Sunday, February 14, 2010

Top Ten Things I Love about Brad

Do i get in trouble for doing too many posts in one day?? Because seriously, i thought i was blogging obsessed, but it's actually getting worse...

Anyway. I love memes. So i may participate in ALL of them, even if there are 3 or 4 in a day. Sorry. =P

Today is the last day of Mama M's Valentine's Day Extravaganza. Today you are supposed to tell your top 10 favorite things about your love. There is no way i will be able to number these according to importance - they are all important. But i'll try. =)

Top 10 Favorite Things about Brad.
Hubby on our wedding day - this is when i first came out & was heading towards him. =)

10. He makes the best cup of coffee ever. EVER.

9. He always helps around the house - sometimes i have to ask him but there is never a single grumble or procrastination about it. "Sure, babe" is what i usually get. Or he'll tease me. Either way. I do not have to worry about a man glued to the TV.

8. We are an amazing team. in everything. Especially... grocery shopping!
Seriously - fastest team shoppers EVER. We should be on Supermarket Sweep.

7. I love the way he looks at me. It melts my heart. It makes me feel special & beautiful.

6. I love that he never fails to tell me I'm beautiful or cute or sweet. He compliments me all the time & makes me feel like a jewel!

5. We can be silly & act like children. It's hilarious. We giggle like schoolchildren. Life is FUN with him.

4. He puts up with me - i am really hyper talkative at night & he listens to everything. And if i've had a rough day & need to talk about it, I can do that - & he will listen! A lot of men lack that skill. He listens. And if i'm upset about something, he listens intently & gets just as mad as me! Protective. Like, "how dare they do that to MY baby!?" And he understands me. Where i'm coming from.

3. He is talented. One area is his musical abilities - he plays the keyboard & composes & orchestrates music. He also reads the Bible in the original language, Hebrew. (He is just starting to learn Greek). It is amazing because i get curious about what i read in the old testament & so we will talk about it & he gives lots of great insight of what it means in the original text. GOOD STUFF. And he is not at all in any way arrogant or self-righteous about any of this. He does not think he's anything special. But he is. ;)

2. I love that he knows how to handle money. I never have & i feel like he's saved me in this area! HA! No more bouncing checks. No more messing up. There's a budget. But it's not a scary one. He isn't a tightwad. He doesn't freak if i spend money. It's just done the right way. I seriously - could not do this without him. SO THANKFUL.

1. That he loves me absolutely without condition. 100% unconditional love.

That's a winner for ya. I am so thankful for my husband.

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