Saturday, February 6, 2010

Catching up...

This will mainly be a random post & i'll end it with 5 Question Friday. Even though it's Saturday. Things have been so crazy with work & the show, & i feel like i haven't posted in FOREVER! But it has probably only been a week. But that's a long time in blogland! I've spent this morning just catching up on blog-reading! Ah. I am so addicted & in love with blogging, i'm not sure what i'd do without it!


A visual for you - this is how i felt in my last job position (& probably looked, too!).

In case you've wondered how my new job is going, well. Technically i haven't started yet. You see, Monday & Tuesday I was going to train the lady taking my place. And Wednesday - Friday my boss was going to train me for my new position. Well, Monday we had some kind of electrical problem at work. After hours of sitting around waiting for the lights & computers to come back on & stay on - they sent us home (at 11 AM). So that day of training was shot (not that we weren't all THRILLED to be sent home!!). 

On Tuesday & Wednesday i trained the lady taking my place. Then on Thursday my boss told me to work on scanning (I have TONS of scanning i'm supposed to do but it just piles up because the scanner is not by my telephone & i could never catch up with scanning while having to answer the phones!). She told me she had some stuff to do & then i'd train that afternoon. Well, it didn't happen because she had a meeting that afternoon... However! i almost completely caught up on my scanning & some other stuff because i am DONE answering the phones. Can i tell you what a blessing this is?!?!? Unless you have worked a job as a receptionist for multi-line phones (where crazy & mean people call you ALL DAY LONG!) you have NO idea!!! OH WOW. It's amazing! Especially because i am not really a receptionist & had TONS of other work to do but i could not ever finish because of the phone. SO basically i caught up on stuff on Thursday & didn't have to answer any phones & it was HEAVEN. =)

Then Friday my boss didn't come in because she had a migraine & actually, i ended up leaving at 1 with a migraine also! LOVELY! SO yeah. No training that day either.

So i'm thinking this week coming up i will train for the new job! In the meantime, i am LOVING not having to answer the phones! I am so happy now in my job! And i really think i will like the new position. YAY! I honestly cannot tell you how THANKFUL i am. I feel like God is the one who closed the door for another job i wanted there & He is the one who closed the door on all those jobs i was applying to... because of this one! And i am very happy & thankful! I am sure the new job won't be 100% all the time rosy, but i KNOW it won't be as stressful as the other position.

Receptionists are HIGHLY underappreciated.

By the way. I have decided - when you are done with your new job but haven't started training for your new position yet - that is a great place to be! HA! No stress of the new job, but none of the old one either!! =)

What else? Let's see. Oh! Last night I dreamed that i had a baby girl. We were thinking of naming her Mallory, but hadn't decided by the time i woke up. We already had another girl, this was our second. The oldest was about 3. My family was there & so excited! & my hubby was there too! (I don't know why i said it like that - of course he would be there, right?!) The best part (besides having 2 little girls) was that i didn't remember the labor at all - so there was no pain. HAHA! I WISH! Anyway, those were beautiful baby girls. & i would be totally happy with having 2 girls - & no labor pains!

And i do love the name Mallory, but i like how it sounds, i don't really like how it looks as much. Is that wierd? I guess i like Malorie better or Mallorie, or Mallorree - oh wow. Oh no. I suppose it'd be Mallorie. But that's funny because although that has been one name we like, we are more set on Mariah (Brad's favorite girl name). Who knows?!

Please don't get too excited, this was only a dream! We are not prego & are not wanting to be - yet!

This is Fievel - he is actually begging for bones in this picture! At my mom's house in December.

Remember my recent post about Fievel's milkbone obsession?! It has not stopped. Even though we stopped giving him the bones all the time. He still is obsessed. He still goes to the bone cabinet ALL THE TIME no matter WHAT! And guess what? We ran out of bones, i'd say probably 5 days ago. So we decided he is going to be on detox! Fievel is fasting from bones for awhile! But guess what? It's been about 5 days & he is STILL acting EXACTLY like he did before - he has not given up - i guess he thinks they are hidden somewhere! It is crazy! He gets up every time we make a move towards the kitchen & FLIES to the cabinet with bones & begs. He still asks to go potty JUST so he can get a bone.

Exactly when does he forget about them?!?!?!

Just wondering.

ALSO - Superbowl Sunday - & this might be the only one i actually WATCH because - well - i'm just not that into watching sports. But this is the SAINTS & they haven't made it to the superbowl in like 43 (million) years!!!! So yeah. I'm excited. And i hope they win! Superbowl Saints fever is HIGH around here, by the way! All the schools (that i heard about) got to wear black & gold Friday instead of their uniforms; we at work wore black & gold & brought superbowl foods, & such! It's crazy! Go, Saints!

