Saturday, March 27, 2010

a game, awards & a few shout-outs :)

I've gotten a few blog awards & such lately - so i'm going to do those here... hope it's ok if i cram them all into one blog post?? ;) Keep reading, i may have tagged you for one! HAHA. Please note that if i DID tag you in one, you don't really have to do it!! You can take part in whatever way you want to - whether that means 100% or just partly or by ignoring it entirely. ;) I know some of you recently got other awards & might wanna skip this one. It's up to you entirely. But i would like to give you a shout out so others visit your blog! That's how much i like you. ;)

Mkay. Here we go!

Jenna @ Jenna's Jargon tagged me in this fun little 5 Questions game!! If you haven't read her blog, you should, she is HILARIOUS & will have you cracking up!! Besides, you gotta see her pictures of her chocolate children (chocolate labs). =)

I have to give 5 answers to the following 5 questions & tag 5 people to do the same!!

1. Where were you 5 years ago?
one: i was 27 years old.
two: i had two part-time jobs - an actor & a maid. I performed in elementary schools 3 days a week & cleaned houses & nasty apartments 2 days a week.
three: i was completely single & thought i would die an old maid.
four: i was still a virgin & thought i would die that way. ;)
five: i was considering moving to NYC to go to acting school.

2. What is/was on your to-do list today?
one: breakfast w/ mom & dad
two: lunch w/ mom
three: pick out a "grownup" dresser for our bedroom!
four: do some laundry
five: feed the dog

3. What 5 snacks to you enjoy?
one: sour cream & onion baked lays
two: yellow golden delicious apples w/ peanut butter
three: wheat thins
four: frozen grapes
five: cuties
(yes, i really put all healthy-ish things. healthier than i used to eat, i mean. of course i LOVE chocolate chip cookies, but i don't eat them all that much anymore!)

4. Name 5 places you have lived?
one: the house i lived in from birth til age 9.
two: the house i lived in from age 9 to 21.
three: my first house on my own, with 3 roomies.
four: the apartment with my BFF Sarah.
five: the trailer i live in now w/ my hubby.
(lots of apartments mixed up between numbers 3 & 5!)

5. What 5 things would you do if you were a billionaire?
one: buy a house here.
two: buy a house in Florida & be generous with it (aka: let trustworthy friends use it for free when we're not using it).
three: fill my house with potterybarn furnishings.
four: hire a maid
five: i'm trying to decide between hiring a personal trailer or a masseuse. ;)

I am tagging:
one: mrs. b @ discovering wildlife
two: krystal @ Simple Four Letter Word
three: Jess @ All-American Jess
four: Sarah @ Steudlein's Party of Five
five: Shayla @ Sunshine & Sprinkles

In addition to being tagged in the above game, i was also given the Sugar Doll award & the Beautiful Blogger award. :)

The Sugar Doll Award was given to me by Patty at Fatty Patty No More.
The rules are:
1- thank the person who gave you the award
2- name five bloggers who make your life a little sweeter
3- tell why i was given this award
4- tell the nominees why you are giving them the award

Thank you, Patty, for your award to me!! =) Patty is a blog that i've recently begun reading & i am loving it! She is on a weight loss journey just like i am & she often leaves me sweet & encouraging comments. Thanks, Patty!

Patty's reason for giving this award to me is: "I am new to Melissa's blogs and find her to be so bright, bubbly and fun loving. I am totally going back and reading her archives too."
Thank you, Patty! You are so sweet!

The 5 blogs who definitely make my life a little sweeter are... (& WHY)...
1 - Laura @ Life Happens
Laura is my BBFF (Best Bloggie Friend Forever!). We met ages ago on myspace! Crazy! I can't wait to one day actually hang out w/ her in person! She is so real & genuine & very cool. Her photography skills rock, too! Love ya, Laura!!
2 - Ashley @ Queen Mom
Ashley is a real life friend from high school! We were in musical theatre class together. She is so sweet & relatable. I'm so glad she's started blogging. God is always giving her analogies to teach her more about Himself & they are awesome. She also has a BEAUTIFUL family!
3 - Tiff @ Project 365
This girl inspires me to pieces! Seriously! Oh wow. She is AMAZING! She is doing unbelievably well on her weight loss journey & i am so thankful for her posts! They have definitely taken part in helping me on my own journey.  
4 - Nicole @ Let Them Eat Lettuce
Nicole is hilarious & fun! I love reading about her journey to healthy living! She is a runner, too, something she never thought she'd be. LOVE this girl.
5 - Patti @ Emersyn Grace, Our Biggest Little Blessing & Less is More.
Patti is awesome. I love her blogs. Her first one is about family life & the Less is More one is her weightloss journey, which is inspiring & motivating me like crazy!! She is doing SO WELL on her journey & i really could take a few lessons from her (& i do!).

I also got the Beautiful Blogger Award from Laura at Life Happens! :) Thank you, Laura!!
I am supposed to share 7 things about me. I am also supposed to tag 15 bloggers, but i'm going to skip that part, because (1) i know Laura won't mind & (2) I just tagged 10 people already! HAHA.

7 Things About Me.
1. i wear contacts 80% of the time & glasses 20% of the time. I have my glasses on right now. I am really overdue for my next eye exam.

2. my husband is even more blind than i am. he also is overdue for an eye exam.

3. i have the cutest hubby & the cutest dog in the world.

4. i could get rid of my facebook but i could never stop blogging.

5. i secretly want to have a get together with several of the above mentioned bloggers. :)

6. When we got home last night, there was a dead bird by our back door. Brad said it may have flown into the door. I cried for it. :(

7. i am very interested in everything to do with film, tv, theatre. all the behind-the-scenes stuff is right up my alley.

Well, that was fun!! ;)


  1. I'm so honored to be on your list!!!! I'm glad you enjoy my blog since you're the one that set the thing up for me!!! HAHA! I love your blog as well though. It always make me smile and makes me wish that I could even run into sometime!
    Anyway, I need to get better with blogging more often. I'm just so busy with these kiddos :)

  2. oooh golden delicious apples and Peanut Butter..YUM!!

  3. hey, thanks for the tag!

    and oh my goodness, how i adore frozen grapes. YUM!


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