Friday, March 5, 2010

Migraines & other stuff.

I really have no idea what to blog about. But, here I am.

Today i woke up feeling so queazy. I went to work anyway, but on the way i got this terrible migraine. I have always known that nausea or sensitivity to light, etc, may accompany a migraine. But i guess i thought the migraine came first. I am realizing now that my being nauseous is actually my warning sign that a migraine is on its way. That happened the last few times i got a migraine. Yeah. Takes me awhile to catch on, I guess. ;)

So it's interesting - in the past i would have just turned around & come back home with a migraine - they're killers. But this time i went on to work. Why? Well, my old job, my main responsibility was to answer the phones. I had tons of other stuff to do, but honestly it could all wait. Now, with my promotion, it's interesting that i went on to work anyway. I had some work i had to get done & if not, it'd put certain things on hold for clients. I don't want to be the worker that never calls people back, that never gets done what they need done. So yay me, I've never been so ... responsible before. HA!

Anyway, i got a lot of work done & at 2, my migraine had not relented. Can you believe that? I had 2 stops to make & then i got home & took a NAP.

When i woke up, there was a dull throb.

And about 30 minutes later i noticed that it was completely gone. YAY!

By the way, i am getting so obsessed it good posture/no backaches (see my last post) that today i sat up straight almost the entire time i was at work. No back ache today!!! Now, i know i left at 2, but still. Is it that easy?? One day of sitting up straight can alleviate back pain? Let's just hope i can get into a habit of this!

This is random, but can i just say that i just watched the first 4 episodes of GLEE & i absolutely HATE IT. I am so upset. I just knew it'd be right up my alley! Eh, no. I am really disappointed. So many reasons why, which i won't get into here. But i will admit that much of it has to do with certain in-your-face messages. I am tired of TV telling teens so many things - of course my main issue is the whole celibacy thing (ew, i hate that word for some reason?!). It is NOT impossible to be a virgin through high school, like it or not. And i'm tired of people/shows/society insisting that it is! And I'm tired of shows making certain people look so STUPID (aka Christians or goody goodies, etc). ANYWAY, you know i RARELY get on my soapbox here, but that really made me mad. Also, the lead chic, Rachel - not all that likeable. There are certain things i like, certain dialogue cracks me up. I love several of the characters, but there is FAR MORE that i DO NOT at all like! UGH. But I have to say i LOVE that OCD chic EMMA. She is precious. Her comedic timing is perfect. I almost would watch the show just for her. Almost.

Emma on Glee.

ANYWAY. Sorry for the soapbox. I just ... was very disappointed. And i'm not one of these people that finds a 'hidden agenda' in everything. But this was a bit blatant. But enough about that.

I'm soooo glad it's the weekend. Tomorrow is nothing until about 4 & then several of my friends, my hubby & I are going to have dinner at Copeland's Cheesecake Bistro & afterwards going to see Little Shop of Horrors at a nearby local theatre! I've never been to this theatre. It's a community theatre in a nearby parish. Several of my friends are in this show & i can't wait to see it. My husband & my sister and several friends are going to the play also. Should be fun!!!

Sunday after church we are going to my parents. Celebrating my birthday with them. My sister is in town & will be there too. YAY. :)

Nothing much else going on except i am now doing very well on my weightloss journey. It's not easy but it is getting easier & i'm doing SO well. I am thankful. :)


  1. This is one of those posts where after you post it you realize you lose a few followers haha. Just kidding. Kind of hahaha. I've had it happen before. But there is nothing wrong with your post at all! :) I stopped watching GLEE. I enjoyed the first few episodes but had the same issues as you did. The humor wasn't worth it after a while and the show just got a bit pathetic... too much.

  2. aw, sad day! I love glee! mainly for the singing and dancing parts of it because I do completely see your point. Its very blown out of proportion. Emma is my absolute favorite. She's the school counselor and every time I watch it I think to myself how I wish I could dress like her when I become a school counselor, ha! She's too cute.

    Glad you are feeling better!!

  3. Donora - Yeah, i love the singing & dancing! And Emma! And some of the others too! Just thought a lot of that was tooooo in your face!! Everyone is telling me it gets better...?!

    Laura - Yeah... i actually thought of it before writing it! But i wrote it anyway. If i lose followers over it, oh well! I just had to vent! LOL.


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