Friday, March 12, 2010

Got a Question?

So, back in October, i did a post saying "Just Ask" - a post telling you to ask me anything & i'd do a blog answering the question! It was my friend Laura's idea (at least that's where I got the idea) & i loved it because people would ask me a question & then I'd do a blog about it. I got the coolest questions, like "What is your greatest accomplishment?" & "Where do you see yourself in 10 years" & "Did you move around when you were growing up"... stuff like that. I enjoyed getting these questions & having a new idea for a post! I also loved reading Laura's blogs where she answered questions people asked (even though i was terrible at coming up with a question of my own)!

Lately I've seen this little box around where people can enter a question.... see my sidebar! 

And i thought - what a great idea! One bloggie friend, Nicole, had one & has since been getting some cool questions to answer! So i looked into it & I ended up putting one in my sidebar. I love this because my post may have put you on the spot & you couldn't think of a single thing to ask me, but now if you're on my page & wonder something... you can just ask it in the box on my sidebar (not the one above...well i guess that could work, also! HA!).

So ask me anything anytime. You can choose to do this anonymously or not. And it's fine either way (though if you don't do it anonymously, i can link to your blog! But i don't mind if it's anonymous.) It can be about anything & i'll do a blog post to answer it. It can be about my hopes or dreams or love life or childhood or views - anything & i'll be glad to answer it in a blog post! I promise to answer anything unless it (a) goes WAY over my head! HAHA! or (b) is TOO personal... i mean, i'll talk about a lot, but there is a line... =) Mostly I'm pretty open & i'd love to write about what you are curious about!

Anyway just thought i'd let you know about this - ask away!


  1. Alright! i asked you a question. But how do you know who asked it?
    Well you probably do now--cause I am gonna tell you..lol.

    I asked you something about How do you get through hard times in your life? Does chocolate help?

    It helps me...

    Anyway, I hope you will check out MY NEW blog--someone asked me to author it with them..It ia a random acts of kindness blog...:)
    Just a blog where we can post positive stuff to uplift our audience...:)
    Sound fun?
    I thought so.
    If you have an idea or you have a quote or pic to post..let me know and we will be sure to link back to your blog...

    We are just trying to get the word out now. WE just started it yesterday..lol.

    We need a button. You have time to make one for us? :)

    I am lost.

  2. NEW blog site is http://lovenotes76.blogspot.com

  3. THIS is so much fun!!! I'm going to borrow this idea too :)
    I don't have any fun questions but I love reading your blogs!!

    Happy Friday :)

  4. HAHA - awesome! Love your idea about the random acts of kindness! I will take a look & try to think about a button! & i'll answer your question soon!

  5. You and your husband are a hoot! I popped over here after reading your comment on my daughters blog (Rear Window). I thought you were a young gal (teen) because of your spastic profile pic. Now I see, you're just a grown up spaz. :) Me too! (Takes one to know one right?)

    So nice to meet you.
    Have a nice weekend.


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