Saturday, February 13, 2010

Cast Party

Tonight was the cast party for The Elephant Man. I am so glad we went; hubby & i have not been feeling well, but man, I've been cooped up in this house for 5 days now & i was finally starting to feel better. (Normally i consider being cooped up in the house a GREAT thing; but going on five days - it was getting old!) Anyway, the cast parties are always at lovely houses. Everytime i find myself in a gorgeous area of town in a gorgeous house, with beautiful wood & fabulous paintings - not too perfect, mind you, lived in & everything, but just beautiful.

I want that kitchen. I swear. And the pantry, wow, it was the size of our master bathroom!!!

But we had a great time. Small group, delicious food, good company. Here are some pics from tonight. I apologize for the lack of pictures - or that i took them all of the same people... =P

Sharon & Laura

Valerie. She loves me. =D

Valerie & I again - we make a great team (SM & ASM)

Brad & I being silly - he makes me laugh like this all the time. =)

Don't even ask...because I have no idea...

There we go.

After the party, we left & then randomly decided to stop at Barnes & Noble. Ok, i guess you couldn't say "random" since we are always up for a trip to the bookstore. More like spotaneously. But anyway, i picked out two books & as i was sitting in a chair waiting for Brad to pick out a book, the electricity went out! It was crazy. Got all SUPER quiet. We were in the upstairs part so we could look at the whole store. Well, immediately, there were about a zillion flashlights. Instantly. Ha- talk about being prepared! Everyone of those sales people had flashlights with them! I guess it's just something they carry on them in case that happens - & it probably never happens.

I don't know why i felt like sharing that. It was just kinda crazy - i've never seen so many flashlights come on at one time! HA!

Ok, now THAT was random. Sorry. =P

One more picture to leave you with. I took this during the last weekend of The Elephant Man but never uploaded it. I.LOVE.IT.
Robert, Valerie & Me - showing off our Elephant Man tees.


  1. That's crazy that the power went out at the bookstore! That happened to me at the mall one time. It was weird.

  2. My daughter has appeared in some theatre productions. The end of show party is always emotional. Sounds like a great bunch of people. Congrats on a great run. Love the pics. Happy Valentines


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