Thursday, February 18, 2010

Just some info...

A few things I've been wanting to mention.

One, have you been looking for a way to help the people of Haiti, but aren't sure what to do? The people of Haiti still need your help! My friend Amber at White Horse Photography is doing an awesome thing with her photography to benefit the children of Haiti! Isn't that a precious idea? Saturday, March 13th in downtown Baton Rouge, she is going to be holding mini-sessions - you can have your family portraits & help the kids in Haiti at the same time! Your cost? A donation of $35 to Danita's Children. But you need to call Amber ASAP to book your time slot! See her blog for details. (Amber takes great pics - she did the top 2 in my sidebar & the one of me & brad kissing on the bench at the very bottom of my blog!).

Also, my friend Ashley (we went to high school together. in fact, she & her hubby & i were in musical theatre class together!) started a blog! I'm so excited. She has the CUTEST little family! You should really head on over there & give her some bloggy love! (I hope she doesn't care that i did this!)

Well, i'm sure there's more i meant to add! OOPS!!

Have a great day!


  1. That's a great idea that your photographer friend is doing. I actually had the same idea but it would just be too difficult because I would have to do it outside but ya know... we have three feet of snow on the ground haha. If I had a studio or it was not winter I would have done it. I hope she gets lots of money for donations!!

  2. Thanks for mentioning my blog! Although, most might find it quite boring, I just started people, so bare with me! My page will eventually get cuter! And it only looks this good because of Melissa! Thanks again for helping my cropping, pasting, fancy fonting illiterate self!!!HAHA! I'll get there one day!!!!


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