Thursday, January 28, 2010

This & That

Just a little bit of randomness...since i have tons to mention but nothing that would take an entire post!

First, i got a promotion. But i think we've been over that. =)

Second, if you don't read my weight loss blog, you need to know that yesterday - same day as the promotion - i wore a size smaller top & a size smaller pair of pants. WOOT!

Third - i cooked a new meal last night. But i'm not blogging it.It was gross. Ok, it wasn't GROSS. But i didn't love it. I mean, hubby liked it & will probably finish it off. But i will not have any more of it. It was TACORITOS but they were really just Enchiladas. And i think if i took out the beans & added more meat - or did chicken instead of ground beef - i think it may have been good. But not GREAT. It was a Taste of Home recipe - a "grand prize winner" - ummm, REALLY?! I don't think so. I followed the recipe exactly. & it wasn't that great! It didn't deserve a blog post & it's not getting one! Blech!

FOURTH...We got a bad review for The Elephant Man. I am not upset (though at first i was). You know why? Because our stupid silly newspaper sends a sports writer to do reviews! WHAT?! I mean - maybe they think if a sports writer likes it then it's the ultimate compliment? That's what my husband suggested. But seriously. I mean, i have nothing against a sportsy person doing an artsy review - IF they actually LIKE the arts! But i have to wonder if he even LIKES theatre?! I don't know. The thing is, he never gives a good review. And really - i'm not a sore loser - but we do good theatre. Top notch! We don't suck, is all i'm saying! And seriously. I've seen some shows there that i didn't LOVE. I've worked a couple of shows that i didn't think were all that fantastic. But i've also worked a lot MORE shows that were REALLY REALLY GOOD. And George Morris NEVER gets it. Ever. We always get either a bad review or a summary of the show with maybe one comment of "so & so did well". A summary is really not necessary - i mean, a summary of the show comes in the article that comes out the week before we open! But if he hated it, he gives a bad review. UGH! I really thought he might like this one. Because it is GOOD but it is not something that is so artsy fartsy that a general audience wouldn't get it. I mean it's a true story. And it's a beautiful story. We did have a lot of slow moments on our preview night, but not any other night. And he was most likely there Saturday night which was a great show! So i don't know what his problem was. I mean, he titled the review "The Elephant Man Misses" & i seriously wanted to write a letter to the editor & title it "George Morris Misses" because he just did.not.get.it. I mean, he even fussed about us not using prosthetics or make up for the elephant man! Which is how even Broadway does it & is at the request of the playwright! But whatever. I'm just venting. =)

Seriously - i am in love with this show & the actors in it are doing a wonderful job!! I hate when there is a bad review, because the actors are really discouraged & the energy is lower when the next show comes. But i think this group of actors is a lot more professional than that, so it should be okay!

Me & my ASM, Valerie. She is rockin her first time as an ASM!!

Me & Kelly, she helps with quick changes & such! I'm so glad to have her around!!

Anyway, things are going well & i really really have more to blog about - other good things going on! Will do that soon!!!

Hope your week is great! If not, hang in there! Tomorrow's Friday!


  1. Umm... so in that last picture you look totally skinny and curvy and fabulous! I don't know if it's that other lady's boobs or the fact that you have lost weight... I'm going with the lost weight thing. :)

  2. you totally should write a letter to the editor titled that! I bet they would post it!! Go for it! :)


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