Sunday, March 21, 2010

Blogger Pet Peeves

Well, i did kinda hint that i wanted someone to ask me what my pet peeves are here in blogland. Laura at Life Happens asked me...thanks, Laura! So here we go!

Q: What are your blogger pet peeves?? :)
A: I am not trying to complain but there are some things that drive me crazy! Some are just things other bloggers do (not intentionally) & some are things that have to do with blogger itself. Maybe google will read this & fix it?! Or maybe nothing's wrong & i just don't know what the heck i'm doing! ;) I'll try to get through this quickly & painlessly!

1. I heart Trebuchet.
I like writing my posts in the Trebuchet font. I don't know why. I just like it. But all the time, sometimes multiple times in a post, it will switch back to Times New Roman. I end up having to highlight paragraphs & go back to change it to Trebuchet. Why does it do this?! I mean, if i start a post in Trebuchet it should STAY that way unless its told otherwise! Yes, i know that i obviously have my default font on the wrong one, but i've gone into settings & looked everywhere. I thought i changed it to Trebuchet but obviously it didn't work out. Now that i'm writing this, i'm feeling silly - i probably just didn't look hard enough...

2. Computer freakout.
This is obviously something wrong w/ my computer... (see it just went back to Times. Let me fix that...) As i was saying, this computer freakout is something i haven't told anyone - i should have mentioned it to my husband but he'd probably freak out himself & say there's a virus on my computer or something! HA! (He can be a little paranoid about those types of things - (Haha, jk love ya honey!!!). Anyway, i noticed this when i FIRST started blogging & it still happens. Today i was going to take a screenshot of it to show you here but go figure, it didn't happen today. Which is a miracle.

But i will go through the blogs i read on my dashboard & comment on them as i like. And sometimes once, sometimes twice, sometimes more... after i comment on someone's blog, & x out of that post, the page i'm on starts opening new windows all over the place. New tabs, i mean. Am i making sense here, b/c i'm explaining this with as much computer terminology as i know how, which isn't much. HAHA! Anyway, at the top, i start getting all these new tabs & if i don't hit control/alt/delete then i will have hundreds of new tabs. All it says in the address part is "about:" something (i forget what now)& i just keep getting new tabs! It's insanity! And so i'm furiously ctrl/alt/deleting & sometimes that works but closes all my windows - even if i'm in the middle of something! it's CRAZY, y'all! And can't be good. I used to think it was something wrong w/ the particular blog i'd just commented on - b/c for awhile it'd ONLY happen on CERTAIN friend's blogs & not on other certain ones. But now it happens ALL the time!!! There are maybe 2 of you that it doesn't happen after i comment on your blog, but mostly it's very random & it's happened after i've commented on most of your blogs. I don't get it at all! It's crazy! Sometimes the ctrl/alt/del thing will work, but other times i have to just restart my computer. NOT COOL. Any idea? No? Wierd, i know.

3. Giveaways.
This doesn't annoy me TOOOO much - i mean i don't think about it all the time or anything. But i do not participate in giveaways where i have to jump thru hoops to get to participate. I like the sweet ones that are like "just leave a comment"  & i also don't mind the ones that say "you get an extra entry if you leave another comment" or whatever. But all this "tweet this" & "make this your facebook status" & "mention me in your blog" & comment once you've mentioned me in your blog" & "comment again if you are a follower" & "comment again telling me which item you'd like most" - seriously - i'll just not join the giveaway. Which i'm sure is fine to all of you, but i'm just saying!! I don't like all the hoops! Especially because most of them have to do w/ comments & if you read my peeve #2, you konw i shouldn't be leaving oodles of comments! HAHA! All that said, you guys are awesome for doing giveaways - i want to do one too soon but just haven't thought of anything cool to give away!! I'm thinking about it... :)

4. Commenters - i'd like to reply to your comment, but can't...
Ok, others have posted about this before. But i guess it's my turn because i'm finding that there are FAR more bloggy friends that don't know about this than the ones that do! See, I have my account set to where it sends me an email when somebody comments on my blog. Many times I would like to respond to that comment through email. Why? Well, it's easier. But the main reason is because I can make sure the person will see the comment. In the past, before i knew about this, I would just reply to that person on the post. But how do i know the person will see it? How will i know they will remember to come back to the post just to see if i replied?! Used to, i'd comment on your blog & maybe ask a question, but if i didn't remember to go back to your blog then i'd never see what you had to say!

