Thursday, February 25, 2010

A Few Thoughts

Today after work we went to eat at Sammy's for my mother-in-law's birthday. We had a great time. I thought it was just going to be Brad's immediate family, but it ended up being Brad's Granny, his Aunt KK & Uncle David and his Aunt Paula & Uncle Cliff, too. We had a wonderful time. I LOVE THEM. Sammy's is a restaurant in town that i have wanted to try forEVER but never got a chance. I LOVED IT. SOOOO AMAZINGLY GOOD!!! Oh WOW. =) And we had a gift card to there that Brad's mom gave us for Valentine's Day... but Brad left the gift card at home. I said, "That's okay, honey, it just means we get to come again!" HAHA.

I didn't watch American Idol tonight. I hate the results show. They just build it up & build it up until you're like "SPILL IT ALREADY!" I'd rather just hear who got sent home. Anyway, with the exception of Janell, i disagree with who got sent home. But what else is knew? They always do this at the beginning of the live shows. Why? Well. There are, what, 33 million watching? I don't know how many actually vote, but it's too many spread out votes. Tim Urban should have gone home. But he's young & cute. So he probably had a huge following of pre-teen girls. That is just one example. It's better when it gets down to 6 or so because then all the votes are going to fewer people & the best ones are more likely to stay at that point. That's my theory, anyway. I was sad about Ashley because she had a HORRIBLE night Tuesday. But her initial audition, i said she could WIN the whole thing. I wish she'd had another chance.

Oh Well.

That's all the news for now, except i'm SO GLAD it's FRIDAY tomorrow. WHEW! =) I am stage managing a show called Queen of Bingo Friday night & Saturday night, but other than that i'm free! =)

And Tuesday's my birthday!

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