Saturday, March 27, 2010

tired feet, happy heart

I am so excited! I had such a wonderful day!

Well, first i should mention last night... Brad & i had dinner at the new La Carreta on Bluebonnet. And then we saw the movie Alice in Wonderland. I was quite pouty at first because i wanted to see the 3D version - that was the WHOLE reason we went to the movies, otherwise i would have just rented it! But somehow we missed the 3D version. We were walking in & i asked the girl taking tickets if she had the 3D glasses & she said, "oh that's not the 3D version" - i was like "AWW" but we went anyway. I was actually a little whiny about it. ;) But Brad was like "come on, it's gonna be good anyway!" & it was! We really enjoyed it. Johnny Depp was AWESOME. It was cute. I liked it. (Still wish it was in 3D though HAHA.)

Also, we went to Barnes & Noble before the movie. But I spent the whole time flipping through a magazine & then we HAD to leave at the same time that i HAD to find a book. HAHA. I picked one by an author that i have never read before, Beverly Lewis. Please tell me she's good?! I usually hate historical fiction but i am trying it anyway. Then i get home & realize that i SURE did pick that out in way too big a hurry! It was #2 in a series!!! OOPS. So now i have to go back & get #1. I sure hope they're good! Brad & I had a wonderful time - i love him!!

And then today...

I haven't seen my parents in ages, it seems! This morning mom & i were going to go shopping all day. I need/want a new dresser & she is great at giving advice on that kind of stuff! But seeing my daddy for a few minutes was a nice surprise!

This morning as i was walking out the door to meet mom, she called & said that she was out with my dad running a couple of errands & did i want to meet them at BonBon's for breakfast. BonBon's is a cute little place that i had never been to. I said "of course" & was so glad she had that idea! First, got to catch up with both parents! Second, BonBon's turned out to be DELICIOUS! I wanted a "real" breakfast & that is what i got: scrambled eggs, grits, a biscuit & bacon! YUM! I had water with it because i'd already had a cup of coffee & that was enough for me. I usually hate grits but these were yummy!

Then mom & i went furniture shopping. WHEW! We WOULD go to the place that had THE dresser dead LAST! HAHA. We went to Home Furniture, Ashley Furniture, this other new furniture store by the mall (forgot the name of it), Hobby Lobby & Pier One. Nothing. A few "maybe's" but nothing that i LOVED (except at the wrong price). We decided to get lunch & we had one more store to go to before going home. We had lunch at Yvette Marie's Cafe, a place i LOVE that i have been dying to take mom too - it's very cute & artsy & i knew she'd love it! We had a wonderful hot-pressed grilled chicken sandwich, mmm! (I should have brought my camera today for blogging purposes!) :)

Then we stopped at Inventory Liquidators! I will do ALL future furniture shopping there! They get stuff from the other stores & sell it for cheaper. Seriously, some of the EXACT furniture we saw at Ashley for $700 was $400 here!! Some stuff we saw at Home Furniture for $400 was $200 here! AWESOME deals! So this is where i found the one i wanted!! I'm so excited! It will not be in for 2-3 weeks. But i'm super excited!!

I am going to save up & get the piece that matches it later.

I am going to take pics for you of the before & after! What we have in there now does the job (it holds our clothes), but it doesn't go with the bed & the nightstands. The new piece matches & is more grown-up. It kinda has that potterybarn look i love but can't afford!! (Let's be honest, everything i own from potterybarn was a wedding gift - except my bowls - i got those for my birthday. HAHA.) Totally my style - so this is that style w/o the scary price tag!! ;)

One day we will need new couches but i'm going to wait til we are ready to buy a house. We also could use a new table & chairs but i like what we have now okay. Mom is also looking for a new table & if she gets one she will give us hers. And i LOVE hers! Woohoo!

Anyway, it was a wonderful day & i'm so excited about our new dresser!!!


  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Bon Bon's!!!! Their wraps and salads are amazing too!!! I also LOVE Inventory Liquidators! We got lots of things there years ago. Awesome prices!!

  2. I Love it when you find expensive furniture on sale like that! I love furniture! ha!

  3. I haven't read Beverly Lewis yet but I hear she is good. Have you read DeeAnn Gist yet?? She does historical fiction and they are some of my favorite books ever. You would like them even though they are historical fiction. :) They even feel a bit chick lit-ish.

    Can't wait to see a pic of the dresser you found.


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