Saturday, February 6, 2010

Show Pics!

So, The Elephant Man is almost over. I have decided that my 2 favorite Stage Managing experiences would be The Elephant Man & Steel Magnolias. Every Stage Manager's dream, those 2 casts. And i loved BOTH the stories, though they are very different. Anyway, we have two more shows - 1 tonight & 1 tomorrow.

Last night was Photo Call. Photo Calls are CRAZY. This one wasn't too bad except for the fact that we had a very short amount of time! We got it done & opened the house very late, but the audience was very forgiving. =) It was one of the best shows - if not THE best. I think their energy was up from that crazy photo call! HA! Anyway, photo call is when the director gives you a list of all the moments from the show that he wants & you go to those places in costume & with the lighting & all & take a few pics. So it's not actually DURING the production (which i hate because you lose some of the emotion, but it is the way they do it much of the time here!). Anyway, here are a few shots taken by my friend Davis Hotard.

Now, remember we did not use prosthetics or anything for this show, at the playwright's request. I love this, because it is the idea of seeing who he is as a person, not the horrifying exterior. We had someone (Matt Story) who has a terrific physique (he's actually a personal trainer) & i love that contrast...someone in this great shape playing The Elephant Man (though he did twist & contort his hips & legs & such).

John Merrick & the model of St. Philip's Church

John Merrick with Dr. Treves & you can see the Bishop in the mirror.

Treves & Merrick

Merrick & Ross - (Mike Katchmer - he may be my favorite local actor - brilliant) =)

Merrick talking with the Pinheads

Another of the model - I love it - Chris Adams, the technical director built it.

A pinhead dancing over The Elephant Man at the end of his life.

Beautiful Show! I will miss it!

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  1. Congrats! The pictures are great. I am glad it iwas a good experience.


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