Sunday, March 14, 2010

More pics from the weekend :)

As i said in my last post, there were some pics Brad's Aunt KK took at Granny's birthday party that I knew I'd want to share...

Me & Brad & Little Kitty (that's her name!) on the swing on Aunt KK's porch. It had gotten chilly so she brought us all blankets - now that's what i call hospitable! ;)

Matt & Megan - Aunt KK & Uncle David's kiddo's. =)

Megan, Hayden, Whitney, Kiersten, Jaimie & Rylee!

Kiersten smelling the flowers & Rylee...yeahhh...that child is gonna be following in her cousin lissa's footsteps! THEATRE! =)

Now here's the greatest. Aunt KK got us this card. It is sooo cute but she got it because it looks like Brad & I did as kids. ESPECIALLY BRAD - looks just like him!! Then everyone had the bright idea to reinact it! You have no idea how long it took - we wanted it to look just like it - not quite but good enough! HA! We even did it on their gravel road, got Brad a hat & backpack...HAHA. I had a little heel so i was taller than i needed to be... & couldn't get on my tiptoes to be as cute as the card! HAHA. But it's cute enough! ;)


  1. Aw that card is so sweet!! I love the reenactment!

  2. I love that last pic with the card! Super fun and cute!!

  3. That is just the cutest picture!!!!! LOVE IT!!!

  4. oh my goodness, you two are so cute! love that last picture!

  5. What a cute picture!! What do you use to put them side by side? I want to make a collage, but don't have the software.

  6. Girl - set up an account w/ picnik.com! It's the best! I have only been on it for a month or so, but it's helped me a TON! You can get a free account there. It uploads pics pretty quick. And when you upload you can hit collage & it gives you a whole bunch of kinds to choose from! It's great!!!


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