Friday, March 19, 2010

good day, long week, new vet

It is really a good day today!

My coworker came & asked me how it was going & i said "great!" & she said "really? what makes it so great?" (she's not a pessimist at all, she was asking it in a good way, she is a VERY positive person) - ANYWAY - i said, "well...it's FRIDAY. ...and i'm in a size smaller pants! ...and so&so doesn't have cancer!!!!!!" mentioning a coworker of ours. And she was kind of dumbfounded for a second. Apparently she didn't know! And then she was like "huh? what? really?" & i explained that i had just found out that a coworker of ours, who we thought had a rare form of breast cancer & was going to have a masectomy - in fact, after all, did NOT AT ALL have breast cancer. She was so excited she got teary. I've never seen her get teary.

And, to said friend, you know who you are - my only coworker who reads my blogs - i hope you don't care that i blogged about this but (a) i didn't mention your name & (b) it was simply too good to NOT mention in my blog!! & (c) you told me i never mention work in my blog & that you sometimes expect to see something funny that you said or did at work! So there ya go! Oh, & (d) will you still start a blog even though you are cancer-free now?!?!

YAY! So thankful. & i know you are too. ;) (P.S. I was literally signing a card for you when the boss came in & told me you are fine!)

Ok, anyway! YAY because i have heard so much bad cancer-related news that this is indeed a wonderful wonderful thing!!! (it would be anyway, but you know what i'm saying).


I am so excited, i have no major plans this weekend, no theatre or anything & i am keeping it that way! I will go to a good friend's baby shower on Sunday afternoon (first baby - a baby boy they're naming Elijah) & church Sunday morning, but tonight & tomorrow all day, i am FREE!!! I do plan to get in some exercise in because, well, i'm just doing so dang good, i've gotta keep at it. You can read more about my weightloss journey here. ANYWAY.

SO this was kind of a hard week. For whatever reason (maybe being 32, i keep hearing that every decade gets harder physically (except it will get easier on me b/c of the weight loss. Just sayin.) ANYWAY, the time change REALLY affected me this week & i don't know why, it doesn't usually, but every night i went to bed earlier & every morning I had just as hard a time getting up as i did the day before. I was late to work everyday (It is official - Today i will put in my request to change my hours to a little later. 8:00 - 4:30 instead of my current 7:30 to 4. You would think 30 minutes wouldn't make a difference, but TRUST ME! Although, i will have to keep getting up at the time i get up now, so that i will make it here by 8! AHHH.) ANYWAY it's just been a terribly hard week! I have been SO TIRED. BUT - today was the first day that i felt better & more awake & plus, it's FRIDAY!
Also, this week I took Fievel to his new vet, who is a friend of mine's mom. I had never met her, but I am SOOO glad i went to her, i LOVED her! It is SO nice to find a vet who is perfect. ;) The vet he's gone to until i got married was really way too expensive even though i hated to leave. So we switched to the one we took our dog to when i was growing up, & though he was unbelievably inexpensive, he was kinda lecturing us & mean-ish. Just gotten old & ...mean. HAHA. (He was nice but - wierd. He didn't realize he was grouchy sounding!) Anyway, this vet was wonderful. So sweet, they LOVED fievel, he was SO good. He got his shots & he didn't flinch (though poor baby has been SOOO SORE the past couple days!).

AND i finally have a vet who is ok with me feeding Fievel real food! HAHA. My other vet got on to me about that. I had to fill out a survey at this new vet & when it asked what brand of dog food i feed Fievel, i was honest. I figure she either wouldn't say anything or would argue that it wasn't good. Whatever you think, i am totally fine w/ what i feed him because (1) we don't give him table scraps, we feed him 2 meals a day & it's a set amount; (2) we are feeding him the same kinds of things that you see on the ingredients of a dog food package (minus chemicals), (3) it is cheaper for us to feed him what we are feeding than to give him the ONLY dog food he will eat & (4) if Rachael Ray & Oprah can feed their dogs "real" food, so can i!!! HAHA. I told her what we are giving him (rice with turkey or another meat sometimes with veggies sometimes not), knowing she would kill me, but she actually was like, "well, you may want to give him a vitamin supplement...but actually, he is not overweight or underweight, he has a very healthy coat, and...he has energy, right?" & i was like "OH DEFINITELY!" LOL (he was showing them his shy side b/c he was very nervous, he is not at all normally like that! He has NO shortage in the energy department), so then she said, "sooo i really can't argue with you there." and then she told me some veggies to NOT give him (like onions. Which we don't.)
YEP. She's a keeper. because that is what we're feeding him & it'd be so nice to have a vet that understans that. We just loved her. And she is pretty near our house! I'm kinda sad we only go once a year, haha!!! (Not that i want an emergency or something!

ANYHOO. Now that you think i'm crazy for feeding my dog people food...

We all have our quirks. ;)

Have a great weekend!

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  1. You know... you kept talking about the time change but didn't you stay up real late one night right before it? That could be why the time change seemed so hard this time. :) Maybe it had nothing to do with age at all!


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