Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Best Wedding Day Memories

Today is Day 4 in Mama M's Valentine's Day Extravaganza! & can i tell ya - i am totally LOVING this! Love reading everyone's stories of their wedding day & engagement & all that! So, thank you, Mama M! =)

Today's topic: Share your favorite wedding day memory.

So many things stand out in my mind. It was beautiful!! Everything was how i wanted it. I had a LOT of people there, yes, but i loved it - the church was packed! That was kinda cool! I only have 3 regrets from my wedding day & no sense mentioning them here because they really weren't that big of deal (ok - now that i have you curious: (1) the song i walked down the aisle to was important to us because Brad composed & orchestrated it - they started it wayyyyy too late in the song - but we're over it & no one else noticed; (2) receiving line should not have been done the way we did it - took ENTIRELY too long. I wish we'd done table visits at the reception instead & (3) we cut the videography & i regret that. I want to see it now!!! [whine!]

So those are the regrets. The only regrets - everything else was PERFECT. The wedding was beautiful & sweet & the reception was a blast.

3 memories stand out in my mind. 

I had seen this idea many years ago & always wanted to do it. Brad & I didn't follow tradition with everything, but i did like the idea of him not seeing me in my dress until i walked down the aisle. So i'd seen this idea where before the wedding you take a picture "together" but with a door between you so you can't see each other. I loved this so much! I thought it was a cute idea, but I didn't know what a special moment it would be. My heart was pounding & i got a little teary eyed. It was sweet. I'll never forget it.

Haha - typical dad face. And my hair is being smushed! Anyway, this was a GREAT MOMENT, too - walking down the aisle toward my love!! I was so happy! I was all smiles from here on out. Before this moment, I was by myself in a room...about 5 minutes before the wedding... I had wanted to be alone because i felt a little overwhelmed (okay, a LOT overwhelmed!). I think it was just too many varying emotions all at one time! i was thrilled & excited & amazed & ecstatic, of course, but also nervous & anxious (not the "omg i'm getting married" nerves; just the "stage fright, i hope i don't trip on my dress & omg i'm about to say vows in front of 300 people!" kind of nerves!) & it was just that thought that my life was about to change COMPLETELY (even though that was FINE WITH ME - i'd had about enough of the single life). Basically, i was just overwhelmed from start to finish! So i had my moment of tears BEFORE the wedding & i'm glad - because if i had cried on that stage i might have never stopped! HAHA. But once those doors opened & i walked out, i couldn't stop smiling. I smiled so much that my jaws ached by the time we left the reception in the limo!

- Now -

My MOST FAVORITE wedding memory of all...

HAHAHA! I crack up laughing everytime i see this pic! Look at Brad's face! Do you see how tickled he is!? Why, he's blushing bright red! HAHA. Man, this is one reason i wish it was on video, because telling it is not near as funny as it was!! So the pastor is doing the vows & Brad is repeating him & honestly, i so saw it coming... I could tell Brad was about to blurt something out & i was trying to send him vibes, "wait for it, honey...wait for it!" but what could you do?! Suddenly he cuts off the pastor & says, "I DO!!!!!!!"

It was HYSTERICAL! ESPECIALLY if you know my husband. He's kind of the quiet type, NEVER one to be outspoken or say something out of turn. Not him at ALL. So it was totally an accident, but it was hilarious. Everyone in the congregation & wedding party BURST OUT LAUGHING. So here he is laughing. I am, too, but you can't see as much. Pastor P was laughing too, he joked about Brad being overzealous or something like that. And the pastor isn't laughing here because i think this was taken when he got back to the vows - to get the wedding back on track. Brad & I still giggling. I thank God for Pastor P getting it semi-serious again, because i'm kind of the same with laughing as i am with crying - once i start, i can't stop!! In fact, my sister or his sister or maybe it was my best friend said, "man, i saw your shoulders shaking & i was like "OH NO, it's all over!!!"

HAHAHAH. So that was the best memory!! =)


  1. Love this! Especially the story with the last picture :)

  2. Thanks for sharing I love the pictures!!! I have tried since getting married to convince all my bride-to-be friends to not cut the videography, but it is always the 1st to go and it is my favorite thing from that day. You have great pictures though that really caught the moment!

    I love the door scene! Beautiful!

  3. I think i am going to post some V-day pics tomorrow or at the end of the week! What a neat idea!

    i will tell my love story.


  4. He was just bursting to say it. I love that. Great pics. I love the idea of the door between you. Wish I had thought of that.

  5. What an ADORABLE story!!! I LOVE the whole picture togther with the door & EXPECIALLY the last picture!!LOL..Its really good to see two people in love have a blast at whatever they do! Great story!

  6. That last story is a great one!!

    I think the signature looks great! And it's not really a bad size either. :)

  7. I like the door idea! I think it's so funny that he said I Do before he was supposed to! haha!

  8. LOVE THIS!!!!

    I SO want to do the door picture :)
    and your other pictures are BEAUTIFUL!!!

    you make such a gorgeous bride :D!!!!


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