Wednesday, January 6, 2010

My New Office!

Yeahhhhh. My new office. I am so excited! See, I've been NEEDING one for awhile now. Since we started a new program in April, we have gotten VERY busy. I am out in the open & i have this problem of not being able to HEAR the people on the phone because there is too much noise going on around me. It has been really frustrating. Really, really frustrating (ok, there were other things too. But this was a big issue.)

Well, Friday, I got my own office! This has nothing to do with me being so awesome or anything of the sort. It's just that they hired a new girl with NO PLACE in the building for her to SIT. They knew where they wanted to put here, but that meant they'd move this guy somewhere else, which meant that they'd move this lady somewhere else - somewhere else being where I am! And that just wouldn't work. Too many people in the room I'm in. So they had to think about where they could put me.

I swear, folks! If there was a reality show about "who can fit the most desks in one office" we would win it! I have seen us add so many offices into this tiny place since i've been there, it's nuts! My coworker, Jan, said it while we were moving desks on Friday "this could be a reality show, y'all! i'm serious! It would be called, Trading Spaces: Office Edition". SOOOO TRUE!

They decided the best thing would be for me to go in Robbie's office. But Robbie would be moved up front & would end up sharing an office with this other lady. It wouldn't make sense to move me up there because of the departments i work with. We called Robbie, who was still on vacation, to see if she would mind. If she did mind, i would stay where i was. BUT - she said - Sure. That's no problem!


So here it is. Sorry the pictures aren't really good. But you get the idea. Tiny little office. But i love it. =) (And yes i will be putting pictures or something on the wall - especially the back one! I don't like that silver thing! HA!)



  1. Awesome office! What do you do?
    glad you have your own space--finally!

  2. Congrats! Glad you have a place to call your own.

  3. whoo hoo!! You're office is a little bit bigger than mine!! ha! Isn't it nice to have a room to yourself!!

  4. i must say i'm wondering about the suicide prevention magnet, LoL.


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