Saturday, February 13, 2010

me & my love!

Two more days left of Mama M's Valentine's Day Extravaganza! I'm kinda sad. This has been so much fun! Today is Favorite Photos of You & Your Love" & tomorrow is "10 Things you Love about your Love"!

So - my very favorite photo is that one I used for my header. I just love it. It was a total spontaneous moment; i didn't know it was captured till our pictures came in after the wedding. This is after we were married - we had just walked back down the aisle into the lobby of the church & the congregation was still inside. So we were having a moment & we were being our usual silly selves & i said something like "Bebeeee! We just got MAWWEEEEED!!!!" & he was making his silly face like "oh dear what have i done?!" I love that picture.

Other favorites...

This is at the shower our theatre friends threw for us. October 2008.

Spontaneous major public display of affection after the receiving line at our wedding.

Haha - this is what theatre friends call "the mel face" - & Brad has his own version as well!

First morning as Husband & Wife - i know we look rough - but we're so happy. =)
This is at the bed & breakfast where we stayed the first 2 nights.

This is our first day on the cruise ship for our honeymoon. I love this picture. =)
One of our stops on the cruise: Cozumel, Mexico. I think i mainly love this one cause his hair looks cool. Heehee.

Last one, i swear! Taken November 2009 for Christmas Cards. I love love love it!

Ok, so i know that was way more than one! But i couldn't help it!

Happy Valentine's Day, y'all!


  1. I love that you threw in more than one! And I love the "mel face"!!

    Is it the "mel face" for Melissa face or melodramatic face or...or...I dunno what else!!

    Cute stuff...VERY cute stuff!

  2. OK those pictures of "your usual silly selves" are just awesome!

  3. Great pics! I don't think I could have picked just one favorite either if I were you!

  4. Great pics! Love them all!

    And I thought Mel Gibson when you said "mel face". Not sure why. :)

  5. Mama M & Kimberly - i'm called "Mel" a lot. It actually started with a Mel Gibson joke, Kimberly, so you're not far off! HAHA. long story but it stuck. i was called Mel more than Melissa through most of my 20's. Friends still call me Mel but family calls me Melissa. And i kinda started calling myself Melissa more after i got married b/c it sounds better w/ my new last name :)

  6. Cute pictures!! Yall look like so much fun!


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