Friday, February 12, 2010

Don't go, snow!! Don't go!!

I cannot believe we had ANOTHER snow day! Crazy! I remember snow 3 times in my life: in 4th grade (i got checked out of school, it was awesome), then again in my mid-teens - i was driving when i saw the snow flurries... & then again when i was about 26 on New Year's Day. That's it...until 2008! Crazy! It snowed Dec '08, Dec '09 & Feb '10! Today! It is just insane! I keep saying, "pretty soon we are not going to be able to say that it never snows here!"

It sleeted all day yesterday off & on, and then it rained constantly. It rained ALL NIGHT LONG. I kept waiting for snow & everytime i woke up through the night I'd peek out the window hoping to see white. NOPE. It was nothing but RAIN.

We woke up at 6:30 this morning & it was still nothing but RAIN. But the news was saying it was just delayed, it was coming. Brad found out his office was closed & i found out mine was too (though i wasn't going anyway - still sick). But it was still just rain. I went back to bed.

Woke up again at 9 & went to take the dog out. SNOW EVERYWHERE!!!!! "It's SNOWING, baby!" & then Brad got up & came to see. We were in awe. I love the beauty of snow. I thought i'd wait a little while to go out & take pictures - it was still coming down hard & where there was no snow, there was lots of WET from the entire night of rain. So i figured i'd wait a bit.

Well, i waited too late! I just went outside with my camera & it was GONE!! SOB!!!! I mean, there are patches here & there but the ground that was white just a couple hours ago is now nothing but wet grass. =(

I'm starting to wish the snow wouldn't come unless it's gonna STAY awhile!

Oh, well. Since i didn't get any pictures I thought i'd steal some from friends. Hope they don't mind! Heehee!

Friends Ashley & Dan's snowman - isn't he so cute?!

Snow at Aunt KK's house!

My friend Kelly's house; how can this be GONE now?!

My friend Brooke's backyard - can you believe!? Granted, she does live 4 hours north of us!! I love it, so beautiful!

I'm so sad it didn't want to stay any longer, but am very happy for a day at home with the hubby! =)

Stay warm, everybody! =)


  1. I will gladly send some of our snow your way! We have about 2 feet and the experts are calling for another 4-8 inches Sunday-Monday. Yoy!

    Anyway, I'm glad you get to stay home and get feeling better!

  2. Haha! I love the snowmans tie!

    So I thought "they" said we were experiencing global warming or something ha!...I can't believe you guys got snow down there!!!

  3. I love when everything gets a fresh coat of snow. It's so pretty. And I think it is funny that you would look out the window every time you woke up haha. Reminds me of when I was a kid!


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