Sunday, March 14, 2010

Granny's Birthday Party :)

Yesterday we went to Brad's Aunt KK's for a birthday celebration with family for his Granny. It was a good time! I love being a part of this family; they're always having get togethers or reunions - & i love that! It doesn't take long to feel comfortable in this group - they're good people! So we had a really great time & so did Granny, i think! Here are some pics!

my sister-in-law Jaimie & cousin Whitney!

Me & Brad with sweet Granny :)

Cakes for Granny's Birthday! YUM! & i am in love with that blue cake holder!!

Kiersten & Rylee - aren't they adorable? I love these girls!!

Rylee with her paw paw (Brad's Uncle Cliff)

Baby Hayden (Kiersten & Rylee's baby sister) with her Aunt Whit!

Aunt KK's back porch - isn't it amazing! Their house is my DREAM HOUSE!

Me & hubby! & can you see the sign above us??
"What happens on the porch, stays on the porch!" HAHA.

There were a few other great pics Aunt KK took of us with her camera! When she emails them to me I will post them!

We had a great time! I love family!


  1. I hope when I finally buy a house that I can find one with an awesome porch!

  2. Looks like some fun family time for sure!!!
    BTW, I would love that blue cake holder & the amazing porch.....just sayin' :)


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