light cues i've had for a play: 45, i think. Guess how many i have for this one? 103. DANG. So yeah. There is not a dull moment. The play is only an hour & a half long, no intermission. Now i don't actually have to call my light cues - since i am the one running the light board! (I'd be calling it to myself!) But i do have to call the sound cues. Though Chelsea has it pretty good! If i miss it, she probably won't - but that's just how it is done. 

And then backstage. My ASM, Valerie, is backstage with our awesome crew: Mika & Robert. Thankfully, Valerie's got it going on - she knows exactly when to do each fly. So really - mainly - for this show, anyway, I mainly gotta worry about lights. However, if anything goes wrong - it all goes back to the stage manager. because once a show opens - & i don't know if you know this - but the director is done at that point. At that point, the SM is in charge. And responsible. EEK, right?!

But it's fun! I love it! I got into this to perform - & i still love to perform & i actually miss it right now. BUT - somewhere along the line i was pulled into the backstage part of it & i miss them both. It seems that when i am not doing a show at all, i miss stage managing. But when i am stage managing a show, i miss performing! HA! I love it all.

It's really fun & exciting & very cool. Anything goes in a live performance - you don't know what will happen! Sometimes that means it's a scary moment or a OH MY GOSH WHERE IS ACTOR SO & SO when the other actors are left on stage ad-libbing...that would be call "missing a cue" or "missing an entrance" - yeah - i did that once - it was awful. We missed more than our entrance...we missed our entire SCENE. That was the worst ever. That was my first year of theatre & man - i still am horrified to think of it!!!

ANYWAY. I don't know why i got into all that! But i did. Because i enjoy it. I LOVE it. It is wonderful! It is fun! Thankfully, i have a hubby who understands, as he is a musician. He knows that i HAVE to do theatre just like he HAS to do music. It's in our soul. It's our passion. I do it less than when i was single, because honestly - it takes over your life. It varies, depending on the director, but typically rehearsals are Mon - Fri from 7-10. Performances are usually Thurs, Fri & Sat nights at 7:30 and Sunday matinees...sometimes 2 shows on a Saturday! ACK! Musicals run longer than plays. But i love it!!! SO when i was single, i did every show back-to-back. Now that i'm married, i do a few shows a year... like, i did in 2009 i did a very short (2 week) play called The Vertical Hour & then took a break until i ASM'd the summer musical THE KING & I. And then i took another break until this one. SO that's two shows in 2009. This is my first in 2010 & i've also agreed to ASM the summer musical, The Sound of Music. But that ends this season & next season hasn't been announced, so who knows after that. i really treasure the breaks now b/c i am not kidding you - i miss brad SOOO MUCH when i'm doing a show!!! Of course, when i become a parent - it'll be even less. But i'll still get to do it - especially as the kiddos get older! There are parents that do it, but it is definitely a balance.

And if you're wondering - no, i do not get paid! I do it b/c i LOVE it. So do the actors. its' called 'paying your dues'! Some people think that is crazy...but I couldn't live without it. Typically, community theatre doesn't pay (except the on staff people, costumers, directors, etc). Semi-pro theatre (which i've done before) & Professional theatre pay their stage managers & actors. So that's cool. Would LOVE to get paid for it so i could quit my day job!! SIGH. Maybe one day! ;) But i do love community theatre!

ANYWAY. So tonight is preview & tomorrow is opening! & we run for three weekends.

And i love this show. Did i mention that? It is a beautiful true story about a real life man, John Merrick & his deformities & how that left him alone & friendless. "His body is hideously deformed, but within is a remarkably sensitive and intelligent being. Merrick is befriended by an ambitious and brilliant young surgeon who looks after him in his last few years finding him a home in a London hospital where his presence is shrewdly used for fund raising. He is later introduced to high society, becoming dependent on the success his deformity brings him. A well known actress tries to ease his loneliness, but her efforts are thwarted by hypocrisy. Even those who love him can't help him and ultimately he dies from his horrible affliction. I think we can all learn something from him - he's just so innocent & has not become bitter." (from the website).

Believe it or not, the actor is not using makeup or prosthetics of any sort. He will be in an awkward body position, portraying those movements...but no makeup will be used to show the deformity. Broadway has the actor do it this way as well - it's the idea of showing the audience the person that was within. It's an amazing story & the actors are all doing a terrific job in portraying the story. If you're in the Baton Rouge area, you should really come out & see it. You can buy tickets here.

