Sunday, February 14, 2010

I have a button!!

Oh my gosh Oh my gosh Oh my gosh!

Can you hear my excitement??

Ok, i know anyone else would be a little freaked out by my ecstatic excitement over something such as this, but i figure my bloggie friends will totally get me here.

I FINALLY learned how to create my own blog button!!


I love it. And i am proud of myself. =) I have been wondering for AGES how to do this & i just couldn't figure it out. I googled it. I looked through my html book (apparently not good enough)! I asked bloggie friends. Just wasn't working out. But today i really got it in my head that i HAD.TO.HAVE a blog button. Why, you ask? Well, it's like this...several of the blogs i read have buttons. I used to only put buttons on my page if it was from a tutorial website that helped me out a bit. But then i started finding buttons from blogs i follow that were too cute to NOT put on my page. Like Lexylou's from Mad Times. This is one of hers & i just think it is the cutest button EVER.

And i love the buttons at Smitten Blog Designs...

I decided to put the buttons of blogs i like & follow in my sidebar. For others to see. But i wished i had one of my own. And i wished that some of my favorite bloggy friends had one, too...because there are some fantastic bloggers out there that do not have buttons. Actually, most of the blogs i follow don't have buttons. But if they had one, i'd certainly put it on my page. And i found the BEST tutorial for it at Oikology 101. Step by step instructions. And, seriously? I can't believe it was so easy. Much easier than changing your post titles to cute fonts. MUCH easier than the header. EASY PEASY.

Well, at least the posting it part. The creating took me awhile. I started on my own paint program (paint.net) & wasn't getting anything i liked. Then i tried photobucket. And finally, piknic. And that is where i finally got it how i liked it.

SO head on over to Oikology 101 & she'll guide you through how to do a blog button. And i promise i'll put it on my page! 

Now, i'm off to make one for my other blog!


  1. Cutest button I ever saw!!! I might have to make one later today now. :)

  2. I love your button!! I am stealing it!!!

    Hey dont forget to enter my giveaway!!

  3. LOVE it! Definitely going to try and make my own now :) And of course, I'm putting yours on my page!


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