Tuesday, March 16, 2010

silly dog, silly hubby

I have lots of things to say - all unrelated - so enjoy... ;)

We're getting a new a/c today! YAY. Actually, i keep saying we're getting an entire NEW one but now i'm really not sure - maybe it's just getting fixed?! All i know is, we called the a/c people to come fix it a zillion times last year but it was really beyond repair & the REAL fix-it was gonna cost a good bit of money. Brad's Uncle David owns the a/c company & he advised us to start saving thru the winter (when we really didn't need it - especially THIS winter - it was colder than usual!) & get them to come out before it gets to when we're going to need it. So that is what we did. We've been setting money aside for months now. And this past weekend was the first time we really wanted to use our a/c... we were fine, it was never miserable - we just put a fan in our bedroom & turned the  ceiling fan on in the living room too - it was getting hot w/o it, but was never to the point of unbearable. But we say "just in time!" because it's gettting warmer & sunnier out! So anyway now we have all the money saved up & today we get an a/c. (***Actually, i just talked to hubby while writing this. He said it's not a whole new a/c - it's just a main part that is broken & can't be repaired.***)

I hope Fievel is good with the a/c people there. Last time, it was the a/c guy & Brad's dad was there too. Brad had to work. My dog KNOWS brad's dad & loves him, but for some reason, he didn't register who it was & barked at them LIKE MAD!!!! He also bit my father-in-law's hand - & he's never bit in his LIFE (except while playing - but he was not playing)! I was horrified. Today Brad is home, so hopefully all will be well & he won't bite anyone, but if he barks the whole time, i will die! That is soo not cool & he knows better! But Fievel's been pretty obedient lately [ever since he got in big trouble on Sunday!]... should be fine.


Speaking of the dog, oh my!! My booty is SOOO SORE. HAHA. Ok, let's back up. Yesterday, after work we were going to go for a walk. We usually walk the block twice, which is a mile. But i only wanted to do it once yesterday. I don't know why. But we had to bathe the dog anyway & when we got in, Brad was like "it's ok, bathing the dog can be the second part of our workout!" WELL, how right he was!!! I guess leaning over that tub & squatting & all? I don't know, but my BUTT & my hamstrings are sore today - Especially my butt! OWIE!!! It feels like i did an hour long booty & hamstring workout! CRAZY! This morning we were saying we need to bathe the dog between groomings more often b/c he looked SOOO good after his bath... now i'm thinking he should have one a few times a week, what a workout! HA! The reason we were bathing him is because today after work he is going to his new vet. I'm excited! Our first vet he had his whole life but honestly was too expensive & when i moved when i got married i decided to switch vets. So he went to a different vet once - the one who i loved growing up that my dog back then went to - but yeah - they are kinda wierd over there. He's gotten really old & i felt like he was lecturing us the whole time. i really can do without the lectures on each shot, seriously, just give him the shots he needs & let us go home! He was wierd. And i was going to stick w/ him but i've called for other things since then & they have been SO RUDE! It kinda seems like a shady place, even though it wasn't when i was young, it's just gotten WIERD & dumpy! So anyway my friend's mom is a vet & i knew that but i didn't think she'd be anywhere near our house. Turns out she is!! So we're going there today & i'm excited! I think Fievel will like a female vet too, for some reason. ;)

Must share a funny conversation i had with my hubby the other night. If you read my last post about why i love being married, i mentioned that we had a great conversation before bed the other night. Well, this was one part of it & it made me laugh so hard! It's not that funny in writing. But oh man, if you could have seen his face! He cracks me (&  himself up!)

Me - "Yeah, i played clarinet too. But i sucked."

Brad - [crazy look - like mocking surprise. pause.] "You sucked?! ...well, that was your problem! You're supposed to BLOW!"

bwahhahahahahha. i laughed so hard after that it was crazy. Of course, maybe we were Just delirious. But trust me, it was hysterical at the time. i still laugh about it!

One more thing - is this wierd? My hubby sometimes will blow dry my hair for me. It has become my new favorite thing. I swear, i might rather this than a massage! This morning was only the third time he's done it, so it's not like it's all the time. But i discovered the first time he did it that i have the BEST hair days when he does this!! Seriously! I don't know why! It's so much smoother & straighter looking. I barely even have to straighten it like i normally do!

He did it the first time because honestly - i HATE. Drying my hair. It seriously takes up WAY too much time & i'm not that great at it. My hair is thick & i hate having to dry it. It is often the cause of me being late to anywhere! I let it air dry on Saturdays & then if i go anywhere that afternoon or evening i can straighten it (it air dries SUPER wavy-fonky). But on weekdays i gotta dry it or go to work with a wet head (which i've been known to do on occasion. Oops.) So i hate it & I've always complained about it! Well, one time, i was complaining about it & i guess he was off work that day & he said "you want me to do it?" & i was like "SERIOUSLY?!!?" And so i he did & i loved it. MONTHS passed & it didn't happen again. Just one of those wierd random things. Well, then on Saturday i didn't feel like doing it but we had to go somewhere... and he was like "i'll do it for ya" & i was like YAY! I actually lay on the bed on my back & let my hair fall down the side & he sits on the floor & dries it. I roll over & he dries underneath. And then it's done & i have BEAUTIFUL silky hair! HAHA. Ok, that might be going a bit far. But really. My hair days are amazing when he does this! This morning he was off work & so he did it again. We also discovered he gets it dry faster than i do! Another perk! MAN OH MAN, i wish he could do this everyday! HA!

I do have the best husband. This is just another reason. ;)

Hope your Tuesday is happy!


  1. Hello, random comment here! I love when my husband blow drys my hair too! Sometimes he'll come up to me and just take it from me and start doing it. It's wonderful!

  2. It's getting warmer here too!!! 66 degrees right now! WOO HOO!!! I have the windows open and it feels so FRESH!

    The clarinet joke cracked me up haha. I love stupid jokes.

    I also love when Mike blow dries my hair. It doesn't make my hair fabulous (I don't know if my hair could ever be described as fabulous) or anything but it feels soooo nice. I love being pampered!

  3. I would be afraid to see the result if my husband tryed to blow dry my hair!lol Congrats on the new ac. What a blessing!

  4. I can't believe all these husbands who blow dry hair! I'm so envious :) My husband would probably give me a black eye get the brush stuck if he tried. You girls are LUCKY!!!



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