Sunday, January 31, 2010

More Theatre!

Yesterday was a busy day at the theatre! Yesterday was a two-show day & both went very well. Two-show days are not always my favorite just because i'm tired after ONE show & am ready to go home & relax! Plus it means a whole lotta hours away from my hubby in one day! But anyway - We had our first show at 2:00 & then our second at 7:30. In between shows several of us went to dinner. We went to Zea's Rotisserie. I have to tell ya - it was SO delicious! I went there once when it first opened & i didn't like it that much. But my family LOVED it, so i figured it must have been something i ordered because everyone seems to rave about this place. Anyway, we ended up going there & i got the grilled chicken, which came with 2 side items so i picked the steamed broccoli & the sweet potatoes. I was not even thinking "i need to be healthy" - it's actually what sounded good to me on the menu! (Plus we were FREEZING - & the theatre was not warming up very nicely - so we wanted hot food!) Anyway, it was DELICIOUS! And we had a great time.

my wonderful (& very goofy) ASM, Valerie

Ben & his wife, Mary

Me, Valerie, Sharon & Laura.
(And no, Laura doesn't really wear that much eye makeup! it was for the show!)

We're having a great time & i can't believe it's already almost over. One more weekend & that's it. Today is a matinee & then a post-show discussion with the audience. They have 1 or 2 of these during shows & they're actually really fun & interesting. I enjoy them. =)

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