Saturday, March 20, 2010

More Q&A

Well - I've gotten a few more questions! This is wonderful! Keep 'em coming for me, k?! ;)

1. "If you could only watch one TV show a week, what would it be?"
Well, that's easy because I only watch 1 TV show a week! HAHA. I watch American Idol. I am also a huge fan of LOST, but we've been getting behind (because go figure - my 2 favorite shows air at the same time!), so we are going to catch up on LOST hopefully this weekend.

To be quite honest with you, I am not thrilled with EITHER of these shows this season. I love Lost, but have catching up to do & so far they haven't answerd many questions! But i'm sure as i catch up, i'll figure some things out. :)

American Idol - well, I'm really sticking with it at this point because i feel like i've gotten to know some of these contestants & i want to see how the rest of the season plays out. Not really because i'm ENJOYING it, per se. They first got rid of Hope (she didn't even make the top 24 - but she was good!) & then they got rid of 3 of my VERY favorites - Katelyn, Todrick & Lilly! Alex was not my favorite but i agree that he shouldn't have left at that point either - he improved with every performance! The biggest thing about all 4 of those is that they were pretty durn talented & they were FUN & DIFFERENT!!! I feel like with those 4 leaving (& now Lacey who was another favorite) the show is going to be a LOT more boring. Because everyone left on it - besides Crystal & Mike of course - is kind of the same... I like a lot of them as far as their personalities, but i'd probably only by Crystal's CD. It's just not the same anymore. ANYWAY - all that to say is that this is the least favorite season of AI that i've ever watched - & i have watched them ALL except the 1st half of season 1 (before i knew about it) & last season. Kind of a disappointment.

Sorry such a long answer. I watch AI each week & that's it but i don't think it's really my favorite show! Love Law & Order SVU as well, but don't watch on a consistent basis.

2. "What is your favorite thing about blogging?"
WOW. I have no idea! HAHA. I got into it because it's fun & i have always loved journaling - i have TONS of filled up journals under my bed from age 12 on up! However, those are a lot more private. This is not private so i share the things that i don't mind the world reading. I used to scrapbook for years & years but i got really tired of it & didn't want to do it anymore. Blogging for me has kind of taken the place of scrapbooking. I want to do that thing where you turn your blog to a book - so that i can keep it as a memory. You can get rid of the posts you don't care about keeping & just keep the important times. It's pretty cool!

I have also made TONS of friends on Blogger & it is crazy because i feel like i have some pretty good friends all over the U.S.! I kind of get confused & can never remember who is from where. HAHA. Especially over on my weight loss blog, so many friends that are a huge encouragement to me. And here too. There are a few who have gone from just "blogger friends" to people i consider REALLY good friends. Isn't that wierd?! HAHA. I guess it is to people who don't blog, but many of you will understand! I actually think of some of you during the day just like if you were my friend here! So that is definitely a very cool part of blogging.

I also have loved learning about HTML & it has gotten me to buy an HTML book to learn more about it! I enjoy creating headers & figuring out how to do other stuff. So that's neat, too. ;)

(I also have some blogger pet peeves if you wanna ask me about those!! HAHA!)

I have a few more that i'll answer in the next post! If you have a question for me, check out the question box in my sidebar!

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  1. You get lots of great questions! I still only got one. :( I'm going to have to mention that I have a question asker thingy again haha.

    I'll ask you what your peeves are if you ask me what mine are haha. Just kidding. I'll ask you anyways. :)


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