So, i have learned that when i get that email telling me someone has commented, i can hit "reply" & their email will come up. So i just answer their comment in an email. But sometimes i hit "reply" & i get this: noreply-comment@blogger.com. This means that the person i'd like to respond to does not have their email address in their blogger profile, so i can't respond to their comment that way.

So many of you have missed out on responses from me! I'll hit "reply" & see that "noreply" thing & just delete it.

I understand why people don't put their email. Maybe you don't want to be notified by email when you got a comment (i did the same thing in the beginning). Or maybe you don't want people to have access to your email.

But there's also the possibility that you just didn't know that people were doing it this way! And that it's so much better! (Promise.) So maybe...try it out...for a week or so??

I feel like this made no sense. I tried to explain it well!!!

If you'd like to do what i'm talking about then just go to Settings. Then click on Comments. Then scroll all the way to the bottom where it says "comment notification email" - enter your email address there & click "save settings". I think that is all you have to do! And then you will start getting your comments via email. Maybe you like just checking your blog for the comments better (i used to prefer that way too) but you're really missing out on some replies to your comments this way! When you get a comment from me thru your email, you can hit reply in your email & respond to my comment. You don't have to, but you can! & it's cool!

That's really it, for the most part i LOVE blogger!!!! I love all the friends i've made & journaling about our life. It's just that if these things changed, blogger would improve dramatically! ;)

So that's it for the peeves. There may be more & i may remember them soon as i hit publish, but oh-well! HAHA. Of course, nobody likes mean commenters, but so far i've been pretty lucky in that area (thankfully). :) Just thought i'd share these & maybe you could shine some light on the first 2 peeves! And maybe you'll join in the email thing?!

If you have a question for me, ask it in that box in my sidebar! I am loving it! I have two more new questions about Theatre!! YEAH! Can't wait to get to those! Tomorrow!



  1. Thanks for the email comment tip. I am going to enable that right now. :)

  2. hee hee, i feel the same way with giveaways. i mean, i'm all for cool free stuff, but i just can't remember all of those things i have to do in order to get it. :)

  3. Sorry...I think I sent you over to join in mine :) And mine is kind of like that :) oops...The only thing you really need to do to join in is be a follower!! :) haha...I think I wrote a comment about sending you over to enter and then you posted this right after!!! haha :) Sorry :)

  4. The giveaway stuff drives me crazy too! Also, when people blog just so they can get free stuff to "test".

  5. Hey Girl!

    My font thing messes up too!!! I typically write out the whole blog, highlight it and then change my font to "georgia" at the very end!!!!

    The tab thing is crazy- i have NO idea what causes that!!

    I SO agree about the giveaways!!!!!!!! I had to ask a couple of questions for my first giveaway because its for a different company not just for my personal pleasure.

    I dont even check my blogger email- at all...ever.

    Maybe I should, or I could change it to the email that is shown on my blog...I think I'll do that!!! Thanks for the idea!!!

    ...I need to come up with an awesome question to ask you

  6. No idea what the tab things is about.

    I hate the font change as well. Drives me insane!!!

    You know how I feel about giveaways. :)

  7. I SOOOO agree with your last two pet peeves!!!! I have the email addresses of some of my friends that have blogs and I will just respond to their comments via their email address. Maybe we should all exchange email addresses. :) And I sooooo hate the giveaways where you have to to 19 things to win. I get way overwhelmed.


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