Friday, January 1, 2010

2009 in Review

2009 was my first year as a married lady. We had only been married a month & a half when we rung in the new year! So 2009 was full of adventures! Married life is so much different than single life, but i've definitely settled into it quite nicely. I LOVE it. I have enjoyed our time together & i cherish it! I can't wait to see what will happen for us in 2010 & beyond. ;)

Even though our first year was a great year as far as being married goes, it was a TOUGH year as far as sickness, vehicles & household appliances go! It seemed it was just one thing after another - especially early this year. I got staph infection, bronchitis, & i am not kidding when i say that i have sneezed more in 2009 than in my entire life! (I'm guessing i've developed allergies in my 30's). It was just insane! My car broke down a bazillion times, along with our a/c breaking, toilet breaking, faucet breaking, washing machine breaking...ya get the idea?! Not only that, but i have never been as stressed out, frustrated & miserable in a workplace as I was in '09. Yet, even with all this, we are still very blessed & love our life. I just hope 2010 is a healthy & non-stressed year! (And i have a feeling it will be!)

3 of my bloggie friends - Jenna & Nicolasa & Ginger - did their year in review also & i thought it would be fun to do, too! So, here we go!

Yeah so. No january pics. I can't find a single one! I'm thinking this because this was our sickest month! i don't think we did much of anything other than rest & get well!

We celebrated our first Valentine's Day! This is kind of important when you've had ohhhh, about 10 single Valentine's days!!

We celebrated my 31st birthday at my favorite restaurant.

We started going to a young married's group at our church.

We bid Amanda, one of my dearest friends, farewell, as she moved away to California.

I got a bike!

We had a crawfish boil!!!
my sister, brad's cousin Matt & his son Zachary

We had an awesome Memorial Day with my family, my husband's family &
another family i grew up knowing.
Mr. Jim & Mrs. Joanne - family friends

my wonderful in-laws

my mom & dad

^ me & brad with our sisters:)

We got fancy schmancy & attended the theatre's annual Beaux Arts Ball.

Michelle (my sister) & Brad (my hubby) turned 33 (on the 22nd & 23rd).
Both families got together to celebrate!

We got a dishwasher!!! Finally!!!

I got back into theatre after my "newlywed hiatus" & was Assistant Stage Manager for The King & I at BRLT. I had a fantastic time but missed my hubby tremendously!!
me & 2 of my crew (& good friends!): Danielle & Natalie

some of the cute kids in the show: Joshua, Jim, Brenden & Samuel

2 lovely wives & 1 amazon - cast members Rachel, Elise & Hayley

Must have been catch-up-with-friends month!

Amanda & Matt came in town from California.

I went to a girl's dinner party at Eleanor's house.

I had 2 of my besties over with their hubbies for games!

No pics in September! Must have been uneventful?!

Mrs. Helen passed away. Her daughter, Amy, has been a good friend of mine for 11 years & her granddaughter, Kinley, was the flower girl in my wedding. I loved Mrs. Helen & was shocked & saddened by her death. I sang at her funeral & hope i did her proud. I still think of her all the time & cannot believe she is no longer with us.
Mrs. Helen, Kinley, Amy & Mr. Bobby

I stage managed Agnes of God on BRLT's second stage.
LOVED working with this director & the cast - GREAT show!
Me with Leslie, Blanche & Lauren (cast of AOG)

We had 1 year anniversary/Christmas card pics done by White Horse Photography.

We celebrated our 1 year anniversary (Nov 14) in San Antonio!!!

The trip was fun but we did have quite a set back!

We went with my parents to visit my family in Mississippi for Thanksgiving. I am so glad - i hadn't seen them since the wedding & some of them not even then!!
Us with Mama Jo, my grandmother

We dog-sat for my sister's dog at my parent's house...got all that?

We began the never-ending puzzle! Ahhh!!!
yeah we were doing good till we got to the Christmas tree...see it on the box? It took forEVER!

We celebrated Christmas with Brad's family & had a wonderful time!!

And if you're wondering where our New Year's Eve pics are... well...we were in bed by 10:30!!! HAHA. Wow, huh? I mean, we're childless & only in our early thirties! Geez. We actually set our alarm for midnight, woke up, had our midnight kiss & went back to sleep! Maybe next year we'll do something! =)

2009 was great - because of this wonderful married life & in spite of all the crazy issues!! But i am looking forward to a New Year! I love them!! Welcome, 2010!


  1. What a wonderful year you had! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Looks like you had a great 2009!! I love the hat you're wearing, I have a photo just like that for my birthday last year haha!! My birthday is in march too! The 5th, when's yours??


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