Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Guy's Night on Idol

Well, you know since i did my idol recap of the girl's last night, I've gotta do it for the boy's tonight. I'll keep it short & sweet this time!

My favorites...

Those are my favorites. Casey, Andrew & Aaron have been my favorites since the beginning. Of course, Casey is a hottie. But he's also got pipes! I like him a lot.

Andrew did well tonight in my opinion (despite what the judges said) but I will never forget when he did Paula Abdul's "Straight Up" & made it his own! LOVED IT. He's got an interesting voice, i like him.

Aaron is adorable. SUCH a humble guy. Tonight was not my favorite of him, but he was SUPER nervous. His first live performance ever!!

Now, Todrick. WOAH. I've liked him since the beginning but tonight he became a favorite. When i heard he was doing Kelly Clarkson's "Since You've Been Gone", I was like UHHHH... YIKES?! But it was GREAT. VERY CREATIVE. Now, i agree with the judges that he shouldn't have made it THAT different - so different from the original that you don't even recognize it - i mean, if it weren't for the lyrics, you would never know that's what he was singing. HOWEVER, it was still extremely creative & i like him a TON. He's awesome.

It kind of annoys me how ALL last night the judges sounded like a broken record saying, "you've gotta make it your own" & all that. And then this guy completely rearranges a song & totally makes it interesting & fun & cool & they diss him. Give me a break. I agree that he changed it TOO much but it was still awesome & he took a risk. The judges tonight were annoying. Well, Simon i mean. I usually like him, but good grief. Kara is my new favorite judge. I like Ellen too & I like Randy more so than in the past. Simon - tonight was in one of his moods. UGH.

Those 4 should be safe! There were a few others that were okay. And i also love Michael Lynch. His performance tonight was decent but he's done better. I am glad Ellen told him to be careful about getting a big head because i've been wondering if he's getting a little conceited?? Maybe not, though; he seems totally sweet. Anyway, i heard the other day on the radio that this week they may be announcing that he has to go home. WHY? Apparently his dad leaked to the local newspaper there that Michael made it to the Top 24 - before it aired. BIG NO NO! They have to sign contracts & everything that it will remain confidential until it airs. I would NOT be happy if my dad did that!!! But then tonight he sang & he's still there, so maybe they're letting him stay. I mean, it's not his fault his dad did that! Then again, if they let one person get away with something like that then they have to let someone else. When they announced that on the radio they said not to feel sorry for him because he's already being picked up by a record label. HM. Interesting to me they didn't announce this yet. Maybe tomorrow on the results show?

So that's my recap. There were some others that were good enough & then a couple that were awful. The two i think that should go home are Tim Urban & Alex Lambert. I don't know if they will go home, but to me - they are the weakest links. The other's left are okay.

What did you think?


  1. Ok... I watched some of idol last night for the first time this season. And I'm not getting it about Casey... sure he can sing. That was good. But everyone is talking about how great he looks. And yeah... he's cute. But he's nothing to drool over haha. And I hated how he wore his hair last night.

  2. I didn't watch much of it BECAUSE of the judges!!! They aggravate the crap out of me!!! Like you said, they tell people, "Make it your own, make it your own....," and then when somebody does they give them a hard time for "making it their own!!!!!" I get so mad at that!!!!!!!!!!! Ughhhhhhh!!!! I could slap them! I think their are too many judges. They need to go back to 3, or maybe even 2. I think it takes too long and they just say the same things OVER & OVER! I mean, if you truly have constructive criticism, then give it, but if you're just talking to hear your head rattle, then SHUT UP!!!!!
    okay, i didn't mean to throw a fit, but it just really got on my nerves, so I turned it off :(

  3. I agree, Ashley! I mean, i like the judges but there are a lot of them & it can be annoying to hear them hear them say the say things over & over again!! GRR.

  4. I wasn't really crazy about Todrick last night. But I hope he makes it through So I can hear him again to see if I like his voice or not...

    I liked Aaron's voice but I hope he opens up a little bit...

    Casey James is my Boyfriend.

    Micheal looked hilarious with his guitar..he needs a bigger one..do they make bigger ones??

    I think the judges were way to harsh on some people and not harsh enough on others..I think they are trying to get America to vote a certain way...


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