Tuesday, March 2, 2010

my b-day

I had a great today for my birthday, even though i did have to show up to work! ;) The day went smoothly & passed quickly (thanks to my new job - keeps me busy for sure!). After work, my hubby met me at Lane Bryant; he was going to buy me some stuff! Yipee! I am in desperate need of clothes!! LB was kinda disappointing as i had just gotten a thing in the mail from them with the CUTEST new clothes. Well, most of that hadn't come in yet. Go figure. I ended up picking 3 tops, but they weren't exactly what i had in mind - cute & all - but all 3/4 or short sleeves. I hate that stores stock just like the 4 seasons SHOULD BE & not how they actually ARE. I mean, HELLO? It is still cold here!! Anyway, I had a coupon for $25 off! And i did get 3 cute shirts! We had a good time.

After that we went to eat at ZEA's. I am so proud of myself, i ate healthy even though it's my BIRTHDAY. And it wasn't torture! Their food is GOOD. We had a great time. I love being with that man!! He's a sweetie & he cracks me up!

We got home in time for American Idol. Which was the plan!

Overall my birthday was great & it's not even over yet! (Didn't you know, it's actually customary to celebrate your birthday WEEK?)

Thank you SO MUCH for all the birthday wishes on my last blog! So sweet of you!! You made my day!


  1. What a great day. You deserve it. Sounds like you have a wonderful man there. Happy Birthday...glad you had fun!

  2. YAY!!!!!!!!!! Im so happy your day was great :)

    hehe I TOTALLY have celebrated my birthday week every year since like junior year in high school...I call it "Shaylapalooza Week" HAHA

    It was all fine and dandy except my sweet and handsome fiance STEALS my thunder now...I'm all WOO HOO its almost Shaylapalooza time, and he just says WOO HOO its almost Leepalooza time -JUST to ANNOY me...his birthday is just 3 days after mine....so I spend part of Shaylapalooza time thinking about what to do for his birthday.... just terrible

  3. I hope you have a wonderful day and get some very cute clothes!
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  4. That's right! You celebrate all week!!! We usually celebrate for a weekend... because that makes three weekends in a row for us in September to celebrate bdays and if we did all week it would be three weeks straight... except some of them would overlap and hey! who really wants to share a bday!?

    And for not stocking clothes for the current weather... yeah... bikinis and tanktops in the stores and it's 35 degrees with a foot of snow still on the ground. Ugh. Silliness. I still want to buy scarves and gloves but they all went out on clearance like two months ago!

  5. Happy Birthday!!! It's my Birthday week too! I celebrate all week! I've been pampering myself with lazyness and making Sean do all the cleaning..it's been nice. This weekend we're having a crawfish boil! yum!


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