Thursday, February 25, 2010

Thankful Heart

Today was a good day. Long & even a little stressful, but good. It's kinda cool, my new job. I know that i'm going to love it. I already do! It's just that i will love it more when i get the hang of everything. It's a lot to remember. I was trained for about 20 minutes & then they were kind of like "aw, heck, let's just throw her into it!" HA.

They did not do this because it's easy. It's just that there is SO MUCH to be done & to stop & train someone seems impossible. So they showed me the minimum & i got to work.

Yesterday & today were the days i really worked all on my own. Of course, i had questions & such. But for the most part i was just figuring things out. My new job has two main responsibilities. The first one i spent all day yesterday working on. Turns out it was not hard at all. It's just time consuming. I problem solved all day. I got issues straightened out. And it went very well. Today was harder. I worked on the second of the 2 main responsibilities. It will get easier once i get the hang of it. It's just a LOT to remember. And extremely time consuming. For about 2 hours today I got really overhwelmed & confused. I had stuff i HAD to work on, but the lady who trained me had left for an appointment. I was so stressed out & overwhelmed that i finally closed my door (love having a door to my office!) & took my lunch break. I just relaxed. And then when lunch was over, i said "okay. I'm going to slow down. Take this step by step. And just figure each thing out as i get to it." And that is what i did. It was hard, yes. It was stressful, because i was so confused. But at the end of the day, on my way home, i felt GOOD. I felt like i'd truly accomplished a LOT. It has stressful moments, but it is a different stress than when i answered phones, got screamed at all day & had NOTHING i could say to help these people. Everyone else had the answers but couldn't take the phone calls. I didn't have the answers & had to take the phone calls. Now, i only have calls for specific reasons & i can figure out how to fix the issue. I am challenged & busy & it's just a good fit for me.

Just can't tell you how THANKFUL I am to be in my new job position. I am SOO THANKFUL. To God. And to my company. My boss & her boss. You know, MONTHS ago, i was crying because i was just MISERABLE & I could not have hated my job MORE. It was HELL, my job. I am not even exaggerating. I woke up every morning with knots in my stomach. MISERABLE. I kept looking for jobs & sending my resume & never got calls, even though i have a great resume with great experience. That day i was crying in my boss' office, she said, "What can i do for you to make this job better?" & i said "Three things. Get me away from the phones. Get me my own office. And get a receptionist." She said she would try to get me away from the phones (but to do what?). She said there was just no room for me to have my own office - where would they put me? - but that when we got a new building i could have my own office or at least my own space. And she said that they couldn't afford to hire a receptionist. So, the answer was NO. To all of my questions. And i felt so... HOPELESS. Even later when they changed up some things in one department, she tried SO HARD to get me hired for there even though you had to have a degree (which i do not have). She wrote an appeal to the board asking them to change the qualifications. It was denied. I literally SOBBED In her office when she told me that & told her i would be looking for employment elsewhere. I mean, i just. COULD. NOT. STAY.

But then, the answers one by one became YES answers. First i got my own office, purely by happenstance (wierd that i just used that word. but it fit!). I swear our office should win an award for 'best use of office space'! Then, the demand for a new position (the one i have now) became soooo great, that they began to have meetings on how they could have this new position. They had to go before the board for that too & it was approved! My boss came to me one day & said "I want you to think about if you would consider a position doing this..." & explained to me what it would be. "But it won't be till July when the new contract begins." Then the next day, "Actually, um, i really need you to think about it, because um - it could be next week."

I was hesitant at first. Because the job i was taking, i'd be talking to some of the very people that screamed at me on the phone all the time! But then i realized, i have to talk to them either way. Either having NO answers for them. Or having answers for them. =) SO i took it.

And it's going GREAT. I am just so stinking thankful. I tihnk about it all the time. I'm only 2 days in really. Since i've been trained, i mean (there was a whole lotta time there where i could just catch up on work i never could do because of the non-stop ringing phones!). But i am really liking it & think it's going to get better when i have the hang of it! =)


And they ended up affording a receptionist too. Which helps tremendously. Not me as much as the girl who took my place. But still! I am so thankful that - even though at FIRST the answers were no - that eventually it worked out. God knew it all along. =)

I got my boss a card! HA! Who gets their boss' cards for a promotion, right? I mean, i know it's nice to get a promotion, but it's something you earned. But i just feel like i was MISERABLE & felt HOPELESS & she really did her best to get me what i was asking for. She could have said "yeah yeah okay" & ignored me. ESPECIALLY with all the work there is to do!

The card i got her is SHOEBOX & says, "And in the end, she simply said, "THANK YOU," even though she was so much more grateful than that." =)

I realize now that God shut every door to the other jobs i was applying for, including the ones within our own company. SO cool how he knows how it's all going to work out. =)

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  1. so glad that you're happy with your new position! congatulations!!! that is awesome!!!


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