I was really sad i couldn't find any pics of me on headset!!! Or you know - doing something stage manager-ish. I guess those times i'm a bit busy & so is the cast & no one is snapping pics?! But anyway. Here are a few shots of me & good theatre friends over the past 4 years... I'll get pics up of actual Elephant Man stuff later - but wish me luck tonight! Actually, don't. Don't you know it's bad luck to say Good Luck!??!!? =)

Me & Travis - Urinetown rehearsal

Rachel, Tim, me & Jordan - urinetown rehearsal

Brittany, me, Marion & Katie - showboat opening night

Monday, January 18, 2010

Dear Dog Whisperer,

Meet Fievel.

Isn't he cute? I love him. He has a very sweet temperament as well.
He is my 5 1/2 year old Shih-Tzu.

He is awfully sweet & has gotten to be an even better dog since moving in with my hubby. He had too many accidents where i lived before, simply because i was not home as much as i needed to be! Now i'm home a lot more & even if i am in the middle of a busy theatre week, my hubby is home with him. Accidents are EXTREMELY rare, like maybe if he's sick or something - i can't remember the last time he went in the house.

For awhile he got in this wierd habit of NOT EATING AT ALL but that is over & done with. Now he makes a happy plate every single time. Another time he got really mean & growly around my husband - i think that was just step-kid syndrome, haha, & eventually it was over, too. He is great on car trips & when we went to the dog park i think he was the sweetest dog there - he sat down & just watched the other dogs, completely content. He also actually listens much of the time - like i can take him out to potty with no leash now (in our own yard) & he will listen if i tell him to come back in the house. The biggest miracle concerning this is that he even came back yesterday when he saw a squirrel! & that is simply a miracle because he ADORES squirrels & simply blocks out the rest of the world when he sees a squirrel. So the fact that he came back in when i called him as he was chasing a squirrel is quite a miracle. Of course those squirrels take off & disappear up a tree, but he is usually still desperately looking for them (he wants to play with them but they don't know that!! HA!) when i start calling him & he used to completely ignore me. No more. Another thing is that my husband taught him to sit & shake!!! I didn't even think a silly shih tzu could learn to sit & shake! He's a good dog.

Fievel's favorite past-time...looking out the window. This is he & his "cousin" Bali at my mom & dad's house.

HOWEVER (you did sense a "but" coming, didn't you?!)

The problem is, Cesar, Fievel has recently taken on quite an obsession with bones. Milkbones, that is. 
It has gotten so serious that this is what Fievel's daily life consists of... He begs to go out, runs out, pees quickly, comes back in & runs straight to the cabinet where the bones are. He scratches. He gets a bone. He eats it & begs for another, which he does not get. He continues to beg. He begs all day. He finally lays down, realizing no one is going to give him a bone. Dad is working on music; mom is in the bedroom playing on her laptop, no one is going to get the dog a bone. Then, if mom gets up to get a glass of water from the kitchen or if dad comes to the kitchen to grab a cup of coffee, the dog immediately assumes they are really coming to the kitchen to get him a bone. He immediately jumps up and runs to the bone cabinet again. At that time, he is also sometimes given a bone.

Well, that is how it happened in the past. Now, we have taken to NEVER giving him a bone UNLESS he is being calm & sweet & how we like him. Then we will reward him with a bone. Do you think this is how we should do this? Because HONESTLY this is getting out of hand. Scratch that. It has already gotten completely out of hand.

EVERYTIME we move from one place to another in this house he thinks it's to get him a bone. Even if it's in the middle of the night. Even if it's early in the morning. He does this the entire time i'm getting ready for work, the entire time i'm getting ready for rehearsal & the entire time i'm getting ready for bed. Running from me to the bone cabinet to me to the bone cabinet to brad to the bone cabinet. If we decline he will finally calm down until we pass through the kitchen again & then he will jump up & about break his neck with excitement trying to get to the bone cabinet!

Did i mention that this is a 12 pound ball of white fur running all around & under our feet?! The sole purpose of his existence is to get a bone!

Did i mention that we caught onto the fact that he was scratching on the door JUST BECAUSE he knew if he asked to go out & we took him out then he'd get a bone when he came back in? YEAH! Um...no more!

