Sunday, February 14, 2010

Movie Review & Rant

Tonight for Valentine's Day we wanted to go see a movie. We watched a zillion previews first & decided on The Book of Eli. For some insane reason, i did not think we'd have to worry about getting tickets online or arriving early. I hadn't heard of this movie & so i didn't think it'd be sold out. Wrong. It was sold out. After some discussion, we decided on From Paris, With Love. It didn't start for almost 2 hours, so we walked to the nearby bookstore (Borders) to chill before the movie. This set us back & so we decided after the movie to go on home & we'll go to Mike Anderson's tomorrow (because the movie being set back would get us out of the movies just in time for the valentine's dinner crowd).

From Paris, With Love was good. REALLY good. Now, if you have a problem with language & shooting, you will not like it. I personally don't have an issue with it at all. But i do realize that some Christians have different standards than i do for movies & that is fine (however - I'm sad you'll miss this movie). There is no sex or nudity - just violence & language. This movie is with John Travolta & Jonathan Rhys Meyers. It's amazing. Shocking & amazing. Brad & I really enjoyed it.

My rant is on parents so please forgive me if i offend you - but i don't think i will offend any of my readers. Many of you are parents. I am not. And though i was a nanny for many years, i can't pretend i know all there is to know about parenting. However - i do know one thing!!

Parents should not be bringing children to adult themed movies!!! What is wrong with these parents?!?!?!? Will someone please tell me??!

Disclaimer: I love kids. LOVE LOVE KIDS. Want some. Will have some. I have been told a million times that i'll be a great mom & i used to be quite a nanny. This rant is not against babies or kids. It's against STUPID PARENTS!

& i feel i can say that here because, honestly, i'd be shocked if i found out that any of you have done this.

Okay, let me back up. The second week of The Elephant Man a parent brought a baby in - i'd say about 5 or 6 months old. Okay - a newborn is one thing - they sleep a lot. Some of them don't make a peep. But a six month old? NO. No, no no! Why would you do that? This baby was by no means a BAD baby or anything, but it was doing what babies do! Making noise. Not crying. Just babbling. The Elephant Man is a very QUIET show. It's not a happy loud musical. It's quiet. A babbling baby, no matter how adorable, is distracting to those around you & distracting to the actors trying to perform. I understand your sitter might have canceled. I don't care. This baby got to be such a distraction (sweet cute baby - just noisy!) that i needed to have someone escort them out - but who? I'm the stage manager but i'm upstairs running lights! We didn't have a house manager. So the lady left about 30 minutes into the show. I think she probably realized it wasn't working. Seemed like a decent person. Reasonable. Maybe was hoping it would work, thinking the baby would go to sleep & he didn't. Okay. I get it.

So tonight we go into the theatre & the previews are about to begin & in walks a mama, a daddy & a BABY. Again, i'd say probably closer to 9 months old. i'm totally guessing here. I turned to brad & said, "WHY!? Are they bringing a BABY in here?" It's not about the fact that this is a rated R movie. It's just that people are on dates with their loves. Some don't have kids but some are leaving kids at home to be away from them! WHY??? So the movie starts & the baby babbles. And babbles. Whines a little. Plays loudly with some plastic thing (banging a water bottle against the chair, i'd guess). Babbles. And the mama says "SHUT UP!", "SHUSH IT!!!" & "STOP IT!" I wanted to say, "MAAM! It's a BABY! That's what babies DO! Why the heck are you bringing him in here?!?!?!?" But i kept my mouth shut. About 10 minutes into the movie, she left with baby. YAY. Came to her senses.

THEN - the movie ends. We loved it. But it was NOT a kids movie. AT ALL. So we are leaving & OH MY GOSH! Even worse! A family was in there with three BEAUTIFUL blond haired girls. I would guess ages 5, 7 & 9. ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME!!!! Did i mention this movie was FULL of bad language?!?! And lots of violence?? Why would you do that to those precious girls?

I couldn't believe it. I was much madder about it than Brad was (though he did totally agree! I think it was just the mother's anger rising up in me - even though i'm not a parent!) I told Brad that when we have kids, if the babysitter cancels, we will not go. Or we'll try to find someone else, last minute. But if we can't find anyone, we won't go. OR we'll go to a FAMILY FRIENDLY movie. That kids can see & enjoy! Or not a movie at all! Do something else! But my gosh. I know it's Valentine's Day. I know you want to do a movie with your hubby. But you have three sweet innocent little girls. Are they not worth more?

That's all I'm saying.


  1. totally agree!!! Kids should not see that!!!
    We thought about this weekend. But we chose Vaentine's Day it was cute and funny!!

  2. Umm... yeah... young children should not be going to R movies. Stupid parents drive me nuts. I can understand making a mistake and accidentally doing something stupid... I do that all the time. But that's intentional and thought out. Stupid.

    As for babies in movies and stuff... totally get you there! I can't even stand babies in a church... especially if there is a nursery! Use it! If you are so overprotective that you can't trust trained staff to hold your kid for an hour than at least sit in the last row. Even if you baby is being cute it is a huge distraction.

  3. Amen Sista!!

    I can't believe they were taking their children in to see that movie!

    We went to see New moon and the woman behind us had brought her son, who looked to be 4 or 5 the ENTIRE movie he talked..the whole time!! He asked 1bagillion questions and It was so distracting! So I totally agree with you!

  4. That is just plain ridiculous... I can't believe some parent's. In my town they have a baby a mom matinee show once a month, the turn down the sound and not have the light's so dark, it is nice... You don't worry about your baby making noise, as there is about twenty other babies babbling. I was so sheltered as a child from scary movies that only a couple of years ago I watched Grimlen's... You are the children's parent's, they are looking to you for guidence and protection, why take them to crap shows that undermine everything you try to teach them... Well the fact is some parent's just plain don't care, and that is sad. But you won't be one of those parents my dear.

  5. wow! i agree. i'm not a parent either, but i'm pretty sure i don't have to be to figure this one out...
    Hahaha! Great blog, and your dog is super cute : )


  6. I completely agree! I get upset when my husband watches a movie on TV (with all the language edited out) while my kids are in the room. Like True Lies. I love that movie, but even on TV, when Jamie Lee Curtis is doing her dance in just her undies ... not good for my 11, 6, and 4YO to be seeing.

    We went to see a kid (Disney or Dreamworks) movie this past summer and my 6YO is a talker. Always. Never shuts up. Seriously. So I tell him he NEEDS to be quiet. Uh-huh. But he starts his chatting and the family in front of us gets up and moves. Not that I can blame them, but still embarassing.

    I also agree with Laura about babies in church. Some people are so adamant on keeping their kids in church no matter how much noise they are making and how distracting they are to those around them. Ugh! That is why there is a nursery!


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