Thursday, March 25, 2010

Happy Weekend!

I am so excited it's already Friday!! & guess what? We're OFF next Friday! For Good Friday. HOORAY!

Hubby & i are going on a date tomorrow night! I've been wanting to see Alice in Wonderland & it dawned on me that i better do that soon or it won't be in theatres anymore. This is one of those that i'd like to see in 3D at the theatre! So we're going tomorrow. We're going to meet at our favorite restaurant, La Carreta first. We haven't gone there in FOREVER - & they just opened one near the movie theatre we like. So, we're going to the new La Carreta & to see Alice in Wonderland. We'll spend a little time in Barnes & Noble in between. And then come home.

Saturday i have a date with my mom! I'm happy. We used to do lunch or shopping trips all the time & we haven't in SOOO long! I miss her! My mom is the best decorator & she's really really good at finding stuff that is not as expensive as it looks! ;) Really nice stuff for a good price. Well, i'm looking to buy a new dresser for our room. I can't wait! So we're going to go furniture shopping on Saturday! I can't wait! Definitely excited about the dresser, but also excited about lunch & time with my mom! ;)

And then Sunday - church & relaxation. :)

It's gonna be a great weekend!

Now, if i can just make it through an 8 hour workday. Funny i complain about that & then remember my nurse friends - a 12 hour shift might kill me!! Ok, maybe not, because it's 12 hours on your feet as opposed to 8 hours sitting at a computer?? I don't know. But all i'm saying is, i can't wait for the weekend to officially begin!!

BTW, i'm dying to go to the beach & we are now planning a beach trip! It's actually my parents planning it but we are going to join them - me, brad, my sister & our parents. I love beach trips with the fam & we haven't gone on one in quite a few years. AHHHHH, cannot wait. Won't be until August or September! But i'm excited!

Happy weekend!


  1. It's so sweet that you still hang out with your mom and miss her so much!!! My mom is my best friend so I can imagine how excited you are to see her! good luck finding the dresser :)


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