Sunday, March 7, 2010

Birthday Weekend!

This weekend was fantastic. PERFECT. The weather was GORGEOUS! I hope it stays just like this FOREVER! ;)

My birthday was Tuesday. So we had some birthday celebrating this weekend! Saturday, we had friends meet us for dinner to celebrate! We went to Copeland's Cheesecake Bistro & had a great time. Here are a few too many pics from last night. The first one is my favorite. :)

Just a couple in LUUUV! ;)

Me & some girlfriends: Valerie, Emily, Natalie & Rachel

Brad's sister Jaimie, My sister Michelle, Brad & Me!

My dear friend Charlynn & her husband Joel. Aren't they cute!?

My sisters! Sister-in-law Jaimie & my sister Michelle.

Yeah - so the whipped cream mustache is kind of a Cheesecake Bistro tradition. I almost didn't do it because the last time was when i was turning 25, i think. Suddenly i felt that 32 was too old to be partaking in such silliness. But, i had to, you see (though i tried to be discrete). =)

Me & my sweet hubby again! 

Me & longtime friend Jenn! Love her!

After dinner a few of us went to see Little Shop of Horrors at a nearby community theatre. Some friends of mine were in it & it was the last performance. We had a great time!! The show was hilarious! Loved it! Here is a pic from the show...

Seymour, Mr. Mushnik, Audrey & Audrey II. They did a fantastic job! I don't know Lance (Seymour), but he was perfect in the role of Seymour! Kyle & Rachel - friends of mine - did a great job too & were perfect in their roles! The comedic timing of these three was PERFECT & Rachel, wow. The show showed off her voice like crazy! The entire cast was amazing, though! Loved it! Photo by Michael Ruffin.

Sunday, my sister went to church with us since she was in town. Afterwards we went to mom & dad's for my family birthday! It was great being there, i feel like i haven't visited with my parents in forever! My sister got me some cute black flats that i LOVE & needed! My mom & dad got me an awesome wok! I asked for one but would have been happy with one from Walmart. They got me a Celphalon one. That is an awesome brand! (I got a free knife of theirs when i was registered at Bed Bath & Beyond & it is my favorite knife.) ANYWAY, i was so excited about my wok & the shoes, too! Yay!

My mom & her sweet dog Molly

Hubby & I - look at his baby blues!

Anyway, it was a fabulous weekend! I am now watching the Oscar's. So sad tomorrow is Monday - this weekend should last a little longer! I hope the weather stays as beautiful as it was this weekend & i hope it's Friday again before we know it!

Have a great week!


  1. Watching the Oscars too. Falling a little flat for me personally. Anyway, sounds like a great weekend for you, I am so glad. I love when birthdays last over a few days...tee hee.

    My daughter and I went to see a small theatre production of Little Shop of Horrors a couple of weeks ago too over here in Canada. So funny.

    Have a nice MOnday.

  2. So happy to hear that you had such a wonderful birthday weekend! That is the best, really it is! I also wish that weekends lasted longer!

  3. Great pictures!! Looks like you had a fabulous weekend!!!
    BTW, when you guys have babies, they are going to have THE most amazing eyes!!! I was noticing how pretty yours were in all the pictures and then the last one of brad's! Wow!!! I wanted at least one of my kids to get Dan's pretty blue/green eyes, but they all ended up with my big brown ones!! Oh well :)

  4. HAHA, thanks Ashley!!! Btw, i LOVE brown eyes! I DO! Idk why people w/ brown eyes hate them! But i love Brad's eyes & hope a kid or two gets those! :)

  5. Ahhhh so happy/surprised to see my blog button on your page!! :) I did it by following your instructions too!!!! Gonna give you a shout out on my page soon, whoo hoo!

    SO glad you had a great birthday celebration. You are such a pretty girl and look like so much fun to be around. I wish we could get together for coffee sometime!! Darn geography! :)

  6. Sounds like a great bday weekend! I love your pink shirt!!


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