Sunday, January 17, 2010

Getting 2 Know U

I know i do too many survey thingies on the weekend. You will have to blame Mama M, Keely & Judd for that. Okay? It's just, I like silly surveys. I can't seem to pass them up. Plus, you meet a whole bunch of bloggers this way. It's fun! (But if you don't want to read yet another survey by yours truly, it's fine. It's totally fine!)

So here is Keely's Getting To Know You Sunday Survey. =) All you have to do is copy & paste these questions, put them in your own blog post, add your own answers & then head on over to Keely's to link up! (By the way, Keely will donate some change to the red cross to help out those in Haiti for every person that links up to her blog hop!! Cool, huh? It all adds up, so head on over there!)

1. Hair color. Au naturale or not?
I keep it highlighted blonde & i probably always will..though i'm usually late getting it done! My natural hair is a lot darker...maybe like a chestnut-ish color? I heard once that coloring your hair about the color it was when you were 11-12 is a very natural hair color & mine had LOTS of natural blonde streaks in it back then.

2. If someone had food in their teeth or lipstick on them, do you tell them?
If they're a friend. Or maybe even if not if i could do it discreetly. I hope you'd tell me too but you probably won't have to - i probably will ask you first! "Do i have anything in my teeth?" I'm a bit paranoid about that after i eat!

3. Would you rather have a million dollars or your vision of the perfect body?
I would take the money, who even needs to think about this one?! I'm working on the weight loss & if i had more money i could spend some of it on buying all my groceries at Whole Foods & a gym membership!

4. Favorite Magazine?
I like Southern Living & SELF & People.

5. Bra Style - Lacy or Plain?
Plain. Pretty colors, you know. Sexy. But NOT lacy.

6. If you walked into Victoria's Secret, would you come out with something sexy or comfy?
Sexy AND comfy! (Those short gown thingies are comfy to me! Do you know the ones I mean?) (Hypothetically speaking, though, since nothing in VS fits me!)

7. Do you fake & bake? ABSOLUTELY NOT! I actually have issues with this. I wish people understood that they are beautiful the color God made them - black, brown, bronze, golden, ivory or vampire white!! HA! Seriously - i mean it - i hate tanning beds. And i think you should put on loads of sunscreen if you burn easily. There is that whole skin cancer thing, which everyone seems to ignore just for beauty's sake. But it's silly because being tan doesn't make you more beautiful unless you were BORN to be tan. Am i making any sense here? I love those who are tan, their skin is GORGEOUS, but it's beautiful on them because they were created to look that way. Those with ivory skin are every bit as beautiful as those with dark skin! The culture's obsession with having tan skin is insane. You look beautiful the way God created you. Think Liv Tyler, Anne Hathaway, Nicole Kidman - does anyone think they'd look better with a tan? I didn't think so.

WOW. Didn't know you hit a nerve there, did ya!? ;)
(By the way, if you are my friend & you fake & bake, i'll still love ya! I'll just think you're silly!)

8. What is your favorite body part on a man?
I love shoulders. And that square jaw. And arms.


  1. I love being tan. It makes me feel better. I'm a complete sunshine girl. But I don't love it enough to fake bake. But in the winter I feel sooo white because I am kind of used to having a tan haha. I tan easily. And I love the color I get.

  2. I know i responded in an email but i wanted to write it here if anyone sees this! Laura has gorgeous tan skin that tans easier in the sun than others. I wasn't meaning Laura at ALL when i wrote this, or anyone else who tans pretty easily in the sun. I just meant those who try to get nearly black with a tanning bed when they look much better in the lighter skin they have!! :) Or the ones who are constantly saying "girl you need to go to the tanning bed" to people who look just beautiful the way they are!!

  3. I'm whiter than a sheet in the winter, and if I'm outside in the summer I tan easily...but usually i'm always White. I've learned to embrace my whiteness. haha. Me and my BFF after we eat or something, we'll fake smile at each other without saying one word and the other will either nod yes or no if there is food in your teeth. haha


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