Friday, January 22, 2010


So, last night, our Preview performance of The Elephant Man went really really well. It started out a little shaky - the actors kept stumbling - i am sure they were nervous - but then it picked up & went really well! Also, i was a bit late on few light cues - but considering that was my first time running the light board for this show with no one there to reassure me - i think i did pretty good! And i made notes of my mistakes so i'll do great tonight! Surely!

Anyway, you are probably like, "ok, just get on with the survey!!"

So yeah. it's friday & you know what that means!!!!!

Five Question Friday!!!!

I really love these things. Just five little questions to get to know all the bloggers. Last week the blog hop broke a record & i've enjoyed reading everyone's answers - & finding fun new blogs to read! SO head on over to Mama M's & join in! =)

1. Which is better: growing old without money or dying young & wealthy?
Seriously????? How are you going to enjoy all that wealth if you are DEAD? I'll take poor & growing old!

2. Who takes out the garbage at your house?
My husband. And i never even really have to think about it. Sometimes, if he knows i'm going to be cooking that night, he'll take it out before i get home - AND unload/reload the dishwasher. So i can start with a clean kitchen. He's just cool like that. Or if he sees that i'm cooking or doing something that might require a bit of room in the garbage can, he'll jump up & take it out real quick. But if he does forget & i really need it to go out, if i ask him, he pretty much does it right away. Yes, he is awesome!

3. Have you ever had the same dream many times?
Not the same dream - but the same theme. Every dream that i remember from when i was a kid were about either being kidnapped or running away. Huh. Wonder what a psychiatrist might say about that! I don't know when they stopped, but they did at some point.

4. Can you play a musical instrument?
I sing. Isn't that enough!??!?! Seriously, haven't i gone over this with you before?

Tried flute in 4th grade - my band teacher suggested i switch to clarinet because it's easier!

So i switched to clarinet. And after awhile, my mom promised that if we could sell the clarinet, then she would buy a piano & i could take lessons.

So i sold the clarinet. But she never got a piano.

And then when i was 19, my boyfriend (who is now my husband) tried to teach me to play piano - & it just wasn't working. Couldn't quite get the hang of it.

So then when i was in my mid-twenties, i begged my parents for a guitar for Christmas...& they got me one! It was beautiful & i loved it. It was an acoustic - an Ibanez. And i began to take lessons from the children's pastor/worship leader at our church...& i couldn't do that either - you know how anybody can strum but others take forever to get the chords right?? Well, i easily caught on to the chords, but i couldn't strum right for the LIFE of me!!!!! I finally stopped taking lessons...and then my guitar sat in my closet...& then under my bed...& finally i sold it - because you know - i was single & on my own & trying to pay the bills! So some guy bought it & he was very happy...

And so then i met my husband (for the second time) & since we've been married he's taught me some on the piano again. Not much. A little. I did okay. But really... i probably won't keep trying... I love to sing. And to act. But yeah - brad can be the musician in the family. =)

5. If you owned your own store, what would you sell?
Probably stationary. Prints. Picture frames. Fun notecards. Planners. Calendars. Cute pens. Different mousepads. That kind of fun stuff. I like it!!

Woohoo! Now, it's your turn! Yay! =)


  1. can ur husband come train my husband on the trash deal!! He needs a mentor in that department!! LOL!!

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