Tuesday, March 23, 2010

my dream roles

So today I'm going to answer another question i got on formspring... another theatre related one! YAY! I have another one after that too, sorry if it's taking me awhile to get to your question!

But first, i think that in light of these theatre related questions - i should tell you about the dream i had the night before last.

I dreamed that i was going into a building (that i've never been in before) to report for a production i was going to be managing (i'm assuming it was film which i've never done - so do they call that stage managing? or film managing? HA!). Anyway - i got there & went into a room to put my stuff down & got a text that said, "Matthew McConaughay will be there in ten minutes." In my dream, i expected that so apparently i knew he was in the show - but the text made me get a HUGE smile on my face... so i put my stuff down & then headed back where ever i had come from & entered this room & guess who was in there? Amy Adams! She was putting her stuff down & she looked up when i opened the door & i said "hey" & she said "hi!" She was so nice! HAHAHA.

And i guess you'd think that i'd be more ecstatic about the Matthew part - & don't get me wrong - he is way cool! HAHA & cute! BUT - i was more thrilled about Amy Adams. Because i ADORE her. I want to BE her. She gets GREAT roles in films and she often gets to work with Meryl Streep! HAHA.

ANYWAY. On to the question!

If you could take the lead role in any stage production, what would it be?

Oooh, thank you for this question!

Gosh - this one is so hard because there are so many shows i'd love to be a part of! BUT...i typically lean towards NON-lead roles. I mean, actors are stage hogs & love to get more lines, more solos, etc! And i'm no different! HAHA. But - i just love the supporting roles... they are usually more fun - either FUNNY or EVIL in some way! You know what i mean? Like my role as Little Becky Two Shoes - she was evil. But i would not mind doing that show again & play Penelope Pennywise - she was more of a lead role in that show than Little Becky & she was quite evil! HAHAHA!

There are 3 plays that i would LOVE to be in -

1) Guys & Dolls
2) Chicago
3) Steel Magnolias

Guys & Dolls - Adelaide

I was in Guys & Dolls in high school. But one of my dream roles is ADELAIDE. She is ADORABLE & cutesy & it's SUCH a fun role. I could not have done this back in high school even if i had auditioned for it. I could do it now as far as the acting & singing, but not as far as the dancing - & really i would want to lose some more weight before even auditioning for this! But i did once use her song "a person can develop a cold" (forgot the real name of it) for an audition (it was awful - i was so nervous that i forgot the words. but anyway!) - i would love to play her in the future! (Btw, that is Lauren Graham from the Gilmore Girls as Adelaide! I totally forgot she played that role on Broadway! This makes me happy!)

Chicago - Roxie Hart

I love this musical. It is AWESOME. I saw it at BRLT & it was a show i wasn't working - so i got to sit in the audience for it. It was SUPERB. I loved it. I would play any role in it but again, i'd need to get in shape b/c it is a dance heavy show! Anyway, i'd love to play Velma Kelly, Roxie Hart or Mama! & i could do Mama anyway because that ones not really a dance role. But i think i'd probably be best suited for Roxie (once in shape)! Yes, i realize all my dream roles are blondes! Total coincidence! HAHA.

Steel Magnolias - Clairee

I stage managed Steel Magnolias at BRLT & it was, hands down, my favorite stage managing experience. It was a lot more fun than work. I remember during casting asking the director, "do you think we'll end up with 6 wonderful sweet women or 6 catty diva women?!" The director laughed & said, "ohhh, probably some of both!" HAHA - BUT - lucky us, we got 6 wonderful sweet fun cool women. I loved every one of them.

This is at the cast party - me, my asst stage manager Jordan (in the maroon shirt) & the costumer (i forgot his name! standing behind me) & the entire cast. Clairee is standing next to costume guy.

ANYWAY - i went into it thinking i'd love to one day play M'Lynn or Ouiser, but as the show went on, i realized i'd LOVE to play Clairee! However, i am WAY TOO YOUNG for this role - in about 20 years, if i hear of someone putting it on, i'm auditioning!!! HAHA. But i'd be thrilled to play Ouiser or M'Lynn as well (two old for the other two roles! Though maybe i could pass for a Shelby!?) HAHA.

So that's it - 3 of my dream roles! Thanks for the question! It was a fun topic!!

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  1. hahaha I would be more excited about amy adams TOO!!! she is SO CUTE!!!

    i sand "Roxy" as a solo in high school...I had to change the word boob to something else..like nose or something lame I cant remember lol I just remember it being a big deal that I said boobs at the audition!!!!!!!!!

  2. Adelaide's Lament!! It's one of my favorites.

  3. Yes!!! And i forgot to say that i often sing "I love you, a bushel & a peck" to my husband. :)

  4. *love* amy adams.

    ps. you are super fabulous!


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