Saturday, January 16, 2010

Today's To Do's

  • Wash, dry, fold & put away all laundry.
  • Unload & re-load the dishwasher.
  • Create sign-in sheet for the show.
  • Email pics to the director for the show.
  • Catch up on daily Bible reading.
  • Find dinner recipe for tonight.
  • Wal-Mart trip.
  • Go thru donated Southern Living magazines & cut out recipes that i might use.
  • Go thru closet & get rid of clothes!
  • Re-type up scene transitions for the show.
  • Get order from AVENUE ready for return.
  • Do finances.
  • rest.
  • At-home date with hubby tonight!
Yeah. Sometimes it's good to just write it all down. I know, i have actual to-do lists for that, but man, i'm in a blogging mood! Lots to do to get this house a bit more organized & for the show that opens this Thursday!

Tonight, hubby & i are having an at-home date. =) I randomly called that the other day. I miss him when i do theater. I really do. I work 8 hours a day & rehearsals are from 7-10 in the evenings. Sometimes I don't come home in-between, but when i do it is usually to catch a nap! When i come home after 10, i usually go straight to bed. Thankfully, i have a musician hubby who "gets" my NEED to do theatre... =) I'm doing it a lot less now as a married woman than i did when i was single & i will do it even LESS when i become a mommy (like - in their baby years i won't be doing theatre at all but as they get older i will be able to do some shows. I will just have to learn to balance it & do maybe 1-2 shows a year instead of 4-5! (in my single life i did them ALL! HAHA.)) ANYWAY. Even though i still do it, i miss him terribly during that week. Sure i see him when i get to bed at night & i see him before he goes to work in the morning & sometimes we grab dinner together in-between work & rehearsal! But that's not enough. This weekend i catch a break before tech week! I was asking my hubby if he'd watch a movie with me tonight & he said he didn't know, that he really wanted to work on some music in his studio. I told him that i really missed him from my crazy theatre life & could we please have an at-home date?! He agreed because yeah - he misses me too! Plus he will have plenty of time in his studio during the day today & when i am at tech rehearsal tomorrow & did i mention we are off on Monday?!! =)

So, this is my weekend:

Saturday - Stay home all day! Get things done! At-home date with hubby!! I am going to cook dinner & we're going to watch The Proposal. Maybe work on the puzzle that's been sitting on our kitchen table for weeks now. =) I can't wait to have quality time with him!

Sunday - We are going to visit Victory, the church i went to for YEARS up until about 4 years ago. Then some free time until I have tech rehearsal at 4:00.

Monday - We are OFF!! YES! So i have another whole day to relax & get things done & be with my hubby! Rehearsal Monday at 7.

SO that's it. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend as well!


  1. Sounds like a GREAT weekend! Fabulous! Have fun! The Proposal is a good movie!

  2. Ooh I forgot about the long weekend!! Sounds like you guys are going to have a fun one. I love date nights "in" because I can be in sweats but still have quality time with my husband!! The trick is getting me away from computer, iTouch, phone, etc. Ha!!


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