Thursday, January 28, 2010


I am so excited, it's crazy! I feel like this year is off to a fantastic start. I remember last year i was constantly sick in January. I've been sick once this January, but was able to kick it with just a few days of rest & some over-the-counter meds. Last January i ended up having to go to the doctor every time. This change is ENTIRELY due to the vitamins i started taking in December & the healthy lifestyle i started (slowly!) in June. It just seems that this January is 10x better than last year. A lot of good things are happening - spiritually, physically, financially, relationally, just in every.single.way.

Right now i am very excited because yesterday i got a promotion at work! I am absolutely ecstatic. Some of you may not know how much i have gone through in this job. If you are a facebook friend, you've seen my facebook statuses of whining & crying & venting! But even then, you never knew the details of the absolute ridiculousness & craziness that was happening here. It is hard to start a new program, I'll just say that. I work for a non-profit. I started here in July of 2008 & loved it until we started this new program in April of 2009. After that it became HELL on my levels & for many reasons. I know people thought it was just me being my whiny self but really - i was going home with migraines & tears many days in a row. It just wasn't worth it. Several times i tried to look for other jobs. I even cried in my boss' office twice telling her i was miserable. She worked hard to get me a new position but it didn't work out because you had to have a degree for it, and i don't have one. I was very depressed about not finishing school about that time. I was very depressed that nothing was working out for me. Little did i know that if i just stuck it out a little bit longer then all would be well. =)

I have decided that the good thing about having a new program & working for a non-profit is that things that aren't working out can be changed. My boss & some others rethought some things & redid some things & procedures were  (& are being) changed. It has been a very slow process, but the changes helped a lot. Basically, for awhile there (& still now in some areas) EVERYONE here was angry & frustrated & stressed to the max and they were taking it out on others that were also frustrated & angry & stressed to the max (not realizing that they weren't the only ones angry & frustrated & stressed to the max!). It just wasn't good.

But revisions to the contract are being made & people are changing positions & things are getting better. MUCH better. I know there's still some stress going on - that's the nature of this business! But things are definitely improving.

First good thing to happen to me was that i got my own office. Back when i cried in my boss' office, she said, "How can i make this a better work environment for you?" & i said, "Three things. Get me my own office space, get a receptionist, & ..." (something else, i don't remember!). At the time, those things didn't seem possible. I am not a receptionist, yet i have to answer every incoming call. This is a problem because you cannot possibly get any work done while answering every call. I told her that back when my job was receptionist, that was my ONLY job: to answer those calls. It is not reasonable to expect someone to answer every call & do all their work (when the phone rings several times a minute!). But we couldn't do those things - there was no room here for me to have my own office & we couldn't afford to hire a receptionist. This was back in September/October. I was looking for a job like crazy but no one was calling. I was being told of all the changes that were coming, but they hadn't come yet. So i thought 'if i can just make it through the holidays & then we'll see if things really improve".

Well. Improve they did! First i got my own office. This wasn't because they love me so much but they hired someone else & in finding her a spot, they had to move others aroudn & eventually it got me the office i'm in now! That was a GREAT THING. Before i was out in the open where people are constantly passing through & it got very frustrating not being able to hear the people on the phone! So i have loved having my own office!

But i still have hated answering the phones. i get yelled at all day & it is not fun! I like the other job responsibilities i have but feel like i can never get to them because of the phone! It is just crazy! Well, 2 weeks ago or so my boss told me to think about taking a new position that we need. At first i was unsure because the new people i'd be dealing with are ones that yell at me now! But then i thought - i have to talk to them anyway. It'd be best to talk to them & actually be able to HELP them! So that is what i'm going to do.

I don't know if i get my raise for the promotion NOW or not till they renew the contract in May. But i don't care. I feel like getting rid of this phone is enough of a bonus! Plus we just got a cost-of-living raise in January & i'm still happy about that one!! =)

Anyway, sorry this ended up being so long. I just am absolutely thrilled! A part-time worker we have is moving to full-time & will be taking over my job. And she is very excited too! So i will be training her Monday & Tuesday next week & then my boss will be training me for my new position on Wednesday, Thursday & Friday! And i honestly think, things can only get better now! =)

I have to say - i prayed a lot during all that time for some relief! I kept saying that i would RATHER stay here if things could work out & improve! Because i like my coworkers (most of them! HA!). i am very happy that God did not open doors for all those other jobs. And that He made a way for this job to work out for me. Woohoo!!


  1. I'm so happy for you! I know what it's like to be in a job you hate. I'm so glad you have an understanding boss, that helps so much!

  2. Yahoo!! That's wonderful! Isn't it funny how God's plan works out sometimes? I'm so happy things are looking up for you. You go girl! :)

    About Facebraggers...I've hid and unhid them so many times. It's like a car wreck. I don't want to look, I know it will make me upset but I look anyways! I just can't stop. I need rehab. :)

  3. Congrats Melissa!! 2010 is going to be a great year!!

  4. What a great post. I could feel your excitement. I hope this new move brings you much happiness and and no stress. Congrats!

  5. Praise the Lord!! Congrats! It's always exciting when new things come around to those who wait and pray for them!!


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