Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sunday Stealing!

It's time for Sunday Stealing & even though I should put this off till tomorrow & go to bed NOW - i'm going to be an idiot & stay up even later to do this silly meme! It would be just like me to do that!)

And after you read it, you could do this one yourself, then head on over to Sunday Stealing & link up! Come on, it's fun!

Here we go!


Do you get regular massages?
No, but i wish! Now that you mention it, i think getting at least 1 massage in 2010 would be a good New Year's Resolution, don't you agree?? I have actually only gotten one massage in my life (Professional i mean. My hubby does give some nice back massages!). 

Do you have an answering machine?

What cuss word do you use the most?
CUSSING?!!??! Whatever do you mean? I NEVER CUSS!!! ("S**t" is my word of choice).

Are you underweight or overweight?
I am extremely overweight. I'm working on it & have lost 10 pounds. It's a start. You can read more about this or cheer me on here. =)

Can you see your veins?
Huh? Uh, no? Actually, yes, on the underside of my wrists? (Wierd question)


Soap? I prefer body wash & usually get Sweet Pea. I get the cheap stuff at walmart, but i do love Bath & Body Works.

Fruit? I love kiwi, mango, blueberries, grapes & yellow golden delicious apples (though they're really more of a green).

Kind of red meat? Uh...steak? hamburger? I think this is an odd question too!

 Fish? I love Tilapia.

Candy bar? Twix. I like Recees more but that's not really a candy bar, is it?

Have You Ever…

Eaten a whole bag of potato chips? Not that i can remember, though i believe i have, in fact, done that with an entire bag of tortilla chips & salsa. During that time of month. (Not recently, though!!)

Eaten lobster? Now that you mention it, i don't believe i have.

Climbed a mountain? To the tip top, i don't think so, but I have done some hiking on some mountains before - on family vacations when i was a lot younger!

Been skydiving? No, but i think i would love to do that one day.

Been water skiing? Yes, but i couldn't stay up for more than a few seconds!!

Do You…

Wish you could change something about your life?
Only my weight & i'm working on it. Also, would love a house but I am sure that will come one of these days!

Like your nose? Yes. There's nothing wrong with my nose. (Or yours.)

Like salt and vinegar chips? LOVE!!!!

Eat salsa? I love salsa!

Own a boat? No.

What Is…

A small thing that people let slide but that actually has dire consequences?
There are a bajillion things like this... texting while driving, for example??

Your most macho trait? I can't think of anything "macho" about me! Um... yeah. Uh...no clue.

The longest relationship you’ve ever had? Well, we've been married 14 months. We were together 10 months before that. Oh and we dated for 13 months 11 years ago...

Your most embarrassing thoughts? Can't think of any at the moment, though I've probably blogged them, hahaha.

Your most shameful moment?
Quite possibly getting fired back in 2007. Let's not get into the details. But yeah. I made a big mistake!!


Bath/Shower? I prefer baths. I used to prefer baths, but then it switched to showers for about 3 years. Now it's back to baths. Who knows if it will change again!

Markers/Crayons? Um- depends on if i'm making a poster or using a coloring book? I guess?

Pens/Pencils? I hate pencils. I love pens. I only use pencils to write down blocking in a script & i only do that because the blocking often changes.

Jelly/Cream Cheese? Cream cheese.

Bagel/Toast? Bagels.


My greatest weakness is…impatience.

I wish I was…SUPER smart. Like smart enough to go back to school & do well in all my classes... I also wish i was rich enough to afford a house. =)

Three things I wouldn’t do for a million dollars are…
A sex scene in a movie.
Intentionally hurt a child or animal.
Eat a cockroach.

The oddest thing I’ve ever put in my mouth is…
Sushi. Sorry but you gotta admit! Sushi is ODD. (& GROSS!! I HATE IT!)


Credit card you had? It was capital one & i got it just so i could buy a camera because mine was stolen. That $300 camera ended up costing me $900 because i didn't pay on it for years. Yeah, i was really stupid.

Loan you got was for? Student loans for college.

Paycheck was for how much? No clue. Long time ago. I think minimum wage then was 4.20!

Time you had stitches? I've never had stitches.

Time you went to the hospital for something? I had meningitis when i was about 2.


List everything you ate in the last 24 hours? coffee, cinnamon toast, water, sprite zero, turkey sandwich, grapes, water, & some awesome Chicken & Shrimp Stir Fry

Last thing you used a credit card for? I don't use credit cards. Yeah, the above camera story taught me an important lesson! If you can't afford it NOW, don't get it!

What was your job previous to the one you have now? i worked at a gift shop.

Last thing you celebrated? the new year! =)

Last time you were at a sports bar? Uhhh...never? Unless you mean the ones combined with a restaurant?? LOL.

Well, that was a fun one! Your turn!


  1. you and me both on the water skiing question!!!

    My Sunday Stealing is posted. Hope you can stop by to visit and view.


  2. That shrimp and chicken stir fry sounds delicious! I'm totally stealing that.

    And this survey! :)

  3. Yeah! Another Tilapia person!

    Have a great day!
    Be sure to join us for Monday Meyhem!

  4. Congrats on the weight loss! It's hard, isn't it?

    Whenever I pop on to your blog, it always cheers me up. You really have a very sweet and cheerful energy. It's nice.

    Have a good evening!
    Lisa at Snarkypants.com

  5. First, I love your wedding picture.

    I also like the sweetpea fragrance. Congrats on your weight loss! I am hoping to drop some this year too. I am breaking my goals up into ten pounds and then rethink. I wish you the best with it!

    Have a wonderful week!


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