Friday, March 19, 2010

fill in the blanks!

I am so glad for Fill-in-the-Blank Friday!! I love it! You should join in, really! Just go to the little things we do & link up (after answering these questions in your own blog)!

1. Today I am wearing jeans, a dark purple v-neck shirt & black flats. With a light white sweater because it's cold in this office.

2. My favorite childhood food was a dish my mom made called Chicken Cheese & Rice and my favorite food now is probably a really good salad with a small potato soup...but Chicken Cheese & Rice is still a favorite (it's in my recipe section)!

3. A day that i am too busy to hug & kiss my sweet husband is a day that i am too busy.

4. The last movie i saw was From Paris, with Love and the next movie i want to see is Precious & Up & Alice in Wonderland (Yes, i know, everyone else has already seen these!)

5. My favorite smell is of the inside of a bakery because ...well, how could it not be!?! Delish!!!

6. A wierd little quirk i have is that i sometimes reply to something before i really know what exactly i'm going to say ... according to hubby there is a sequence of expressions that cross my face that are hilarous - from being pretty confident in the beginning to "oh crap that's not what i wanted to say but i've already started talking" to "that's ok i can fix this" to "uh oh. maybe i can't" to "wow, now i feel awkward" to "wait, what was i going to say??" LOL. This is not to be confused with not knowing how to think before i speak, i normally do that in more serious conversations but in daily conversations with close friends or family, he is kinda right... ;)

7. When i take personality quizzes they always say I'm the life of the party. Not really THAT true. I mean, I am friendly but i can also be shy & i like parties, but it depends on my mood, & much of the time, i'd rather be home. ;)  


  1. Can't wait to join in on this one!

  2. I love your blog and all your fill in the blank answers! Who doesnt love the smell of a bakery...YUM!!! Thanks for sharing! Happy Friday!

  3. awww! because of your answer to question number # 5 i have this urge to go to the bakery and get some freshly baked bread and pastries...my stomach is saying growl! hahaha!!!

    have a great weekend!*♥*


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