So how to stop the obsessive bone addiction? Take them ALL away? Or give them to him only when he is calm? This is what we are doing now. The only other thing that has worked, is my husband has taken to "pinning him down". It doesn't hurt him... he will just MAKE Fievel lay down on his bed & he will firmly have his hand on him & say very firmly "FIEVEL. STAY." he did that they other day as i was getting ready for work & it was the first time in weeks that fievel stayed put the entire rest of the time i was getting ready!

That is my question. Thanks, Cesar. You rock.


P.S. We were also wondering if you can train a dog (a shih tzu!) to pick up his toys & put them all back in the basket where they belong after he's done playing with them - just like you can teach children!? Wishful thinking?! =)

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Getting 2 Know U

I know i do too many survey thingies on the weekend. You will have to blame Mama M, Keely & Judd for that. Okay? It's just, I like silly surveys. I can't seem to pass them up. Plus, you meet a whole bunch of bloggers this way. It's fun! (But if you don't want to read yet another survey by yours truly, it's fine. It's totally fine!)

So here is Keely's Getting To Know You Sunday Survey. =) All you have to do is copy & paste these questions, put them in your own blog post, add your own answers & then head on over to Keely's to link up! (By the way, Keely will donate some change to the red cross to help out those in Haiti for every person that links up to her blog hop!! Cool, huh? It all adds up, so head on over there!)

1. Hair color. Au naturale or not?
I keep it highlighted blonde & i probably always will..though i'm usually late getting it done! My natural hair is a lot darker...maybe like a chestnut-ish color? I heard once that coloring your hair about the color it was when you were 11-12 is a very natural hair color & mine had LOTS of natural blonde streaks in it back then.

2. If someone had food in their teeth or lipstick on them, do you tell them?
If they're a friend. Or maybe even if not if i could do it discreetly. I hope you'd tell me too but you probably won't have to - i probably will ask you first! "Do i have anything in my teeth?" I'm a bit paranoid about that after i eat!

3. Would you rather have a million dollars or your vision of the perfect body?
I would take the money, who even needs to think about this one?! I'm working on the weight loss & if i had more money i could spend some of it on buying all my groceries at Whole Foods & a gym membership!

4. Favorite Magazine?
I like Southern Living & SELF & People.

5. Bra Style - Lacy or Plain?
Plain. Pretty colors, you know. Sexy. But NOT lacy.

6. If you walked into Victoria's Secret, would you come out with something sexy or comfy?
Sexy AND comfy! (Those short gown thingies are comfy to me! Do you know the ones I mean?) (Hypothetically speaking, though, since nothing in VS fits me!)

7. Do you fake & bake? ABSOLUTELY NOT! I actually have issues with this. I wish people understood that they are beautiful the color God made them - black, brown, bronze, golden, ivory or vampire white!! HA! Seriously - i mean it - i hate tanning beds. And i think you should put on loads of sunscreen if you burn easily. There is that whole skin cancer thing, which everyone seems to ignore just for beauty's sake. But it's silly because being tan doesn't make you more beautiful unless you were BORN to be tan. Am i making any sense here? I love those who are tan, their skin is GORGEOUS, but it's beautiful on them because they were created to look that way. Those with ivory skin are every bit as beautiful as those with dark skin! The culture's obsession with having tan skin is insane. You look beautiful the way God created you. Think Liv Tyler, Anne Hathaway, Nicole Kidman - does anyone think they'd look better with a tan? I didn't think so.

WOW. Didn't know you hit a nerve there, did ya!? ;)
(By the way, if you are my friend & you fake & bake, i'll still love ya! I'll just think you're silly!)

8. What is your favorite body part on a man?
I love shoulders. And that square jaw. And arms.

Sunday Stealing!

It's time for Sunday Stealing & even though I should put this off till tomorrow & go to bed NOW - i'm going to be an idiot & stay up even later to do this silly meme! It would be just like me to do that!)

And after you read it, you could do this one yourself, then head on over to Sunday Stealing & link up! Come on, it's fun!

Here we go!


Do you get regular massages?
No, but i wish! Now that you mention it, i think getting at least 1 massage in 2010 would be a good New Year's Resolution, don't you agree?? I have actually only gotten one massage in my life (Professional i mean. My hubby does give some nice back massages!). 

