Sunday, March 21, 2010

Questions from Krystal...

I got a couple more questions from Krystal at A Beautiful Life. Krystal is my newest blog friend - i love reading her blog. She is really cool, you should go check it out (plus she's engaged to be married, so send her some well wishes!!) ;)

Here are my questions from Krystal.

1. What kind of camera do you advise a beginner buying?
Um...wow...really? LOL. I was kinda surprised (& a little confused!) at this question, because well, i have no clue about anything having to do with photography, really. I mean i've always loved taking picures, but i have only just recently gotten really interested in photography. Right now i just have point & shoot. It's a Kodak EasyShare C913. I like it;  it's a good little camera. I've also recently gotten onto paint.net & learned a few things about editing & my pics are starting to look better because i'm paying more attention when i take the picture & i'm doing more editing.

So i'm interested in photography as well & i am saving up to get a Canon Rebel which i hear is WONDERFUL! My bloggie friends Laura & Jenna (who are more into photography and take awesome pics!) have one of those & i'll be bugging them a lot asking them questions when i finally do get mine!

On to your other question...

2. Other than God & your husband, are there any other people in your life who have influenced you greatly?
Ah, yes.
Of course, there are many who have shaped & transformed me to become the woman i am today. But the main one - the one with the most positive impact on my life was my youth pastor growing up, Pastor Ron Erickson. I was bigtime involved in our church & youth group when he came. He moved to our church to be our youth pastor when i was in 9th grade. He remained my youth pastor throughout my youth years, & was still considered my pastor as i got older & was serving in that youth group as one of the youth leaders. And then i later was what they called "youth advisor" (really the same as youth leader, just older with more responsibilities). I also attended his college/career group, & learned a TON about God's word during that time. I learned so much through his ministry. He left that church in 2006 & began his own church. So he was a HUGE part of my life for about 13 years.

Bro Ron taught me a LOT about the word of God. I have so many journals filled with notes from his sermons...the man could PREACH! i learned so much through his teaching, especially in his college & career class. I was never bored (which is saying a lot for me!) & always left with my mind BURSTING with all i had learned out of God's Word. But really, the main impact he had in my life was during some tough times as a teenager. I do not know where in the world i would be today without his influence & support & encouragement during the hardest years of anyone's life - those awful teen years! I had almost no self-esteem & he is the one responsible for helping me to build up my confidence. He encouraged me, counseled me through some tough situations & he was there for me. The main lesson i learned from him was about the importance of FORGIVENESS. I have taught lessons on that topic at a home for troubled girls and I have used his words of wisdom in explaining forgiveness to friends. My philosophy in life is "Always Forgive Instantly" & it is truly an important lesson that i learned from him! I was on my way to becoming a very bitter woman & if it were not for his influence in this area, there's no telling where i'd be today. I certainly would not have the blessed life that i have!

I thank God he was in my life & even though i don't see him that much anymore, I am always thinking of him & his family & wishing them well. =) (Thank you, Bro Ron & family!)

Great questions, Krystal! Thanks!!
I have two more questions that i will answer in upcoming blog posts.

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  1. THANK YOU for answering my questions!

    I do know you are just getting into photography and aren't a pro YET, but I just needed some sort of direction! I really like your "Ask Me Anything" box!

    It was so great reading about your youth pastor growing up! Forgiveness is essential to following God, but it's sooo hard! Reading about your lesson was really inspiring :)


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