Saturday, January 2, 2010

Christmas - a little late!

Yesterday, we celebrated Christmas (& New Year's Day) with my family! My sister has been in England for much of December, so we decided to celebrate with her when she got back. The original plan was to have it at my parent's but she invited us to come there instead. She has recently moved & Brad & I hadn't seen her place yet. It was so nice! A lovely condo on the lake!! Her bedroom view is the lake & sailboats - it's just beautiful!!

We had a wonderful time!! We ate chili mom made (sooo good!) & appetizers Michelle made (also delish) & the cookies i brought. We watched the LSU football game (we lost!). We were going to play games but were too tired! HA! Of course we exchanged gifts as well. That was fun!!

Daddy & My Sister (Michelle)

Me & Mom

We like to be silly. =P

Family opening the gifts from me & Brad.

Brad got the mini laptop he wanted!!! He was so excited! He couldn't believe it!

I got lots of nice things, but i was especially excited about my Emma Bowls! I love them!

Fievel liked sitting right by the tree! He didn't mess with it, though. =)

We had a great time! Love my family!


  1. your dog looks so cute next to the tree. our little puppy liked to drink the water out of the base and chew on the branches that stuck out. it was cute until she killed our tree...


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