Do you have an answering machine?

What cuss word do you use the most?
CUSSING?!!??! Whatever do you mean? I NEVER CUSS!!! ("S**t" is my word of choice).

Are you underweight or overweight?
I am extremely overweight. I'm working on it & have lost 10 pounds. It's a start. You can read more about this or cheer me on here. =)

Can you see your veins?
Huh? Uh, no? Actually, yes, on the underside of my wrists? (Wierd question)


Soap? I prefer body wash & usually get Sweet Pea. I get the cheap stuff at walmart, but i do love Bath & Body Works.

Fruit? I love kiwi, mango, blueberries, grapes & yellow golden delicious apples (though they're really more of a green).

Kind of red meat? Uh...steak? hamburger? I think this is an odd question too!

 Fish? I love Tilapia.

Candy bar? Twix. I like Recees more but that's not really a candy bar, is it?

Have You Ever…

Eaten a whole bag of potato chips? Not that i can remember, though i believe i have, in fact, done that with an entire bag of tortilla chips & salsa. During that time of month. (Not recently, though!!)

Eaten lobster? Now that you mention it, i don't believe i have.

Climbed a mountain? To the tip top, i don't think so, but I have done some hiking on some mountains before - on family vacations when i was a lot younger!

Been skydiving? No, but i think i would love to do that one day.

Been water skiing? Yes, but i couldn't stay up for more than a few seconds!!

Do You…

Wish you could change something about your life?
Only my weight & i'm working on it. Also, would love a house but I am sure that will come one of these days!

Like your nose? Yes. There's nothing wrong with my nose. (Or yours.)

Like salt and vinegar chips? LOVE!!!!

Eat salsa? I love salsa!

Own a boat? No.

What Is…

A small thing that people let slide but that actually has dire consequences?
There are a bajillion things like this... texting while driving, for example??

Your most macho trait? I can't think of anything "macho" about me! Um... yeah. Uh...no clue.

The longest relationship you’ve ever had? Well, we've been married 14 months. We were together 10 months before that. Oh and we dated for 13 months 11 years ago...

Your most embarrassing thoughts? Can't think of any at the moment, though I've probably blogged them, hahaha.

Your most shameful moment?
Quite possibly getting fired back in 2007. Let's not get into the details. But yeah. I made a big mistake!!


Bath/Shower? I prefer baths. I used to prefer baths, but then it switched to showers for about 3 years. Now it's back to baths. Who knows if it will change again!

Markers/Crayons? Um- depends on if i'm making a poster or using a coloring book? I guess?

Pens/Pencils? I hate pencils. I love pens. I only use pencils to write down blocking in a script & i only do that because the blocking often changes.

Jelly/Cream Cheese? Cream cheese.

Bagel/Toast? Bagels.


My greatest weakness is…impatience.

I wish I was…SUPER smart. Like smart enough to go back to school & do well in all my classes... I also wish i was rich enough to afford a house. =)

Three things I wouldn’t do for a million dollars are…
A sex scene in a movie.
Intentionally hurt a child or animal.
Eat a cockroach.

The oddest thing I’ve ever put in my mouth is…
Sushi. Sorry but you gotta admit! Sushi is ODD. (& GROSS!! I HATE IT!)


Credit card you had? It was capital one & i got it just so i could buy a camera because mine was stolen. That $300 camera ended up costing me $900 because i didn't pay on it for years. Yeah, i was really stupid.

Loan you got was for? Student loans for college.

Paycheck was for how much? No clue. Long time ago. I think minimum wage then was 4.20!

Time you had stitches? I've never had stitches.

Time you went to the hospital for something? I had meningitis when i was about 2.


List everything you ate in the last 24 hours? coffee, cinnamon toast, water, sprite zero, turkey sandwich, grapes, water, & some awesome Chicken & Shrimp Stir Fry

Last thing you used a credit card for? I don't use credit cards. Yeah, the above camera story taught me an important lesson! If you can't afford it NOW, don't get it!

What was your job previous to the one you have now? i worked at a gift shop.

Last thing you celebrated? the new year! =)

Last time you were at a sports bar? Uhhh...never? Unless you mean the ones combined with a restaurant?? LOL.

Well, that was a fun one! Your turn!