Tuesday, March 30, 2010

the best days ever

So, i got a new question in my formspring box & i'm ashamed to say it's taken me FOREVER to answer it! Reason being that i just can't think of an answer for it! ;)

The question came from Patty at Fatty Patty No More. She asked,

"Other than your wedding day, what was your best day ever?"

The reason this simple question has proven so hard to answer is that I just don't know! I've had far too many wonderful days! And of course none stick out so much in my mind as my wedding day! The other best day ever was a day on my honeymoon, but i talked about that on a recent Fill in the Blank Friday! So i am afraid that for this question, i'll have to tell you my THIRD best day ever & i am pretty sure i should just pick another day on our honeymoon because seriously, i've had a lot of wonderful days but the honeymoon was pure bliss!!

This is becoming an answer to your question, even though it doesn't seem like it! ;)

My best day ever: 11.14.08 - Our Wedding Day

2nd best day ever: Passion Island on our honeymoon
This is Cozumel, right before we took a boat to Passion Island!

My 3rd best day ever would probably be 11.15.2008
My first full day as a wife!
This was at the bed & breakfast where we stayed the first 2 nights before our cruise... it was beautiful weather & it was quiet, just the two of us together in a cute little cottage with a cozy king size bed, a fridge full of yummy snacks & a jacuzzi tub. :)

The other "best days ever" would be the rest of the honeymoon! But I have so many other wonderful days that i remember, like the day Brad & I became an official couple & all the days of us just hanging out & having fun!

And i had PLENTY of fantastic days as a single woman, too, no doubt about it, but they can't compare to my life with my very best friend & soulmate!

I hope this somewhat answered your question, Patty! ;) Thanks for asking!! It brought me back to those wonderful days in the Carribbean! AHHHH! :)

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P.S. Shayla, yours is next!!


  1. I love that you used your first "nonvirgins" picture LOL :D

    I can't wait to be married girl, and reading stuff like this makes me want the day to come even sooooner!!!!

    gosh you just look so stunning in all of your wedding day pics :D!!!

  2. I agree my wedding day was the best day of my life...Followed by the birth of both Lillian and Thomas. I feel very blessed! Hope you have a great week!

  3. I had to ask because recently someone asked me the same question and I too had difficulty thinking of a response. LOL! I may post my answer on my blog too.

    Thanks for sharing.


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