Saturday, February 20, 2010

Happy Wife!

Today has been wonderful. Some of you may remember my recent freakout about the state of our home. I decided that today i would be cleaning & nothing would stand in my way! HAHA. I admit, i was NOT looking forward to it; I just wanted to spend the day relaxing. But I got to a point of "i can't take it anymore" with this messy house & HAD to get it fixed ASAP. Today was my chance.

Fievel has been in desperate need of a groom! I usually take him during the week; i'll drop him off before work & my mom will pick him up for me after they're finished grooming him (the groomer place is near her house) & then i'll get him from my mom when i get off work (sounds like a child we're talking about, huh!?). But this time they had an opening on Saturday. & i thought, WHY NOT?! So Brad took him to the groomer this morning so i could sleep in. I stage managed a show the last two nights & was exhausted. I planned to sleep til i woke up on my own & then get to cleaning. But i woke up when Brad did & then couldn't go back to sleep. I had one thing on my mind:

House! Clean!!!

I know by now you are all thinking i'm a tad OCD by now, but really - not that much. Just a little. With certain things. But i DO like a clean organized home & we hadn't had that in a long time! Due to busyness, sickness & laziness! But now it's time to have it clean again! Ya hearin me?! And i realized - it's really nice cleaning the house with no dog underfoot!

I got started at about 8:30 & was done at 1:30! Funny, when i was a maid i could clean a house this size in 2 & a half hours! But i went a little slower. We put some Hillsongs music on & I dusted & vaccuumed every room, cleaned both bathrooms, washed the linens, including Fievel's blankets (he has a pillow in the kitchen with a blanket & then a bench thing in our bedroom that has a blanket on it) & including all the "sick" blankets (the ones i used on the couch when i was sick! It was time to get the germs OUT). I did about a jillion loads of laundry (well, that part is still going on!). Swept & mopped the kitchen. The house is CLEAN!!!!!!!!!! I want to sing! I'm so happy!

And you know what my sweet hubby did that whole time? Sit there & watch TV? NO. Sit there & read? No. Play on his keyboards? NO.

He organized!!!!!!!!!! And he threw stuff away! He is not always so willing to do this! I even heard him on the phone telling his dad he has got to get rid of some stuff so he could have room...

Oh, yes. I am a happy wife indeed!

The house looks wonderful & it makes me happy. And hubby is still organizing. =)

Not that the house is perfectly organized - the living areas are, but i will be tackling that extra room (that seems to be our storage room!) & our closets...maybe this week, more likely next Saturday. But today was the day for actual cleaning & it is looking great!

Also, Brad helped me hang this picture above our bed. My aunt made this for us for a wedding gift & we finally got it framed! Actually, my mom had it framed for me for Christmas. I was so happy! We are just getting around to hanging it. It's pretty, huh? I like it. =)

Yay! So happy! The groomer called to say the dog was ready when i had just finished cleaning it all! It is so nice to have a clean house AND a clean dog! HA!
And, by the way! I realized I only post pics of Fievel after he's been groomed! I decided to show you just how bad he can get! And, as you can see, he gets a little moody when he is not looking his best! HA! (Compare with his freshly groomed pic in my sidebar!)

What are you looking at???

It's been a rough day.


Look at those GREY paws!

So there ya go! But now he's all clean! =)

Happy weekend!


  1. Yay for a clean house....and dog!!!!! Do you need my address so you can come clean mine!! LOL

  2. See? All you had to do was get started and it rubbed off on hubby!

    Congrats on your clean, organized house! Now if it could only stay that way! :)

  3. Glad your feeling happy! It feels good to get your to do list checked off. Good for you! Now you can kick your feet up.

  4. A clean house always feels so good. I love it when hubs jumps in voluntarily to do something he needs to do. Your puppers is adorable clean or dirty.

  5. Hooray for a clean house, organization and throwing things out!!

  6. I SO should be doing that right now! Instead I am blogging. Ah ha ha


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