I think that's it for now! Except for a little 5QF from Mama M! Even though it's Saturday! Sorry I'm late! But here we go...

1. What are you most afraid of?
I am mostly afraid of losing Brad. Seriously. I'm not afraid of him leaving or anything like that, I am afraid of something happening to him. I can actually sometimes get to thinking a little too hard about this & i can get myself emotional over it. I did this last night when i got home & went to bed & he was already asleep. He is sick & took Nyquil before bed. I started thinking, what if he stops breathing in his sleep?? & then i had to snuggle up to him & hold his hand. I think the worst thing that could happen is for something to happen to him, i do not know what i would do. I think i would just go in my room & shut the door & never ever stop crying.

I hope i don't sound obsessive! But i think it's just that i finally found true love & he is truly the best thing to ever happen to me. He is so sweet & kind & loves me unconditionally & he is the one person in life who COMPLETELY "gets" me. And it's so wonderful that for some reason i sometimes fear he will be taken away. I know that God is my source & He is all i need - but i just would curl up in a ball & lose my everloving mind if i lost Brad.

Anyway - i hope this is just a newlywed-ish fear & that it will eventually go away & that we live a wonderful married life & both die at the same time in our 90's while we're sleeping. =)

2. Do you use a flat iron or curling iron?
Whew. Now that i've just exposed my deepest darkest fear! On to a lighter questions. =)
I use a flat iron. If i blow dry my hair, it only needs it a little for a more smooth look. But if it's a Saturday, i'll let my hair dry naturally & then it needs a bit more flat iron action. It dries pretty wavy! Which sometimes looks okay. But other times NOT.

3. Hands free or phone to ear?
Phone to ear. And please. I hate the hands-free when used outside of the car. I am still not used to it & constantly thinking people are talking to no one. It's awkward & wierd. Especially the ones that talk LOUDLY & there is no doubt that they want everyone in the store or wherever to hear all about their big important meeting coming up - or whatever.

BAH. I hate hands-free because of the above. But i know it's safer. I guess? Actually, maybe not. I have no problem at all driving with the phone to my ear.

It's TEXTING while driving that is trouble!

Although - by the way - can i make a sexist remark? I have noticed that every time i've had a person in traffic do something stupid - like cut in front of me cause they didn't see me or change lanes & nearly hit me because they didn't see me? It's always a MAN on a cell phone. NOT a woman on a cell phone. Just sayin. It's because we women rock at multi-tasking. It's a scientific fact. i think. =)

4. Do you have a matching bedroom set?
Not really. We have a gorgeous black wrought iron bed from Bombay. And a black wooden nightstand on each side that go nicely. Plus some bookshelves that also go well. These did not come together but go well together. However, we have these drawer thingies (that i wouldn't call a dresser) that are for my clothes & a brown wooden dresser for Brad's clothes. This is fine for now, but one day his dresser could be one of our kids and mine would be better for some type of organizer (it's lots of small drawers). Ideally i'd keep what we have except those two pieces & i'd get a longer black dresser that would fit both our clothes.

Got all that?

5. Do you believe in the paranormal?
Not really. Though i've heard some stories from friends of mine who wouldn't make stuff up that i can't explain. But i've personally never experienced it.

I am the only person involved in the theatre that doesn't believe in "Rodney". The ghost of the guy that died during the musical My Fair Lady many years ago. Everything that happens at BRLT that is wierd - it's blamed on Rodney & people are afraid to be at the theatre alone because of him. I, however, feel perfectly comfortable there alone (except late at night because it's not in the greatest of areas!). And the only thing i personally could blame on Rodney is my camera being stolen in 2006 - i swear i put it on the piano & it practically disappeared! And also the door to the light booth mysteriously opens by itself slowly a lot. But yeah - i don't believe in Rodney. Any theatre person reading this might gasp!

All that to say - not really.

Well, that was fun! If you stuck around for all of it, anyway! Sorry it turned out to be the longest blog EVER!

Hope you have a great weekend!


  1. I bet that is an awesome palce to be between to jobs with no stress!! awesome!! Maybe you will get to train enxt week!!! Thats cool yall had a littl superbowl food/party at work i bet that was fun!!

    Have a great weekend!!

    I hope the Saints win too!!

  2. Wow, what a fun dream!! I've never dreamed of having kids before...maybe that means you're gonna have one soon!? ha!

    I think all theatres have some ghost right?? I mean they wouldn't be theatres without one...ha

  3. Dominic and I both had a dream we had a daughter and named her Madison claire about three months before we found out we were pg.
    And when you hold the baby girl you usually forget labor pains anyway


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