Sunday, March 7, 2010

Sunday Funday

It's Sunday Funday - Keely's Getting to Know YOU! YAY! I almost missed it - yeah - it's 11 PM. But here I am!!! I love playing along with this little meme! You should join in too - answer these questions in your own blo & then head on over to MannLand5 & link up!

Here are the questions...

1. Are you more of a talker or a listener?
I'm a great listener. Assuming I'm not being distracted...

2. Bra. Underwire or wireless?
Underwire. Wireless is not an option.

3. I wish I was off work tomorrow.

4. The Academy Awards are on tonight? Will you watch?
I did! I loved it! My general thoughts were:
"Aw, i LOVE her!" 
"Ooh, love her dress!"
"Oooooh DANCING!!"
"HAHAHAHAHA" (that was when Ben Stiller was talking.)
"Omg, Clooney, CHILL. You are on the front row, the camera is going to be on you occasionally." (i started to not like him anymore. Maybe he was just in a bad mood.)
"Ok, that speech went on WAY too long."
"OH i love Meryl!"
"Oh i love Sandra too!"
"YAYYYY Sandra!"

5. Do you put on deoderant before or after you get dressed?
Before, typically

6. Would you rather do the dishes or clean toilets?

7. How much did you weigh at birth?
I think 7 pounds 6 ounces? If i'm remembering right.

8. If you could buy one thing for the spring/summer season, what would it be?
A cute summer dress, perhaps!

YAY! Your turn!


  1. I agree you have to have an underwire! The girls have to have support to look their best...At least for me!

    I agree I would rather do dishes anyday!

    Have a great week!

  2. I just started following your weightloss blog and now this one. Just wanted to say I enjoy your blogs. I love your upbeat, positive, bubbly personality. So cute! Happy Belated Birthday!!

    Take Care,



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