Thursday, March 18, 2010

You asked, I'll answer!

So thanks to all of you who have asked me some more questions!! If you haven't yet, or if you have & thought of another, feel free to ask me here or type one in the box in my sidebar! It's fun!

Recently I've gotten several more questions that i can answer pretty quickly - no need really for seperate blog posts, i guess. So i'm going to answer a few in this one post. These questions all came yesterday, so i really appreciate you sending them to me!! Woohoo!

1. When do you think you and the Mr. will begin a family? You and Brad seem to have an amazing, fairy-tale relationship. I love reading about it. :)
Thank you! We do LOVE our relationship! It's amazing & i am so thankful for it! As for beginning a family, well, right now we are content to just the two of us, but i do realize I'm not getting any younger!! HAHA. Honestly, i am excited about family life! But we aren't going to start one JUST yet. Don't worry, i won't make y'all wait to see baby pics TOO terribly long! ;)

2. What is your favorite food to eat?
Um, wow. Food is just WAY too broad a category for me! It'd be quicker to tell you what i don't like! But I'll try. Some favorites would be potato soup (at La Madeleine's), any deliciously well put together salad, quesadillas & pizza (i try to limit this - i AM on a weight loss journey!!). Any meal at my mom's or mother-in-law's is a treat!

3. What is your other blog? I only know of this one.
I also have a blog about my weight loss struggles journey. I started it in June of last year but progress was VERY slow & I wasn't as serious as i could have been. It was just a start. I'm getting better & better & I do not mind the slow progress at all - it's a complete change of lifestyle for me, so it's natural for it to take awhile to develop new habits. So far i have lost 14 pounds! Lots more to go, but i am excited because for once in my life i know that it will happen as long as i do not give up!! I started the blog because i needed a way to journal my struggles. I didn't realize i would find a TON of support. There is a whole group of us with weight loss blogs & their comments are extremely encouraging to me! I don't even know if i could do this without them! Feel free to visit my other blog here.

4. How do you know who is asking these questions?
I have NO idea, unless you leave your name or link!!

5. How are you doing with your Bible-in-a-Year reading program? This question came from my BBFF (Best Blogging Friend Forever haha), Laura! (& i know this because she left her name!)
SIGH. The answer is, not too good, Laura. :( For those of you who don't know, one of my new year's resolutions was to do the Bible in a Year reading program. You can find out why i wanted to do this here. You can set up a Bible Reading plan of your own on Bible Gateway & it's such a great plan. I was doing SO VERY well with it, but then i got to the Tabernacle stuff! OH, man! So boring, if you're just reading! & trust me, i KNOW the significance of it - an old pastor did a deep study on it with us years ago & it was SO interesting & amazing! But this just reading it stuff - I couldn't get through it. And so i stopped reading. After a couple weeks passed by, i was horrified & thought i should just start with THAT day & keep going forward, & read the stuff i had skipped later, but i chose the "chronological" reading plan & so i feel like i won't be going in order if i skip so much. So then i really stopped. My last date of reading was February 6th & then it shows i didn't read again till February 23rd. And not again after that. SAD. Gonna have to get back to it, because i was really enjoying it & it was getting me in that habit of reading the Word daily. Plus, I learned even more talking to Brad about what I'd read (because he knows a lot about the culture & traditions of that day & I learn a lot talking to him about Bible stuff). I am going to have to tell Brad to ask me every night if i've done my reading! Because no one was asking & i just wasn't doing it. But you have encouraged me to get back into it, Laura! SO maybe ask me this question again sometime??

Thanks for your questions! Please ask me some more! ;)

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  1. I get off track all. the. time. But then I just pick up my Bible and read and read and I kind of like doing that because I get a whole bunch at once and I get to see how it really all fits together. But I hear ya about some of the tabernacle or the tribes of so and so and all those names and numbers and who cares right! I can really get a bit dry. I'll share my secret... I don't always read every single word and sometimes I even skip whole chapters... like in Numbers.

    But yeah... just pick up where you left off... and if it takes you a year and a half to get through it all oh well. It's just the idea of having a plan to help you stay motivated to read and not just have to pick up your Bible and be all "ho hum what am I going to read today?" And then end up closing it before you even get started haha.

    You have nice followers that ask you questions! I'm still waiting haha.


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